No Two Dreams Have Been the Same
Valerian & Hops
Citation:   heavydreams. "No Two Dreams Have Been the Same: An Experience with Valerian & Hops (exp89608)". Jul 9, 2019.

  oral Valerian (extract)
    oral Hops (extract)
Lucid Dreaming

I have had more lucid experiences than I can recall, and as hard as it is to look forward to a night of lucid dreaming, Valerian is easily my favorite herb, next to Marijuana.

I have been drinking [brand name] drinks from the store, they have valerian root as the main ingredients, and hops extract to make you sleepy.

I often have dreams of being in the woods. Long long adventures of animal friends, in the fruit of the relationship to the death of my animal friend. That particular dream I had a rabbit, just like a dog, and as time carried on and I came to check up on him, his rabbit friend was holding up his skeleton. Odd, I know, but no two dreams have been the same.

Last dream I remember I lost contact with a friend, and opened my eyes to a beautiful cliff glossed with spring water against leaves of fall, it was in California, I remember thinking, oh well now I'm in CA. I went into a wrecked basement, wide open space, a gray creature/humanoid ran out from the back towards me screaming, flashed he was 40 feet away, flash 20 feet, then blackness takes over and I can't really know for sure, but after a dream collapses like that I usually feel very relaxed/asleep/conscious.

As a kid I always got this feeling like my body was rushed back into my body, I think its relative.

I don't think I can control what I want to do in a dream. It becomes a reality to my mind, but its not real, the places I feel and see aren't real, those cliffs I saw dont take up any space, it was all fake, at least until my mind created and existed inside it. Was it fake? Probably yeah, stoner... Or is it the so called parallel universe/ anti-matter reality/dimension? Like darkness and the unknown does this anti-space become a canvas for my brainwaves to orchestrate an engaging, detailed, reality for my soul to exist?

In closure, this is a very mysterious and beautiful herb, truly mind-blowing what things are possible with the human 'mind at large'. I use it almost every night in the form of [this drink] (doesnt specify amount of valerian) and I haven't noticed any lesser effects, no tolerance to my knowledge.

I will state that I took about 5mL of Val. Root Extract because I was feeling very stressed after coming down from opiates that week and personal life was getting screwed over by personal mess-ups, and the extract made me feel just great, perfect. Smoked a few hits of average beaster from a bong and felt really great, usually feel a bit of tension at some point when I'm high, not that time.

The pills have worked for me, I just make sure not to hold onto them, they turn to tar/resin and aren't as god as fresh ones.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89608
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jul 9, 2019Views: 1,286
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