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Strange Torpedo
Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids
by Mr. Smith
Citation:   Mr. Smith. "Strange Torpedo: An Experience with Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (exp89445)". Erowid.org. Jun 18, 2011. erowid.org/exp/89445

  repeated oral Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids


First, some context setting: I am a 20 year old male, weighing roughly 225.lbs and standing 5 feet and 11 inches. I am experienced with many psychoactives – to date I have done:

Cannabis (Cannabis plant)
Amanita Mushrooms (dried caps - psychedelic/deliriants)
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (seeds – psychedelic)
DXM (dissociative psychedelic)
Kratom (dried extract – opiate)
Diphenhydramine (deliriant)
Salvia (psychedelic)
JWH/Spice blends (synthetic cannabinoids)

I feel this is relevant, as it has given me experience to deal with difficult trips, as this trip turned out to be for a short while. I intend this report to be for informative purposes, and a word of warning about the oral ingestion of spice and potential/delayed rectal highs.

SETTING: Home, it was a Saturday morning when I decided to imbibe some Spice. I wait a week between trips, and I had nothing important to do that day – more or less giving me the entire day to enjoy a trip through altered consciousness. Home is a familiar environment, where I felt safe and had everything I could possibly need at my disposable.

DOSE: I took the Spice blend first in 5mg of plant matter, then later following it up with two more doses of about 2 – 3mg.

THE TRIP: (NOTE: All measurements are assumptions. And the strength of a spice blend varies from brand to brand. All timestamps are based off of chat logs and my memory.)

9:54am – T. 00:00 – I take the 5mg of Spice on an empty stomach and wash it down with an extra pinch for good measure, it's the first thing I ate that day. I felt relaxed to begin with and watch TV after preparing a cup of Earl Grey tea.

T. 00:20 – Effects are first felt, lightly. I can tell I'm feeling effects due to the fact that the voice of John Cleese is narrating my thoughts and actions. Not 'high' per se, but I feel giddy.

T. 00:40 – Feel slightly more intoxicated, giddiness persists. Paranoia is light, and can be shrugged off by distracting myself. Took another 5mg + an extra pinch dose.

T. 01:10 – Decided to eat something because I felt a craving for garlic. Reheated three slices of pizza and sprinkled a rather gratuitous amount of garlic on top. Wash this down with ginger ale and two more pinches of spice. Feel only slightly intoxicated and giddy.

T. 02:30 – Effects drop sharply, to where I can barely notice them. I assume that I ate too little, and dumping food on top of it slowed the absorption. I'm slightly peeved that it ended on such a low note, but I shake it off and go about my day.

8:48 pm - T. 11:52 – I felt more or less sober the entire day, if only a little giddy. But I thought I was just in a good mood and didn't question it. However, while I was washing dishes I noticed that I felt odd. And my perception was distorted. I only thought it was exhaustion, as I had been busy cleaning all day and went to the gym to lift weights. But as I tried to walk to gather myself for bed, I felt like I was in a fishbowl. My thoughts were racing, my heart pounding slightly as I was alarmed and confused by what was happening. I knew I was high, but couldn't think of a reason why when I dosed hours ago and had (as far I know) gone an entire Spice trip-length and a few hours more without taking anymore of it. The answer was shown to me when I realized I had to move my bowels, and that this would be the first bowel movement I had all day – whatever Spice I hadn't already absorbed, was now being absorbed through my rectum. I relieved myself, feeling myself get more and more twisted as the body-high started to steadily come up. Rock the Casbah is playing in my head on an infinite loop and I find myself saying over and over again: “The shareef don't like it”.

T. 12:15 – All the symptoms of the trip have set in. Confusion, dry eyes, dry mouth, feeling like I was breathing in a labored manner, twitching, and my perception is completely altered. I'm in a minor panic state because I had not intended the drug to kick in this late, and was hoping I could just get some rest. Paranoia is in full gear. In the words of Hunter Stockton Thompson, a Doctor of Journalism, the only thing to do was “ride this strange torpedo out to the very end”. OEVsand CEVs at this point, though they are much milder than other experiences I've had – a fact I take comfort in. I found 99% of the OEVs and CEVs are of my girlfriend, and I'm breathtaken by how beautiful she is, even as a hallucination.

T. 13:15 – Due to what I had to eat that day, I had vile flatulence, and passing gas became a test of might – though doing anything with an intense body high from Spice can become extremely difficult. Breathing was still labored and I had stomach discomfort. Noticeable, but not horrible. I manage to urinate a modest amount and feel better. Time is moving extremely slow, and I find myself moving my head and neck constantly. Heartburn sets in and adds to the discomfort. I drink some water and try to relax. I attempt controlled breathing and try to enter a zen-like state of mind. It works to some extent until a twitch or a burp snags my attention. I try to distract myself with music, and since the Road to Mandalay has been playing in my head for about an hour I go to youtube and find a video of the song.

T. 14:48 – The intensity of the high breaks, and I can feel it. It's like a Kwa-THOOMP in my entire body and the shivering and twitching is replaced by a steady, gentle heat from my body. Exactly what I had been hoping for through the entire rough period of the trip, I feel relaxed and at peace. About five minutes before, my eyes weren't so dry and I started salivating again. I breath much more easily now, and I note that the trip has gone from a full-blown Spice trip to an easier pot-high, like I had eaten pot brownies. Visual effects are still there, and even the smallest noise sounds like loud conversation; but it's not horrible. I lay on my back and enjoy the warmth of my body against the cold air. As I lay there I compare it to what it must feel like to be a star. I feel like I'm in the great centrifuge of space, a burning star against the cold void as gravity and motion sling me in a powerful arc across the universe.

Gravity, it holds us down, but never lets us down – I thought as I felt my bones turn into iron, my blood turn into molten metal, and my skin become the fiery halo of a star that burns in the night. I can see why people can become terrified of this substance, and see it as the reason why all stars burn differently. Light shines, but all in infinite wavelengths. The point is not to put a name to the color we see, but be thankful we see it at all.

I eventually fell asleep around 12:35pm, and woke up at the crack of dawn. After effects were mild and were gone in two hours.

I intend this report to be informative, and serve a purpose of warning to potential spice eaters to watch out for potential, delayed rectal highs.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89445
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 18, 2011Views: 9,625
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Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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