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Flipping Through Realities
MDMA, LSD, DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Flipping Through Realities: An Experience with MDMA, LSD, DMT & Cannabis (exp89351)". Dec 20, 2012.

T+ 0:00
    Cannabis (daily)
  T+ 0:00     Yerba Mate (daily)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked DMT  
  T+ 0:00 300 mg oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30   smoked DMT  
  T+ 0:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 6 leaves buccal Coleus  
  T+ 3:30 1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:30   smoked Cannabis - Hash  
  T+ 7:00   smoked DMT  
For those with a short attention span, my apologies in advance for the length of this report.

Background: This experience took place in January, 2008. I am male, at the time of this experience 23 years old and weighing around 125 pounds, in good mental and physical health. I take no prescription or over-the-counter medications, but tend to use marijuana and yerba mate on a daily basis. I consider myself well-experienced with psychedelic substances. I had done MDMA quite a bit, often at doses most would consider excessive (highest dose was 452 milligrams over the course of a night). I had previous experiences smoking DMT, including breakthrough experiences. At the time of this experience I was just getting into LSD, so I was still getting accustomed to its personality. I had used Coleus pumilas (which plays an important role in this trip) several times before this experience via smoking and chewing. For me it had a noticeable but subtle psychoactive/dissociative effect similar to a low dose of Salvia or the initial come-up of mushrooms, lasting around an hour and a half. Other psychedelics I was familiar with at the time include mushrooms, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, ayahuasca-type brews, 2C-I, 2C-E, Trichocereus cacti, Salvia divinorum and 5-MeO-DMT.

Substances ingested and a rough timeline:
T + 0:00 MDMA 300 mg taken orally
T + 0:30 DMT smoked in a marijuana joint
T + 2:00 Coleus pumilas 6 leaves taken bucally (chewed and held in mouth)
T + 3:30 LSD 1 hit held under tongue
T + 6:30 Hash smoked
T + 7:00 DMT vaporized one blade (a small amount)
T + 13:00 I was more-or-less baseline but with a pronounced afterglow
T + 20:00 I went to sleep

Prelude: We’d been doing DMT since around noon. I had already undergone two breakthrough doses and many more minor head buzzes. We’d smoked it in joints, we’d done it as blades, we’d vaporized it from the bottom of a glass pipe. Almost every possible method of smoking DMT had been given a go. For some reason I kept volunteering to be the guinea pig tester of all our methods of smoking. The repeated cycles of frying on DMT, then coming down for awhile, then diving again, had left me feeling energetically cleansed. Kind of like a sweatlodge ceremony, the multiple immersions in fractal hyperspace slowly washed me clearer each time. I’d experienced so much DMT that I felt I was done. No more, that’s enough third-eye cracking for today. Or so I thought...

“How are you feeling? Are your drugs healing?”

T + 0:00 All day I’d had this funny feeling that I was going to be taking MDMA later in the evening. Sure enough, Star asked me if I wanted to come with them to a small party at Condor and Ronald’s house. And sure enough, within fifteen minutes of walking in the door I was scraping about 300 milligrams of pure MDMA into a glass of water, courtesy of Condor. Perhaps not the best idea, each sip got more bitter tasting as I drank the glass down.

T + 0:30 While waiting for the love to kick in we rolled up a joint, with a little DMT in it of course, and retired to the back yard to smoke. Silly me, thinking I was done smoking this stuff for today! Puff, puff, pass and we admired the nighttime sky. The constellation Orion was prominent, and following the belt stars down there was Sirius, winking and flashing merrily. The ruddy hue of Mars was also visible from where we were standing. Certainly not a breakthrough dose of DMT this time, but WOW did it ever kick off the MDMA in a hurry. There is something special about smoking a DMT doobie while coming up on MDMA, it really made me feel open and ecstatic.

T + 0:45 As soon as we got back inside, the open-hearted communication and sharing of love and energy began. I had some really good conversations with people that I care for and it was wonderful. You know, typical high dose MDMA effects. Group hugs blocking the hallways and such.

Jess (Condor’s girlfriend): As soon as I saw her sitting on the floor, I had to go over and hug her. She held me close, and I think in that moment I fell in love with her. She captivates my attention, and I respond to her very sexually. So much life energy and joy radiates from her, she is so beautiful. Jess told me I am beautiful man, and like Condor she is attracted to my intelligence. Both Condor and I like to share information freely to help and benefit others, we are not arrogant with our intelligence. She is very in love with and happy being with Condor, and I am okay with that because I can see how nicely the two of them fit together, and the quality of love they share. Jess and I also share a special kind of love. She reminds me of how at the solstice party I kissed her, and I said of course, I’d wanted to kiss her from the first moment we met!

