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One Neuron Away from Insanity
2C-I & Cannabis
Citation:   Rocket. "One Neuron Away from Insanity: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp89581)". Apr 1, 2012.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 50 mg oral Pharms - Meclizine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:20   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This 2C-I trip blew me away. I had taken 2C-I before, but not from this vendor and I weighed doses by titration.

This time around, my vendor is much more reliable and I have an mg accurate scale (to within 3mg.)

T+00:00 - Two capsules were filled with 10mg each and downed on an empty stomach with water.

T+01:00 - Minor stomach discomfort. Increases exponentially as I pay attention to it. At this time I'm in CVS buying anti-nausea meds (which don't do a thing).

T+01:30 - I take 50mg Meclizine and 1 tablet of Pepto-Bismol. I also put a glass of calcium carbonate (not weighed out) nearby in case I need to vomit.

T+01:45 - It has been 1hr 45mins and I'm just now starting to feel the psychological effects, and they're coming on hard. Very hard. My friend wants methylone, so I weigh some out and head to his place. I have dilated pupils and some very minor visuals but for the most part I just feel severely ill.

T+02:00 - I'm at his house. I give him the m1 (neither of us take m1 today). He asks what's up and I say I'm on 2C-I, and he agrees to take the 1x 20mg capsule I brought him. He gets ready and we go back to my drug den / house.

T+02:10 - We're walking home and I'm trying my hardest to keep nausea at bay. I'm literally shaking and it becomes unpleasant exponentially to the point where I feel my entire trip is going to be focused on the physical illness I'm feeling. We get home and I try eating and it doesn't help. Note that the 2C-*s always make me severely nauseous.

T+02:20 - I feel my throat building up with mucus and I feel that vomiting will be clean and painless, so I down the calcium carbonate (antacid, so the acidic stomach contents don't damage your throat on the way up) and puke. That's it? OK I feel 100x better.

T+03:00 - After that I have been sitting on my bed, with my friend in another room watching something. I have Pandora onA tripper's best friend. The music is very significant to me, as it always is on 2C-I. I have minor visuals. Some trails, distortions, fish eye lens, lose of perception, patterns on walls, lights strobe, etc. Nothing too major. Up to this point, this mirrors my usual 2C trips.

I hadn't tripped in about 6 months and I began thinking about how I really miss this mindset, and how therapeutic it can be. I was resolving countless internal issues, taking notes, etc.

I notice if I stay in bed in fetal position, my stomach discomfort is gone and I quickly lose touch of reality. I feel very close to 'losing my mind.' Writing it does no justice to the feeling. I began to forget what I was, let alone who I was. Sure I knew where I was and what my name was, and every other fact, but what exactly does that mean?

So I was born, that's odd enough, and I was given a name, and I move around the universe saying things, thinking things, doing things, and there's a consequence to what I do. But why am I doing all this? What's the point of it all? I began to 'see' air molecules and realized that there's no such thing as empty space (it's not a new realization, but it felt significant.)

I felt like I had power over my life. If you read 'As A Man Thinketh' - I felt like it was obvious that how I perceived reality had a major impact on how reality became, not just for me but for everyone. If you're positive and have a warm positive outlook, then you'll live a positive life. People will see it radiate through you.

I looked into a mirror and noticed that the human face is incapable of expressing even 1% of what you feel inside. I looked normal physically, but there was no clue that reality was breaking down into quarks and charms right before my eyes. What are eyes anyway? Creepy how we place so much significance on them. How does my cat know to look into my eyes? Does she know I'm tripping? Nah, probably not. She sits on my face and I can't breathe, so I get up and suddenly I feel 100% sober.

At this point my friend begins feeling it. Nothing major. We both decide to go for a walk to a friend's apartment as being outside eases the stomach discomfort.

T+03:30 - The walk was odd. There wasn't many visuals but my interpretation of what I was seeing (people, cars, etc) was obviously distorted. Not visually, but people took on an exaggerated look. 'Cartoony' is a good description, as it usually happens on shrooms.

All sounds around me were significant. Cars honking from 2 streets down sounded as loud as my headphones, and as loud as the people walking ahead of us. External stimuli was magnified more than I've ever felt them on any other drug including 2C-I at this dose.

We get to the apartment, chill for what felt like an hour (was only 15 minutes), we roll tobacco and head out. As I'm rolling, I realize how BLASTED I am. I can barely hold the paper, and spend 10 minutes just feeling the tobacco wondering why I smoke this knowing how bad it is. I then recall that I was sober a second ago, and now I'm tripping hard.

