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Emerging From The Wormhole
DMT & Alcohol
by Simon
Citation:   Simon. "Emerging From The Wormhole: An Experience with DMT & Alcohol (exp89321)". Jul 14, 2017.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    smoked DMT (powder / crystals)


I have always found it hard putting my thoughts into text, mainly for the lack of emotion that it contains, which given the topic that I am writing about seems altogether impossible. But I will try, as every experience with this drug needs to be recorded so that others may come to realize how powerful it can be.

Pre trip:
After a long night celebrating a friends birthday at a local beer festival, we find ourselves following a friend back to his house, as he has told us that he had managed to obtain some DMT. I had hardly heard of this drug, but have long thought of myself as a try-anything-once kind of guy, and his explanation of a fast acting, short duration trip seemed to rest easy in my mind. (boy was I in for a shock!)

We arrive at our destination and he proceeds to show an audio on youtube about the drug. To be honest I had consumed quite alot of German beer that night and didn't take in much of what I heard apart from it being natural, and the strongest psychedelic known to man. I was Interested.

To prepare the mood my friend lays down a mattress on the lounge floor, turns off the lights and puts on some low-volume techno. In my mind im thinking 'is this neccesary?'.(yes it is). I have taken Acid in the past numerous times, Ecstasy, Speed and other lightweight drugs and although I know I'm no heavyweight when it comes to consumption, have never experienced a bad trip and always maintain a level of control whilst under the influence. I thought my brain was strong enough to keep me rooted in reality.

In this case I was wrong.

Dosage & Implementation:
It is hard to say how much I was given, as I didn't see it measured, however it formed a light but full cover of the herbal mix on which it lay in a standard sized conepiece of a bong. I was instructed to initiate a slow burn of the crystals until I feel it hit my lungs, then pull my cone and take three short intakes of fresh air on top, lie down and enjoy. In theory this sounded easy.

I lit the lighter and began to slowly dissolve the crystals, it didn't take long to feel the burn in my lungs so I pulled the remaining herb mix through the bong, had just enough time to complete my three breaths and pass the bong back to my guide. As I exhaled I felt it coming on strong so I lay back on the mattress and closed my eyes. It was so fast and so strong nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen! I remember losing the ability to raise my arms and I feel my head roll to the right before I slip into waking oblivion.

The wormhole of light is the first thing I see, as well as the intense rushing feeling of impossible movement which neither felt back nor forward. The rising noise like a pixelated video game filled my 'ears' and in that first few seconds I thought to myself 'I'm dying'. All I was at that point was my own conscious existence and I really wasn't coming back. Fear overwhelmed me in that moment, but at the exact height of terror I heard a 'voice' say 'accept it'. It could have been my inner conscious or perhaps my friend as I slipped into waking dream but it was at that moment that I felt the fear slide away and I emerged from the wormhole of yellow and white geometric triangles above what I now know of as 'The Grid' Even though it was days after my trip that I explored this vault and was able to discover what I had seen and decipher it I knew what I was looking at was the representation of all life.

I felt that I had been here before somehow, and that when we die this is where we come to reside after physical death until which time we are reborn. I hung there above the grid for a few seconds and was able to see that at the intersection of each line of the grid there existed an orb. The orb directly below me was mine and I could somehow feel that it was very far from earth. The one resounding message in my mind from the point when I could see the grid was that life was infinity, there was no end to it just a repeat. We come here in the interim periods between lives or existences but always exist.

I was then 'pulled back' to 'reality' and sat up gasping for breath. The initial intensity had resided somewhat, but my two friends were still represented as glowing blue light, and it was only their silhouettes that I could see. I also could not tell them apart.

In stages I slowly returned to base-level, however my 'revelation' as it were was only just dawning on me. As most do I found it difficult to describe in words (it funny how sometimes words are the most powerful things sometimes, and others completely useless) what I experienced.

Post trip:
As said before, nothing could have mentally prepared me for what I went through whilst on this amazing drug. I do not regret what I went through but I did learn valuable lessons.

As the week progressed following my trip, I had a vivid dream where I had to fight off a wraith-like being from taking over my soul. It felt real and I have never had a dream like it before. I keep remembering things from my experience which only leaves me asking more questions.
I think I received a large dose to have a death-like trip, and perhaps I discovered truths we aren't meant to know so soon. Whatever the case DMT has me speechless. I know nothing.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89321
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jul 14, 2017Views: 1,440
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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