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Great Party Terrible Comedown
Beer & bk-MBDB
Citation:   All@n. "Great Party Terrible Comedown: An Experience with Beer & bk-MBDB (exp89444)". Apr 7, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 0:50   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 0:00 1 tablet oral bk-MBDB
  T+ 0:00   oral Caffeine
  T+ 11:40   repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
So here's my report of my first time using butylone. My previous psychoactive experiences include: Cannabis, Alcohol, Salvia divinorum, Caffeine, Kratom, Wild Dagga, Guarana...

Setting: A pub with some dance music playing, quite a lot of people.
Mood: Fairly good, just a little bit nervous

T: 8:00pm - I drank a beer or two and chatted with a few friends, feeling quite nice and ready for the upcoming experience.
T: 8:50pm - I took 1 pill of Mitseez, which contains Butylone and flushed it with another beer
T: 9:10pm - Feeling basically nothing, just chatting around and listening to music

T: 9:20pm - I decided to go home to change my heavy boots for some regular trainers. My home is just cca. 200m away, so this wasnt a problem. During the way back, I started to feel different. I had this speedy sensation and I couldnt stop talking with my friend, who was quite drunk :D

T: 9:40pm - We got back to the pub and I felt awesome. I was extremely social and couldnt stop talking anyhow. I chatted around with random people and danced crazily.
T: 10:40pm - Dancing on the table right now! I am very euphoric, speedy, dancing like never before
T: 11:40pm - Took a little break, rehydrated myself, drank a few beers and went dancing again
T: 00:00am - Starting to get a little tired, I am definitely starting to come down
T: 01:00am - I went for a walk to get some fresh air
T: 02:00am - Just sitting and drinking water, the music got reaaaly bad, I am very tired.
T: 02:30am - I decided to head home, I started to get a little bit depressed
T: 02:40am - I am home, nauseated, depressed, extremely tired, however I dont feel like sleeping right now.
T: 02:50am - I layed down in the bed. Bad nausea, jaw clenching, speedy sensation...I just want to sleep...
T: cca. 04:00am - Still not sleeping....depressed...
T: cca. 07:00am - I am not sure, but I think I have slept for the past 3 hours.
T: cca. 09:00am - Just lying in the bed, still a bit depressed, but I definitely feel better
T: 01:00pm - I finally slept quite normally. The depression is gone, as well as the nausea.
T: 03:00pm - I feel absolutely fine, I am looking at the photos from the night, laughing hard :D

So in conclusion, from 9pm to 1am I had a GREAT time. Afterwards, a complete disaster. I am not surprised by this, Butylone is a research chemical, therefore it can get unstable and I also drank quite A LOT of alcohol that night, which didnt go together with the Butylone very well. I still have 1 pill, but I am definitely not going to take it in the near future.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89444
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Apr 7, 2018Views: 1,510
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199), bk-MBDB (348) : Combinations (3), Club / Bar (25)

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