I'm not surprised. 2C-I and 2C-E affect me in waves. The trip comes in an ebb & flow. It's a bad and good quality these drugs have. I feel sober for 30 mins, and then suddenly I'm tripping, then I feel sober 30 mins later, then I'm tripping hard again. It's good in that when I'm about to lose your mind, I regain control and can make sense of what just happened. It's bad in that, in the times you feel sober you might get into a car and drive - very dangerous.

T+4:00 - We leave. Smoking cigs feels great when tripping. This is no exception, but for some reason I feel the tobacco is lacking something. No major rush or punch or anything. I'm not sure what I was expecting before smoking, but I feel let down. So I smoke another and I'm good.

My friend is feeling it for sure, but he's just starting to come up. He can still maintain a normal conversation.

T+4:20 - By this time my friend is climbing hard and I'm coming down. We meet with a friend to smoke weed. He has very potent stuff, stuff that we generally don't like smoking because it wastes the entire day (20%+ thc, very little cbd.) We get into his car and park while he rolls joints.

My friend is tripping hard and I feel somewhat sober. He's wondering if we're moving or not, 'how did I get into this car?!', etc.

We smoke weed and walk to dunkin donuts. Wow. I'm tripping harder than I was earlier. My friend and I begin saying ridiculous things

'I can't tell if I'm wearing anything or not.. and I can't tell if it's significant to have anything on or not, even if the ground is covered in snow.'

'Where the fuck are we? I feel like we're in Tibet'

'Are we really talking or just thinking outloud? Is there really a difference? We're all thoughts in each other's heads afterall.'

We laugh uncontrollably as we're walking. It becomes physically painful to laugh anymore.

'Give me the darkest chocolate cookies you have' I say. I end up buying 6 cookies. I've never bought cookies in my life.

It feels as though life is happening automagically. My friend and me are still in the store saying ridiculous things and laughing, but nobody seems to pay attention to us. I'm producing money out of my wallet, I'm receiving cookies, the line is moving forward, doors open, people come in, life is happening right before our eyes, and we're a part of it, but it feels automatic. 99% of me is not engaged in life, but the 1% that is, is doing an excellent job of maintaining the image of three guys going about their normal day.

I find it very hard to believe that people we're passing by aren't tripping as well. What is being sober anyway? No such thing..

We head to my house for the remainder of the trip.

T+6:00 - At this point, I begin to wonder why I'm not coming down. Did I overdo it? Am I going to lose my mind permanently? If so, it doesn't seem so bad. Laughing all day doesn't seem like a bad idea right now. But maybe that's exactly how crazy people think.. I began to dwell on an infinite duality. The same duality I get stuck in on every trip. I seriously begin to panic that I'm losing my mind, but as soon as I get up and walk towards my friends, I feel normal/sober.

I can definitely see how/why people would 'go crazy' when tripping. It's not easy to handle if you're not with experienced non-judgmental people. Had I been with somebody who said 1-2 wrong things, I might have found myself in the ER.

I found it quite amazing that my friend who was tripping balls was able to make conversation with my wife and my other friend while I sat in the other room. He sounded exactly the same as he does sober. Saying the same things, same sense of humor, etc. I began to wonder if the way I perceived reality was purely in my head, and it was. I also began to realize that I spend a lot of time thinking about others and how to help them, and not enough time on myself.

I go join them for a bit. We eat a little, talk, etc. He's dumbfounded at how I can maintain my composure and speak.. he doesn't realize that he's actually acting normal as well.

T+whatever - by 9 PM, about 6 hours after I began coming up, I noticed I was still tripping hard. This coupled with the fear of losing my mind idea gave me a surge of anxiety which made me feel numb. Tingling/pins+needles on my extremities.

By 11 PM we were both coming down. He leaves and I go to bed. I woke up feeling numb but a few hours later that subsided.

2C-I is quite amazing. I have a lot more respect for it after this trip. I enjoy it far more than 2C-E which I find too dreamy and 'out there' to be very therapeutic. The body load on 2C-E is also a major buzzkill.

While 20mg seems like a good dose (could have been anywhere from 18-22 mg) I am going to try 16-18 mg next time. 15 mg was my prior normal dose, but it wasn't trippy enough to justify the nausea.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89581
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Apr 1, 2012Views: 6,081
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Cannabis (1), 2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), General (1)

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