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Definitely Not Epsom
MDPV or Mephedrone & Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids
by John White
Citation:   John White. "Definitely Not Epsom: An Experience with MDPV or Mephedrone & Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (exp89231)". Feb 16, 2011.

T+ 0:00
  insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45   smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids  
  T+ 0:45   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 2:30   insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00   smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids  
  T+ 3:00   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 0:00   oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 6:10   insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 13:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


[Erowid Note: This report contains a common misinterpretation of the DEA's Nov 24 2010 notice of intent to emergency schedule five synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists. For current law updates about Spice-like products and synthetic cannabinoids, see Spice Law Page]

[Erowid Note: While it may be that the substance described below is MDPV, 'bath salt' products containing mephedrone have been reported in the U.S. This is marked as an MDPV report, but the identification is not verified.]

After the recent (December 2010) U.S. ban on the most prominent synthetic cannabinoids found in 'not-for-human-consumption loose incense' (Spice) I wanted a new legal substance of choice. The new DEA-compliant spice products that have been available in my town have not been up to par with the old ones (Including K2 Solid Sex). Salvia is fun, but terrifying even on a good trip, and is not a good choice for an everyday drug. The only kratom available nearby is the concentrated stuff which has mixed reviews and is often claimed to be ineffective.

Since about October 2010 there had been more and more products on the shelf next to the spice labelled as 'bath salts', but I was always wary of these because the head shop always had them on display next to 'incense burners' which were actually nothing more than glass freebase pipes held over a candle holder by brass wire. That alone held me off, then when the news that the primary synthetic cannabinoids were going to be banned, I did a little research and I came to believe that these salts contained something called mephedrone which supposedly had a lot of really bad side effects and was highly addictive. So until mid January I held off this new legal high before further research informed me that the active chemical in this stuff was actually MDPV and from the reports I had read seemed a bit less intense than the Mephedrone.

So I bought myself a gram (I spent $30 on the higher quality stuff, there were some as low as $15-$20) and I had about 2 hours before I had to start my shift as an overnight janitor. Since I did not know how this stuff would affect me, i decided that it would be best to drive to someplace near my work where nobody would bother me, so I opted for a Wal-Mart parking lot nearby.

I want to forewarn you, the reader, that I did something very stupid by trying out a new amphetamine-like substance with no means of accurate measurement, no experience with anything similar except mild stimulants (caffeine, modafinil, ritalin, etc...), or even an approximate idea of how much a dose should be. Even though everything turned out OK for me, it easily could have turned out much worse.

[0:00] I had never snorted (insufflated) anything before, but I had heard of people measuring powder out by counting the bumps on a key. I also knew that higher doses of MDPV could supposedly cause symptoms like that of MDMA and too much speed, and I had work soon, so I started out with a low dose of one fairly shallow bump. This stuff burned a little bit, but the pain was overwhelmed by the bitter and medicinal 'taste' it had in my sinus cavity. After about 30 seconds to a minute I started to feel a slight caffeine-like buzz.

[0:15] By now the effects had settled in pretty well, I felt alert, happy, light-headed (in a good way) and clear minded, however the acrid drips if left me with made me gag (though I held everything down). I felt fairly happy, though definitely not approaching 'euphoria'. I remember being very interested in talk radio at this point and I wished that I had someplace to go.

[0:30] This is not a drug for sitting in the car listening to the radio. I felt perky, alert, focused, and in a good mood, and I decided that I wanted to go somewhere. I opted not to go into Wal-Mart for fear of getting distracted and losing track of time, so I decided to go to a drug store and get some drinks, as dry-mouth was setting in.

