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Nice and Shroomlike
4-AcO-DMT & Nitrous Oxide
Citation:   jaggerjack. "Nice and Shroomlike: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Nitrous Oxide (exp89471)". Mar 8, 2011.

T+ 0:00
18 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (capsule)
  T+ 2:40 2 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
T+0.00: 18 mg 4-Aco-DMT consumed orally
T+2.40: Two whippets

Age: 18
Weight: 128 lbs
Gender: Male
Prior substance use: Started doing drugs 7 months ago. Marijuana, Alcohol, Kratom, Nitrous, Shrooms, DMT, Salvia, Vicodin, Acid (likely not LSD). None in the past month.

So I was breaking my designed month of sobriety with a few friends (four: AG, AB, S, and T) by taking some recently ordered 4-Aco-DMT with them. I was taking this break because I had been doing a bit too much drugs and had a bad trip on DMT. Since then I had grounded myself and was doing fine. We had all finished semester exams a few days before and were ready to relax. We were finally second semester seniors, and most of us had gotten into at least one college.

I had woken up late in the day and eaten a light breakfast of fruit around 12.15 before heading off to my first yoga class, which happened to be yin yoga, at 1.00. This lasted until 2.30 and was very relaxing. The yoga did exactly what I wanted; it prepared me mentally and physically for this trip. I headed home, took a shower and went over to my friend Mís house to get ready. M was being incredibly nice, letting us trip in his house while he was on vacation with his family, however that meant there was a certain sense of unfamiliarity and we had to make sure to return it to a nice state before leaving.

A note on my tripmates:
AB had done nitrous, marijuana, and a small amount of DMT. He, AG and S smoke pretty regularly and AB and S smoked this morning. S had done the same stuff as AB. AG has done the prior mentioned and tripped on shrooms and Acid with me. T usually smokes about once a month and has done nothing besides marijuana and drinking. AB, T, and S were taking 16 mg, a dose I assumed from my research that would be adequate for a first lengthy trip. AG and I were taking 18 mg. S weighs the same as me while the rest weight significantly more (30+ lbs). They all abstained from eating for a few hours.
The doses were weighed out on a $30 scale which had three calibration points and was fairly good down to 10 mg, a very nice investment. It usually only varied by a mg or two (I had checked with a set of standard weights that ranged down to 5 mg, a weight that it wasnít particularly accurate at). I found that the easiest way to get the powder into the capsules was by angling the caps at 45 degrees, pressing the caps into the weigh tray, and moving the caps into the pile of powder. A few passes by per cap and all of the powder was in. This was much easier than trying to scrape the stuff up with a utensil and dropping it into the caps.

While measuring out the doses I tried a very small amount of this substance. My goal was to get around 500 mcg, obviously I have no idea if I succeeded. My purpose for this was to make sure that whatever substance I had purchased was not active at that dose. If it was mislabeled 2C-I (the only other substance said vendor sold) that would be manageable, but if it was mislabeled DOI or something of that sort, well this test would alert me. I notice no effects from this small dose.

My goal for this trip was to strengthen my friendship with my tripmates (especially T who I wasnít that close with) and get AB and S to understand why I didnít like smoking weed as much as before I had tripped. They seemed to think that my aversion to smoking weed was a bit of an aversion to them, while it was just a lack of desire to smoke after trying shrooms and DMT.

T+0.00 (4.15): We all swallowed our purple gel caps with premeasured doses. I kept track of the doses with a fine felt tipped permanent marker which worked well. We walked downstairs to the basement base camp and sat down to wait, playing some CoD: MW2.

T+0.20: Iím feeling overwhelming positive, this feeling stems from my chest and I am overcome by an urge to grin. This actually elicits a bit of tension in my jaw from grinning so much. Nobody else is noticing anything else yet. Video games where we kill people are becoming significantly less attractive.

T+0.30: T has noticed something too; he is also incredibly chilly, which I have noticed. Not possibly a placebo at this point.

T+0.45: AG is just starting to feel it now. Iím having a bit of trouble talking, thoughts are hard to form and the feeling Iím getting is identical to the come up on shrooms.

T+1.00: After coaxing T along we all go outside on a walk, heís feeling it a lot at this point and is very comfortable in the basement which he remarks that he thought was the only place in the world. Reaching a hand in my pocket to the grab the keys to lock the door is hard, I feel like Iím shoving something that isnít part of me into another thing that isnít part of me. My fingers feel tingly while I do this. Lights are fuzzy at this point, faces look softer. Itís dark outside and the familiar look of lights on shrooms is instantly recognized. This is what I personally love (and why I also really enjoy the small bit of HPPD I have). They glow, appear bigger, have colored auras, are surrounded by rainbows, and generally look like gems or crystals.

T+1.25: We get to the lake after a significantly longer walk than expected (due to marked time dilation and a slight unfamiliarity of the relative location of where we started at). Thereís movement in the asphalt and bricks around us, but less so than shrooms. T has been mumbling a lot of odd stuff about normal and not normal this entire time. It hits AB and S rather suddenly and we can all agree that weíre peaking. The lights on the lake are marvelous and T understands why we got up in the first place. We start heading back at this point (damn cold weather), although it would have been very nice to remain outside if the weather wasnít so frigid.