Jess had put a purple dot on her brow above the nose, and when I comment on it she asks if she can draw on my face. I can’t imagine saying no to her. I get a dot on my brow, and a line above the dot dividing my forehead vertically. Another line divides my chin vertically. I like having this face paint, makes me think a bit of tribal Maori tattoos. It accentuates the lines of my face and gives me a feeling of the flowing life energy. Such face paint or tattoos I feel are reflections of the spiralling life energy within us.

Nessie: A girl I know passingly from festivals and parties. I respond sexually to her also, though not to the same degree as with Jess. Like Jess, Nessie radiates an incredible sense of life energy. Though she did not take any drugs tonight, she exudes the same vibrancy and brilliance as the rest of us, and was getting us a nice contact high. She tells me about how females can harvest an incredibly powerful earth energy through their womb, a boundless source of power that can be channeled for their benefit.

Although I am somewhat interested in her sexually, I don’t think I should pursue that angle. One, she gave some subtle hints that I’m not her type. Two, she channels so much powerful female energy it scares me a bit, like I could be caught, trapped and crushed by it. Three, she has the same name as my ex, and I’ve not had good luck romantically with the multitude of girls sharing her name that have come through my life. “Oh no, here we go again!” was the feeling I got.

Eliane (Star’s girlfriend): I love her too, though in a very platonic way. I am glad she is with Star, having the two of them in my life is wonderful. Eliane is often just quiet, calm and collected. It was nice tonight to see her so expansive and expressive, though I know in her day-to-day life the emotions she expressed tonight are the same and she is happy. Like me, she is just not a naturally effusive person. I am very comfortable around her.

Lana: She has been having a bit of a rough time recently, and did not take any drugs since she was not in a comfortable mindspace. We gave her an incredible contact high, however! There was an incident where she slept with Tom, and Kathy came home and found them sleeping together in her bed and room (since her and Tom were still sleeping in the same room, though they had broken up). Star seemed to be acting cold towards Lana when she arrived at the party, but when the MDMA had taken effect he sat down and had a bit of a talk with her trying to resolve or straighten out the issues between them.

After their talk, though it was a positive one directed towards resolution, I could see that Lana was shaken, distraught. I ask her if she is okay and she says “No!” and breaks down into tears a little bit. Holding her in a hug I tell her it is okay; she is surrounded by people who care for her, and we all make mistakes. But unlike a lot of people, we talk through the issues we have with others. We are all forgiving and accepting people. That each and every day, we can choose to be the way we want to be. We can move past our mistakes, and each day choose happiness and honesty over self doubt and deceit.

Lana pulled a crystal out from around her neck and asked me what I thought of it. Holding it, I felt a warm and heavy, earthy energy. She asked me if I thought there was anything wrong with it, to which I responded no and asked why she thought there was something wrong with it? She told me that Bill had given it to her, and that Star had warned her against some kind of energetic shielding technique that Bill had taught her. She was worried the crystal might be harmful like this shielding thing.

I told her that shielding isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes we are around energies that are uncomfortable or unpleasant if we are open to receiving them. Certain people, places or things may not jive well with our energetic body. It is good to be able to close ourselves off from these energies when necessary, and to do so I feel the best way is to stay centered and grounded within oneself, not allowing the external energies to affect you.

However, I also believe it is unhealthy to systematically or habitually try to shut down or choke off the energy flow within the body. When we start clamping down on the energy flow, it can form knots and pockets of stagnation within our body. By shutting down, we are not open to receiving love and energy from the universe. I said it is good to be able to let go of that shielding, to feel life, emotions and energies as fully as possible. To experience being fully and vividly alive, not scared or trapped or separated from the world. By the end of our talk, Lana thanked me for our conversation and she was definitely feeling a lot better. I said she’d always struck me as a strong and resilient person.

As you can see, most of the conversations and bonding I had was with the females at the party. Although I was around Tom, Star and Condor, I mostly just acknowledged their presence with gladness. I am glad to have these people in my life. But in truth, I am a little lonely. I wish there was someone in my life like a Jess or a Eliane, someone who I connect with deeply on all levels, emotional, physical, mental, sexual. There’s so much sexual energy within me, that it had to come out somehow. Right now it was being distributed across all the women present, all of whom I love in various ways.