[0:45] Once in the drug store, I found that I was pretty focused on on what I went there for. I had time to kill, and I usually find myself browsing through the shelves of every store that I go into, but this time I went in, got a Dr. Pepper and an energy drink, went straight to the register, paid, and left. Only upon getting back to my car did I realize that I had spent less than 3 minutes in the store and I still had almost one and a half hours to kill. I felt restless and I wished that I had thought to bring something to do. In order to calm myself a bit, I decided to roll a spliff of some of the new, less-effective spice (about 1/5 of a gram is standard for my spliffs) and a broken Marlboro i found in the glove box. I rolled in the parking lot then went to an apartment complex next door to my work and lit up in the parking lot.

[1:00] The spice (which takes about 15 minutes to fully set in) did very little, if anything, to bring down the stimulant effects of the MDPV. However, the spice did add minor peripheral visuals, an increase in creativity, and I got it all without the usual lethargy, cloudy-head, and munchies. At this point I realized that my heart rate was above normal for me, but still at a healthy resting rate. I got back in my car and chilled for roughly an hour listening to AM radio. I found myself listening carefully to the words, intonation, and everything else you can possibly analyze about what somebody is saying through the crackle of talk-radio. I really wished I had somebody to talk to and I kept trying to call into the station but I was met by busy lines every time. I tried texting some friends but found that my thumbs couldn't keep up with what i wanted to say, so I got frustrated and decided to just kick back and wait for work to start.

[2:00] I was heading into work, now, and I noticed that my heart rate was still elevated and I still felt more alert and focused than baseline, but the happy feeling was gone (No depression, just no added happiness) and the light headed feeling was still mildly present, but felt somewhat hollow. When I greeted my coworker and the people whom I was relieving, I found that I was a bit more talkative with them, but not intensely so.

[2:30] After the previous shift left, and the building was now empty, I showed my coworker the MDPV and I decided to do another bump. I loaded the tip of my key a bit taller than before and snorted it. My coworker, who I will call M, was more experienced with drugs than I and had done coke, speed, weed, psychedelics, and quite a number of other drugs that I either can't remember or can't pronounce, suggested that I snort a small amount of water to wash out the drips, which I did and alleviated the gag-inducing drips. I started to feel the come-up much quicker than before. I rolled another spice spliff (with about twice as much spice as before) and waited for the MDPV to kick in more.

[2:45] I don't know if it's because I was standing and moving around, or if I had someone to talk to, or if the second dose just compounded with the first one more than I had intended, but I was quite a bit higher this time around. I was talking non-stop, I found myself reading every bit of text within sight, and I did not want to sit down. This time I reached what I would call a mild to moderate level of euphoria, and I felt much more mentally and physically energized than before, but I did not get the jitters or the jaw-clenching that most people report. I finished cleaning the room I was in then pulled M outside to smoke the spliff.

[3:00] I thought I couldn't stop talking before, but after the spliff (which I wound up smoking most of) and the MDPV had had time to settle in a bit, I found myself continuing to speak non-stop, but now I was jumping from topic to topic fluidly and I was cleaning quickly, meticulously, and steadily. I found myself using words I don't normally use, and I felt like I was being even more articulate than usual. My heart rate was back up, and using a pulse machine at work mine was at about 90 BPM (high, but still safe).

[4:00] The euphoria was almost gone, but my alertness, focus, and motivation had declined very little. My heart rate had dropped a bit back down to about 80, which is better but still higher than normal.

[5:00] The stimulant effects were then noticeably declining, but were still significantly above baseline. I decided that this was a good time to crack into my energy drink. I killed it pretty quickly and after a few minutes the energy drink kicked the stimulant effects right back up, but also threw in all of the negative stuff that the MDPV alone did not do. It made me shaky, break out in a cold sweat, I had a hollow feeling in my gut that I get from being overly wired with no actual food energy. I was still talking a lot, but i found myself tripping over words, stuttering, and misusing words.

[6:00] The energy drink had mostly worn off by now, and the MDPV was trailing off. I still felt a noticeable, however mild stimulant effect, and I was still completely awake, but the crash from the energy drink left me feeling kind of crappy and physically drained. I also noticed that I had no hunger, even though this is the time that i eat my lunch every night. I decided that I needed to eat anyways, and I had no problem eating, but no sense of fullness either. The food definitely helped to alleviate some of the negative come-down effects of the energy drink.