While slowly walking there T and talk about life. He pointed out that this felt like normal. He was normal for the first time and he was even with all of us, anyone not in this state of heightened thinking was lower than him. He wondered what people would think if they saw us and I reminded him that we still looked mostly the same (save for the goofy smiles). He wasnít sure whether he would want to talk to sober people at this time. I realized they would think we were crazy because of the thoughts we were having. We talked about why drugs were illegal for a bit and came to the conclusion that there was no point in them being illegal except for fear of the unknown.

We continued talking and I brought up the fact that I felt like I was a coat with a being inside of it instead of a being wearing a coat. When we don clothes they become part of us even though they arenít physically connected to our flesh. A man wearing a coat is recognized as a man even though a significant portion of his body canít be seen. For all I know it could be a head with a Plexiglas torso and legs wearing a coat. Another way of visualizing this is to think of how a long lump under a blanket is assumed to be a person.

AB and AG talked about the fact that the universe was binary, like a computer. There were only two states for anything, is and is not. Throughout this walk and the rest of the night we all talked about the fact that chemicals are feelings, and the surprising fact that ingesting a chemical can elicit marked change in feelings.

T+2.00: We managed to get inside despite getting a bit lost. Inside felt different from outside, without the juxtaposition of the lights on a dark background few visuals were noticed unless staring at a texture such as the carpet. We put some music on and my appreciation for it was greatly heightened, as was everyone but Tís. We were all laughing and smiling uncontrollably. T was a bit overwhelmed by this experience. T began ďwritingĒ in the journal that I brought along. Or trying to write, he said that he was trying to write words but couldnít; he filled a number of pages with scribbles and a few with random phrases. Each set of ďĒ indicates one page
ď?Ē (this one is upside down)
ďBAD TRIPĒ (I donít think he was having oneÖ)
ďPAINĒ (he remarked that he hadnít felt pain in a while)
ďI AM SAM. SAM I AMĒ (With a bite out of the page)
ďThese are the chapters of my lifeĒ
ďI want the Book B- ackĒ
While writing this and making scribbles he said he understood modern art.

T+2.40: Still peaking I hit two whippets out of two separate balloons. Closing my lips around them felt as if I had done nitrous alone (up to 3 balloons in succession), nitrous and marijuana (up to 6 in succession), and nitrous and shrooms (during that occasion I did two after I was coming down resulting in an underwhelming experience) before. AG had done two just before me with a glowing report. I hit them, closed my eyes, and dissolved into a familiar but different place. I felt like I was floating in nothing but instead of being surrounded by blackness I was surrounded by vibrant colors. I was still connected to my body and began talking about my feelings, the realization for the first time in the night that I was done with semester exams, into college, and in a damn good place in my life. My sense of self and awareness of surroundings had been pretty much lost for the entire night and the nitrous kicked any remnants out of the hypothetical house they resided in. My ego came back as the effects of the nitrous went away. As I came down my trip was accompanied by a sense of profound euphoria that lasted for around 25 minutes.

T+3.35: The pizza we ordered a little while back came and we ate it although I wasnít particularly hungry, and what I really appreciated about it was the warmth it offered. There was still a bit of visual distortion noticed but I, along with the rest of the group, was definitely coming down at this point.

T+3.45: We all sit down to finish watching Howlís Moving Castle, a thoroughly enjoyable and trippy movie. Many of the scenes remind of DMT trips. T remarks that coming down sucks. He has a headache and feels like stuck between normal and not normal, and itís uncomfortable. He has know idea how to come back to reality, how he would tell people of this experience the next day, what to do with his life. We assured him it would be fine. Iím feeling a bit tired now.

T+5.25: The movie ends and weíre all down. I feel a bit tingly but have a little bit less of the great aftereffects as I do from shrooms. AG agrees with me on that. We talk for the next 40 minutes while cleaning up the house. We all had overwhelmingly positive experiences; AB rates it as one he will never forget. T is now fine with integration; he just didnít want to leave the place he was at while he still had one foot in it. We agreed that we couldnít be in a state like this very frequently (for me itís about once a month) for T itís once in a long timeÖ We also agree that if we were like this for a long period of time we would die from starvation for we wouldnít be motivated to eat. If the world were like this frequently nothing would get done, trivial work isnít possible in this state, and there would be no conflict.

AG and I agree that this was very similar to shrooms except a tad bit shorter in duration, less after effects, and a lot less overt visuals. The first one could be chalked up to the fact that we took a powder instead of a mushroom, although the duration wasnít that much different, only 20 minutes off our last experience. The second one I donít know what the reason for that is and the third could be because of a different setting an intense focus on the other members of the group instead of sights. The mental feeling is exactly the same as shrooms. It allows for deep introspection while at the same time being completely and utterly indescribable.

T+6.10: T drove us all home and I noticed that lights still looked a bit different from my normal mild HPPD. AG also noticed this however S did not. Once I got home I ate a little bit, burned some incense, listened to some music and started writing this. Iím sure I missed some major topics of conversation but I believe it accurately sums up my trip on 4-Aco-DMT. The dose was right for all members and the three first time trippers were comfortable with it.

T+9.40: My hips hurt from sitting in this chair but I chalk that up to the yoga. Iím still pretty tired and a bit tingly. When I touch a part of my body it feels a slightly itchy and prickly. Not unpleasant although that description might make it seem so. Perhaps more sensitive to touch would be a better way of describing it. I have noticed this before when I have done shrooms and acid (but not DMT), my friends have not. Going to bed now, sleep should come easily.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89471
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Mar 8, 2011Views: 22,748
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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