Love is a complex emotion, I feel there are many different types of love as well as many different ways of expressing it. MDMA has helped me understand a lot about love. It helped show me that love doesn’t always have to be sexual, that it can also be sensual, or just friendly and appreciative. MDMA breaks down so many of my inhibitions and barriers, allowing a natural and free expression of admiration and love of those around me. Lots of people would get uptight if you hugged their girlfriend and expressed your love for them. I think MDMA helps us see past touch as something purely sexual. There is a societal expectation that affectionate touch must mean sexual interest, but when I’m high on MDMA I revel in the pure sensuality and experiential quality of touch. It is nice to touch and be touched by others. I think touch is something we all crave and often deprive ourselves of, fearing that if we touch it will be interpreted in a sexual way.

I must say, I do prefer higher doses of MDMA. At amounts over 200 milligrams, the effects seem to increase in psychedelic intensity and impact dramatically. There are times I just get high, and then there are times I have an experience. This, this was a fucking experience! I was perceiving the life energy flowing through us all, running through the earth, wafting through the air, vibrating in the water we are drinking to quench the thirst. I thought of a quote from Lord of the Rings: “I feel it in the water... I feel it in the air... the world has changed.”

Coleus as reality-flipping catalyst:

T + 2:00 So I was dancing in Condor’s room in front of the speakers, pounding bass being mixed right there in front of me by Condor. Jess came dancing around the room and offered me a couple sips straight from the bottle of a pleasant merlot. Normally I don’t drink any alcohol with psychedelics, but I was in a really expansive mood and figured, why not? The wine smelled and tasted really good, my senses had been heightened. I only had a couple sips, not looking for a psychoactive effect but just wanting to appreciate the taste.

Looking around, I noticed the Coleus pumilas plant Condor has hanging from the ceiling. I recalled my past experiences with the plant, how chewing or smoking the leaves had provided a mild, dreamy, vaguely mushroom-like high. The plant was calling me today, strongly, loudly. It wanted me to eat it. I could almost hear a little voice saying “Take a fresh growing tip for yourself, and chew it. Take one for Tom as well.” I asked Condor if it was okay, and with his permission took off two growing tips, a handful of leaves clinging to each one.

I took it over to Tom and explained carefully what I wanted him to do: “This is Coleus. Put it in your mouth, between gum and cheek. Chew it a little, hold the juices in your mouth, and eventually swallow the juice and plant material. Pay close attention for a subtle shift in your state of consciousness.”

The effects of the Coleus became noticeable after only a few minutes. I felt slightly relaxed, a little calmer and less frenetic than I had been moments ago, in my bedazzled MDMA state. Then the flipping of realities began...

I would be talking to someone, and all of a sudden the reality I was seeing would start breaking down. It started flipping, or vibrating, back and forth with extreme rapidity. It was as if someone was shuffling rapidly through the pages of a book. In this book, every second page is a still-frame of normal, everyday reality. But the pages in between are other realities entirely.

So there I was, flip, in this reality, flip, shifted to some other reality, flip, back to this reality again, flip, to some other reality. Flip, flip, flip, flip. This feeling was intense, nearly overwhelming, and not like anything I have ever experienced before. The flipping would last for several seconds, then go away. Several minutes later, another bout of flipping came over me. This happened a few times.

It was like I was vibrating, in and out and in and out of this reality. Playing with the cosmic tuning dial, and catching little bits of music here and there between the static. The Coleus had acted as a catalyst, letting me access a part of my mind I never knew existed before. I was struck by how powerfully the Coleus effected me this time, it was one of those experiences where everything comes together. I felt the plant was actively communicating with me, I followed its instructions, and a completely unexpected and amazing effect resulted! Tom got this effect too, so I think it was triggered somehow by the two of us ingesting Coleus.

“The very magical idea that drugs can put us in touch with a transcendent, powerful reality.”

T + 3:00 The effects of chewed Coleus wear off relatively quickly (in an hour or so), and the waves of reality-flipping faded with the Coleus. However, I found that by concentrating very carefully on what that flipping feeling felt like, it would start happening again. I seemed to be able to now induce this flipping effect at will. Nearly a day later, I could still get this feeling faintly, the back and forth of realities, by thinking hard about that sensation.