[6:10] Now that I had food in my stomach and the caffeine crash was feeling a lot better, I decided to do one more bump to finish the night (which turned out to be a bad idea later on). One more in the nose and the stimulant effects came right back up to where they were after the last bump. The euphoria was still present this time, but it was milder this time around. I held off the spice this time, but I did smoke a plain cigarette, which gave me a pretty good nicotine buzz.

[8:00] The euphoria was gone again by now, the stimulant effects are still fairly strong, and I had finished all of my necessary work. I could have goofed off for the remaining 2 hours of my shift, but I instead decided to keep working. I wasn't even tempted to stop, I got into my flow and was working at a pace where I my mind was just occupied enough to be content.

[10:30] I'm home from work, and I start to feel rather sexually aroused (a common side effect of MDPV that I had read in several other reports). I started looking at porn, but I found that I could not maintain an erection and my arousal died off and I lost interest. I was still feeling very alert, slightly focused, and my heartbeat was still slightly elevated, however all of the other effects were almost baseline by now. I decided to check my email before bed.

[11:00] I cannot sleep. I need to sleep, I never have trouble sleeping at this time. but i can't sleep. Now that I'm in bed alone with my thoughts, my mind feels like it's in overdrive. I tried putting on a movie on my laptop (Fear and Loathing), but watching it just kept me up. I stopped watching the movie and tried just watching it (which normally knocks me right out) but all it did was frustrate me because every time somebody spoke, I would dwell on that one line and go on a long train of thought and then try to focus on the movie again only to realize it was now on a different scene. I tried music, different movies, turning off the laptop, but no luck, I couldn't sleep.

[13:00] I'm still too alert, I can't sleep. I try eating something and drinking a beer, but all that seems to do is allow me to doze off for a few minutes at a time intermittently for a couple of hours, never actually getting any sort of meaningful rest.

[17:00] I finally fall into a fitful, light, and meager sleep. and wake up 4 hours later feeling physically unrested, although I feel like I'm mentally baseline.

All in all it was a pleasurable experience. I tried following a similar dosing timeline again on my day off and found that holding off on that last dose let me sleep just fine the next morning. I have to be careful not to forget to eat on this stuff, and the raised heart rate should be taken into account when considering this substance. Since my normal resting heart rate is about 60, I'm not terribly concerned with it hanging around 90 for a few hours.

I've heard reports of people having an addictive response to this stuff, but I found that as I get closer to baseline, I feel less and less desire to do more, and I don't feel any sort of pull or urgency to do more. After a couple of more nights of doing this, I found that the euphoric feelings faded quite a bit, but they seem to have leveled out at a mild level. Also note that most other people report grinding their teeth on MDPV, however I have yet to experience this even though some other substances have caused me to do so.

This stuff is great for getting any sort of work done that requires concentration, and I plan on testing this stuff out as a study aid once classes start up again. I prefer this stuff to Ritalin and Adderal for concentration because while they cause me to act like a zombie, MDPV tends to make me more sociable and expressive as well as more focused. It also mixes well with spice, and I imagine that it mixes fairly well with marijuana (I can't verify this since I can't smoke weed these days for fear of drug testing). It doesn't seem to amplify the effects of nicotine, but the two go well together. This stuff is not fun to mix with high powered energy drinks, but since this experience I have tried it with a cup of coffee and it is far more pleasant.

I have read many reports of people doing very high doses of this stuff, and from my experiences with low to moderate doses, I would not recommend it and I don't plan on trying it. My heart rate went up by a bit more than 30 BPMs on these dose levels, and I can only imagine what it would do to someone with a higher resting heart rate than I taking a higher dose. I could easily see this being harmful and no fun at higher doses. For the same reasons I don't recommend using this stuff daily, save it for when you want to be sociable or get some work done.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 16, 2011Views: 12,641
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