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An Evening With It
Citation:   Joey Anonymous. "An Evening With It: An Experience with MET (exp89318)". Jan 24, 2011.

15 mg smoked MET (powder / crystals)
    oral MET (powder / crystals)
This was my first time (besides an allergy test and tiny trial dose) using the substance MET, Methylethyltryptamine. Based on my experience I think this has definite therapeutic potential. Recreationally its not bad either.

I vaped a smaller dosage than I've read is normally recommended and because of that I didn't have a lot of visual hallucinations. But vaping a rather modest dose, around 15-20 mg produced significant effects.

The MET was in powder form. I put it in a oil burning pipe (meth pipe or crack if you're old school) and started to heat it, rolling the pipe a bit. I saw some white smoke and inhaled only to experience a mouth full of foul-chemical tasting powder, which I swallowed with some water. Then I put a bit more in the pipe and tried again. This time I successfully got 2 big hits (like a hit and half of weed, but I take big hits) off the pipe.

0:00-0:05 - The come up was about 2-3 times as slow as the come up on DMT. It was strangely reminiscent of something, which I eventually realized was the come-down from DMT. This 'I'm not in the crazy fractalizing weirdness any more but I still feel pretty damn odd' feeling came first, but was almost immediately accompanied by a deeply satisfying feeling of body warmth and comfort. This combined effect was like, yes, you're coming up on a psychedelic but you know what? That's ok. You’re good and its going to be swell. And that was the flavor of the whole experience. MET at least for me, at this fairly low dose, was just downright comforting.

0:05-0.10 - I had been worrying about a number of things - interpersonal issues, lifestyle issues - and MET was extremely therapeutic material for me to look at my problems and basically tell myself that they were not really a big deal, and this was why. I felt like serious, serious therapeutic insights were just there for the taking, and I took a few. I just hope I can remember them. There was a huge sense of self-love and self-acceptance with this kind of speedy psychedelic edge going on. Wow. Interestingly, this was almost all closed-eyed and involved very little visualization. But tactile sense was unbelievable. I could feel little pulses of energy going through my body, each bringing pleasure. MET has absolutely definite erotic potential.

0:10-0:20 I needed cannabis by this point. The slight acidy sense of manic was a bit much, and also I wondered if cannabis would potentiate the MET and induce some CEVs. It didn't, but it felt great.

0:20-0:30 Coming down, but still with a great feeling of quiet energy and body full of bliss. Able to search out the Erowid submissions page to start work on this.

0:55 - finishing up writing this and still feeling some mild effects. I really think if used at low dosages this could be a hugely therapeutic medicine. It has an intensity which brings up emotions with a sense of acceptance and calm at the same time. The duration is short enough that one can have a meaningful experience and hopefully reintegrate some of it, but not so short it's like being launched into outer space. I think this also could possibly be useful therapeutically for some people experiencing issues related to sexuality.

0:60 - urge to redose. Not sure what sort of tolerance there is.

1:05 - redosed with one more large vaporized hit. Hmmm. Some tolerance but not so much.

1:40 - again, therapeutic, and recreational, and creative as I'm now working on some music and no urge to redose again.

Excellent low-dose working material. I'm going to up it a little next time and see if I can take it more into the visual realm.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89318
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 44
Published: Jan 24, 2011Views: 18,836
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