Lysergic Soundscape Dreaming:

T + 3:30 I hadn’t been planning on taking LSD, however when Condor walked around offering everyone some blotter, I decided what the hell, and put one on my tongue. By this point I felt I was well into the plateau of the MDMA high, and if everyone else was dosing acid, I didn’t want to be returning to sobriety hours before them!

“Message on the tongue goes straight to your brain.”

“The acid had shifted gears on him.”

T + 4:15 When I felt the LSD taking effect, the nature of my experience changed. I became much more introspective, and felt more like wrapping up in a blanket, sitting down and drifting with eyes closed than socializing and cuddling with others as I had been doing before. I began to lose myself within the music. I felt chilled and goosebumpy.

T + 4:30 With eyes closed, the music would form complex visual imagery, feelings, sensations, all bundled together. Very synaesthetic, as if I were in a waking dream. Lana, Tom and Ronald were jamming together in the room with me, acoustic guitars, voice and drumming. With eyes shut I saw concert halls and tree-lined laneways, and felt raw emotions in the music as physical sensations across my body.

At one point, the music became a long scaly reptilian beast, crawling up and over a barrier of some kind. The scales of skin were gray to black and slightly moist, and there was a row of curved spiked coming off its back. I felt the spikes hooked onto me like velcro, so as the reptilian beast inched over the barrier in little spurts I was being pulled along with it.

“The mind behaves as if it were a dream...the subconscious is a powerful thing.”

“You ever have that feeling, where you’re not sure if you are awake, or still dreaming?”

If I opened my eyes, I could come out of these dream-like soundscape trips. Everything still felt very dreamy, but I was pretty sure I was just high on acid and not dreaming. For some reason, the idea that I might actually be dreaming, and not tripping, disturbed me a bit. Because how could I know for sure that this experience was real and not a dream?

T + 6:30 When the acid was calming down a bit, Ronald proclaimed “Let’s go to the moon!” He was wearing his “space suit”, a tight fitting white (but stained) women’s Roxy shirt, with the hood up, and a pair of snow pants secured across his chest with only one of the two suspenders. “What do you guys think, hood up or hood down?”

“Definitely hood up!” we replied, laughing at his appearance. Instead of going to the moon, Ronald started serving us hits of hash instead. The whole process was strange, watching Ronald heat the glass blades using a blowtorch, having all the intensity and skill of a mastercraftsmen, then using a blue (“alien technology” man) glass trumpet hooter to inhale smoke off the blades which glowed red hot. I was unable to feel the smoke as it went in, and was not really sure if it was getting me high, since I was already tripping madly. Finally I made Ronald serve me a huge fat chunk of hash, enough to make me nearly choke. That toke, at least, I felt.

T + 7:00 As if doing blades of hash wasn’t enough, Star suggested we do some blades of DMT as well. Wait, didn’t I say I was done with DMT for today? Nevertheless, once more that plastic fantastic smoke filled my lungs. I was not strongly effected from this one blade, mostly it just gave me a great feeling of clarity and high awareness. Everything became brighter and clearer, and I felt more alert and balanced. I passed up a second blade of DMT, finally having my actions fit the words I’d been saying all day. No more! The lungs and mind begin to rebel.

T + 8:00 By the time several people had gone home or gone to bed, the rest of us zoned out and treated our fried-out brains to some South Park cartoons. We watched the episode where they drink cough syrup in order to get “inspiration” and end up tripping balls. Hilarious! When they buy the cough syrup, the pharmacist tells them it has all the “dextromethortryptophan” they’ll need to “trip balls.”

T + 13:00 Although by mid-morning I felt sober and safe to drive home, facing the cold and bitter winter wind and snow outside, I did not really achieve baseline for the rest of the day. I stayed up for a total of 36 hours straight (about twenty hours awake after dosing) without feeling tired, and was very much on an afterglow. Every time I smoked a joint or bowl I would see rainbows rippling over white surfaces, and these sessions got me obscenely high. I went over to a friends house and hung out with her, just talking and smoking marijuana. I was really blissed out and enthusiastic, and our conversation ranged over many topics. We discussed psychedelics, sexual relations, different types of love, and several philosophical topics. It was a good day after an amazing trip.

Thanks for reading
Love love love

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 89351
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Dec 20, 2012Views: 26,760
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DMT (18), MDMA (3), LSD (2), Cannabis - Hash (93) : Large Group (10+) (19), Combinations (3), General (1)

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