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Borderline Terrifying
by Mr. Kirk
Citation:   Mr. Kirk. "Borderline Terrifying: An Experience with DMT (exp89422)". Feb 28, 2018.

6 glasses oral Alcohol (liquid)
  1 bowl smoked DMT  


Properly smoked DMT. Borderline terrifying

Nothing prepares one for DMT. Even after using it a bunch of times, nothing prepared me for a proper experience.

Preface. I spent the night watching tv with my fiancee. I had 5 or 6 drinks over the course of 4 hours. I had a buzz, but nothing major.

After many failed lightbulb smoking attempts, I realized a new method was necessary. I fabricated a very standard steel pipe with nothing more than a bowl, screen, and stem for a mouth piece. Extremely average pot-smoking kind of pipe. NOT a meth or 'oil' pipe. This turns out to be the absolute key to DMT smoking.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

I load a small pinch of oregano into the pipe and pack it firmly against the screen. On top of this I loaded approx. 60mgs (unweighed) pure shining white DMT. A standard butane lighter is held above the bowl, sucking gently in short bursts only to melt the dmt into the oregano. If one gets any smoke here one did it too fast! It melts in an instant.

Previously I had loaded up the lightbulb and had taken 3 to 4 huge rips of hot, disgusting smoke. Id catch a strong high, and see vivid, wild OEV's.. but it was always at the expense of my lungs. I never was blasted off into another world even after 4 LARGE rips using that smoking method. So with my new pipe I was prepared to take at least 2-3 large hits of the oregano infused spice.

I was wrong.

I carefully sucked on the pipe just enough to get the flame to dance into the bowl, never fully igniting the oregano/space. The entire batch vaporized in an instant, delivering one hit. It caught me completely off guard. The smoke was cool, not burning or plastic tasting. Just a light organic flavor that quickly filled my lugs. Due to my previous experiences smoking DMT out of a bulb, I was planning on holding in the toke for as long as possible while mentally planning out my next rip..

I never made it that far. Before I could stop inhaling, the entire dose had vaporized smoothly into my lungs and began to take hold. WOOSH, massive, rapid intoxication blind sided me like a freight train delivering aliens into my brain.

PANIC! Previous DMT doses had yielded me a good 30 second window to situate myself before the colors kicked in. This time I had no such grace period. My world changed before my eyes; the sky opened up and 100 alien-like creatures stood in the void in space waving wildly. They were not hostile, but not inviting.

The spice was punishing me for being so foolishly reckless. This trip was not to be enlightening, this trip was to show me how irresponsible I was. The 100 aliens emanated a high pitch screech and waved wildly as I entered their domain of chaos, colors, and discord.

PANIC! As an experienced tripper I knew I could not fight it. I tried my best to calm myself and reaffirm my knowledge that it would be over soon. The colors grew brighter and my field of vision filled with more shapes, objects, colors. They were in charge and they wanted me to know it.

FLASH. It was over. They showed me what happens when one dashes into the spice, and they released me back to my world. Like a snap of the fingers I was in my living room again. I could hear my fish tank loudly, loud like never before. Everything was still shimmering and bright.. then brighter, and brighter until I realized this trip was not over, only momentarily paused. I calmly drifted off into a new, dreamy dimension.

The next segment was very peaceful and relaxing.. my world turned into a sharp colored cartoon with a strongly disconnected from reality feel. While I could see my room, it felt otherworldly. There were no beings, no wild chaos of the previous stage in the trip, only a bizarre alter world that slowly faded back to my standard reality over the next few minutes.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89422
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Feb 28, 2018Views: 1,608
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