Thought I Was Going to Die
by mLz
Citation:   mLz. "Thought I Was Going to Die: An Experience with 2C-B (exp89363)". Feb 22, 2011.

200 mg oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

I'm a daily pot smoker and have had experiences with the following drugs: LSD, Mushrooms, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, MDMA, Benzos. It was my first time using 2C-B. Sorry for not getting enough details but I was severely damaged during that time.

I was heading to an all-weekend party outside the city. I wanted to get some LSD but didn't find any so I purchased 2 x 250mg bags of powder 2C-B. I never tried this substance before but I read about it extensively so I knew the proper dosage and what was supposed to happen. On the way there (3 hour drive) I decided to try some of it. I wanted to take 25mgs but made a mistake in the process thinking 0,25g (250mg) equalled 25mg... I emptied about 3 quarters of the bag on a CD case and put the rest back into my pocket thinking that I should not start on a 25mg dose but less for the first time.

All in all, there was about 200mg+ of 2C-B on that CD case. I then proceeded to lick all of it then took a sip of water and that was that. It was 8:20 PM at that time. About 15 minutes after ingestion I began to feel pretty weird and didn't understand why it was kicking in so fast. 10 minutes later I was fucked up and began getting nauseous. The rest of the ride took about 2-2.5 hours and I was in a different world. I was sweating like crazy, had bad cramps and severe nausea. When I would close my eyes I would see a different world full of swirling colors. I couldn't focus on anything in particular. An hour and a half after ingestion I had lost all touch with reality. In the few moments of lucidity that went and gone I realised that I either took too much (impossible... There was 25mg in the bag... Or so I thought) or it was a different substance. I remembered about the bromo-dragonfly incident that was sold as 2C-B-fly and major panic and anxiety set in.

I was in a tunnel at one point that was rotating and I could see the road at the end of it. The lights from the cars dash were moving around and pulsating towards my face. I did not remember how I got there and tried to rethink my steps. It was like being in a movie where you forget the beginning. The body load was extremely uncomfortable and I asked the driver to pull over. The other people in the car didn't know the awful state I was in. I got out of the car and all I wanted to do was lay in the snow and go to sleep as the effects were more manageable with eyes closed. A friend from another car who snorted a tiny amount of 2C-B earlier looked at me in shock. He told me my hair was all 'exploded' and I had a severely morbid and fucked up look on my face. I couldn't really talk about it and all I was able to mutter was that I was extremely fucked up and took more then half a bag. I was really getting pissed off if I was asked other questions and couldn't really talk. My friend told me I took way too much and that you can make like 10 doses from that bag. I had a moment of regained lucidity and had an Aha moment. I knew there was nothing I could do about it and got back in the car as I was very dizzy, sweaty and it was like -3 deg C outside.

From this moment the details of the rest of the trip are pretty vague. I thought I was going to die and was trying to survive the whole thing. I had some moments of lucidity when the hallucinations and body load stopped and I remembered that I read about 2C-B being permissive about overdoses and that all I had to do was sleep it off and wait for it to subside. So I set a goal of surviving until they reached the house and I could go crash on a bed.

These moments of lucidity were few and scarce though. Mostly I couldn't remember who I was and what I took. I couldn't remember if I was born. I had massive flashing lights inside my head that seemed to head me somewhere. Then I saw the road again and it was all a big blur of headlights spinning and pulsating away. The orange BMW dash was getting very painful visually to look at. Strange thoughts and flashbacks of my life were seen. I remember thinking about my mother at one point and was very very sad. Then I couldn't remember who I was again and tried desperately to put my thoughts and the chain of events in order but I couldn't remember. Did I really take this drug? Am I still alive? Where am I going? Will I die? Why are these people with me? Was I always in this state? And many others I can't recall. During this time I was mostly with my eyes closed and hallucinating intensely. The nausea and body load was awful. It felt like I swallowed a big rock that was moving inside of me and pushing on my organs. My heartrate was probably thru the roof but I don't really remember checking it. The road being extremely curvy (mountain road) didn't help either and I tried throwing up a few times in a desperate attempt to feel better but couldn't.

I remember getting completely pulled out from the world I was in. I felt sad and alone. No one could help me and I didn't want any help. The world I was in was beautiful and full of amazing colours. The music felt like a silk sheet on a windy day surrounding me completely. I was seeing the people in the car like thru a fisheye lens but couldn't really focus on anyone or anything in particular. Whenever I opened my eyes the body load seemed to intensify and it got better when I closed them to return to 'my world'. All I wanted to do was sleep. Can't remember much else from this point.

It was 11:40 PM. The car stopped suddenly and it was like someone snapped his fingers in my ear. We got here, they said. I was like oh shit, now I can sleep, I'm gonna live. The body load was better at this point and I felt like I was slowly returning to normal. I was still in a state of utter confusion though. I got out of the car and headed to the house. There were alot of people and friends there and I said hi but I think they could see I was pretty fucked up. I couldn't stand up for long and dizzyness and confusion set in. I found some steps and one of my friends from the car took me to a room with this giant bed in the middle. I crashed there and things got better from then on.

I was lying there with my eyes closed and an intense state of relaxation and peacefulness surrounded me. I had survived and was really happy and relaxed. The visuals had disappeared and I felt the slow return to baseline. This relaxed and 'always with a smile on my face' continued for about 4 more hours. It was ~12am or so I think and I ingested the stuff at around 8:20 pm or so. It seemed like an eternity had passed though.

The next day I took a regular dose (more than 25mg though) and felt great, laughing hysterically. Always get your dose right people! This shit is really strong when u fuck up and can send your mind straight to hell. If you ever had high fever as a kid, like 42C+ you can relate to how I felt and the hallucinations I had. When u have 42-43C fever you are very close to dying and hallucinate intensely. So.. Be careful with the dose and enjoy. 2C-B is a very fun substance.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89363
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Feb 22, 2011Views: 15,505
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