Trying the Killer Bath Salt
Heroin & Mephedrone
Citation:   Diplomatic Immunity. "Trying the Killer Bath Salt: An Experience with Heroin & Mephedrone (exp89426)". Jan 22, 2014.

T+ 0:00
1 line insufflated Opiates (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:05   IV Heroin  
  T+ 0:10 2 lines insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
Ok I have been using the internet for ten plus years now to research the chemicals and drugs I have tried and abused over my time as an active drug user. I was shocked to try a new drug today and there not already be a vault for it so hopefully this can help.


I have tried it all. Started drinking and taking drugs at 24, injecting drugs at 18, and a full blown heroin pill addict from 18 1/2yrs old to present day at just 25 years of age. I have taken most all pharmaceuticals known to man, even ones like Phenobarbital and Quaaludes not prescribed in the use since before I was born. Coke, crack, meth, heroin (my true love and need), x, mdma molly powder, lsd, 2C-I, 2C-E, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, DXM, plants, toads, name it and I prolly tried it. I hate the people that come off braggy about there substance abuse history so it seems I'm saying to bow down right? Wrong. I am ashamed of myself and all the life and opportunity and health I have wasted being high. So if your a real true addict to some substance then you should realize what I mean and it isn't something to brag about I'm just giving you a background of my experience.

(4:40pm)-(T+0:01 .4 grams I.V. Black Tar Heroin)

I am meeting my normal dealer for heroin because I am a disgusting smack head living a vampires existence addicted to it. Dealer, call him X, says he has a new drug for me to try. That its a body lotion soap women add to their tub but it gets you crazy geeked up. To wit, I laugh in his face (not the best idea when you yourself are a small, skinny, sick, strung out, preppy-white-upper-class-junky and the person to whom you are laughing at is a large African American male who uses violence to gain respect which you know based on witnessing multiple prior dealings between X and his various 'clientele'). So with little fear and a sick pride in my drug tolerances I proclaim X ought roll, pour, cut, pack, or cook me up me out, a nice size dose of his women's bath salt.

He pulls out a small jar, taps about a stamp bag of white heroin worth of powder is laid out before me and I am given a tube. My junky brain gets excited, does he have new white powder dope instead of the ubiquitous Midwestern USA black tar Mexican boy? I rip the rail up one nostril and immediately regret the decision and wish I split it between two. Line was a little fatter than my initial inspection and I could tell there was some clogging going on, not all drug powder to capillary absorbing proper ratio. It tastes alot like white grey powdered heroin. Same dull, dry, non-OP but OC OxyContin taste, just very thin and easily snorted. No burn or discomfort, pain, or taste, that is. It now between 4:49pm and 4:50pm. This estimation is based on the ten seconds it takes for me to hand my money to X and X to hand me my heroin. I spend another minute and a half to three minutes tops cooking my 40$ worth of black tar heroin. I didn't hit on my first try, but instead had to stick myself with my disgusting dull needle with all the measure markings long since worn off (heroin junkies you feel me, that bottom of the drug bag rig, last resort rig, my last good one clogged or jammed n I got to use this old awful dull rig, that's what I was using). I finally found a vein on my absolutely fucked arms. Excuse my language however it is completely appropriate when describing the effects of intravenous black tar heroin use on one's veins, the pure obscenity of that word, fuck, necrotic-slow-black-and-yellow-bruised-swollen-to-a-ping-pog-ball-lump-under-the-skin-of your-arm, this is the most accurate obscenity description of how I.v. Black tar heroin will ultimately bring about the death of ones various injection sights. Unfortunately halfway through my shot it starts to burn and swell around the needle puncture area indicating for you l and major veins. Lucky non-I.v. Smack heads out there, and non heroin or opiate users at all for that matter, don't know what I mean to describe when this same day at almost 5:00pm when one's needle tip has left the vein and some of the heroin is just squirting into your muscle or in between muscle and skin. This sucks because it leaves tracks, scares, can cause infected abscesses, but most of all because you don't really get high. So I missed my chance to get a real good smack high and at this point am ready to huff on some rancid, homeless, diseased riddled, creatures batch of Jenkum (fermented urine and feces that you huff and hallucinate on, swear, look it up when you check out mephedrone) just to improve my cock tease heroin high after this semi-in-vein shot.

As I just stated this whole process of injecting my bi-daily does of heroin has taken me 5 maybe 6 minutes. It is approximately 4:50 or 4:53 once I've stopped bitching and ranting about fucking up my H shot (if you don't so opiates but are just checking my report out for the Mephedrone don't ever start them! The opiates become this terrible BASIC PRIMAL ANIMAL INSTINC AND NEED, an unquenchable desire, stay far away!) X is in my preffeferal vision preparing my new drug sample as I clean the blood gushing from my arm, put pressure on the swollen and burning miss site, clean my spoon and needle up and put it away, when I see in my peripheral vision again X ready holding a c.d. case with two lines on it.

(~5:00pm) (Mephedrone T +0:00) (Heroin T +0:02.5)

The lines are an off white grey, like powdered heroin I have purchased from large urban areas where it dominates the market as the Mexican cartels and gangs haven't moved into traditional white powdered dealing African American gang controlled areas. I live in central Ohio. I only receive tar in my state capital, occasional powder but its usually cut with phent or just not as potent as the tar. Up in Cleveland though I have never been so scared as rolling through Sinclair n East Cleveland its like dawn a the dead with the crack heads n homeless. My guess the potential Mexican competition doesn't feel too safe either.

So immediately I feel a little something. Not a rush from a puff of speed, a lil less then the onset of a rail of decent meth. I thank X, inform him I will call him to tell him if his bath soap is real or not on the morrow.


I am speeding my balls off, harder than any amount I've ever sniffed or smoked n I did one tiny rail. I'm in a great mood, no paranoia or negativity. Conversing well with felloe employees. Doing tons of work cuz I'm so sped up my manager even compliments me.

I do notice that at about 7:15pm I peaked n speed wore off from there. Very gentle come down no negative effects or moods. At this point I start to notice minor visual hallucinations only for about 30 to 45min after peak at (T +2:15).

Everything wears off by around ten and I still feel good, opposite of how one feels after a good coke binge or coming off meth that's damn sure.

So to all my little substance experimenters out there, check out Mephedrone. Its strong as good ice meth, lasts not so long, and absolutely peaceful happy comedown.

Put your orders in fast cuz I ordered 5 MeO DMT like seven years ago, now that's never happening again, and it will be the same with this shit soon too its just too damn strong and fun for them to let us have it! Expect a DEA emergency scheduling at schedule 1 for Mephedrone in no more than six to eight months.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89426
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jan 22, 2014Views: 10,425
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