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Back With a Vengeance
by Hollings
Citation:   Hollings. "Back With a Vengeance: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp89629)". Mar 3, 2011.

100 mg smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Damiana  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


THE LIFE STORY (An introduction to what got me into JWH, if not interested please skip to the report):

Over the last few years a lot in my life had changed and the biggest change of all was introducing my body to drugs. I had started off smoking weed and for a while I enjoyed it a lot, the experience was out of this world for me but I couldn't justify the price for the amount I wanted to smoke, my brother was in the same boat as me and so we stopped smoking on a daily basis and eventually stopped for about half a year. After about 6 months had passed I moved onto to trying different drugs including but not limited to ketamine, cocaine, MDMA, and LSD. I enjoyed all these experiences greatly but I couldn't find a drug that I could use on a daily basis that was not only cost efficient but not addicting or something that would cause too much harm on the body.

In 2008 a 'headshop' opened in my area and little did I know this small building would eventually change my life. I started off buying products I had looked up online such as salvia, I had read that a lot of people had had bad experiences with it but I was on a quest, no pain no gain right? I enjoyed salvia but it wasn't something I could do all the time, nor did it last long and so my experience with it was short and sweet. The headshop in 2009 introduced smoking blends. Myself and my brother tried them and although we would get high it wasn't anything to write home about and so we gave up on those also.

*From now on I will refer to my brother as 'B'*

I was at home on the computer much like I am now and B enters asking me if we should go down to the headshop and try some of the new smoking blends. I wasn't sold on the idea as not only had we both blown a lot of our money testing different things but none of them worked well, and if they did our tolerance would build up so fast it would be a once a day high that didn't last very long. B then tells me he heard of a smoking blend called 'King BBB' that apparently 'works'. I trusted my brother and we set off down and picked up 3 grams of the King and went home to smoke it. We loaded it into a bong packing our own bowls each and inhaled. 'BBB' 'BBBBBBBBB' 'DIE' 'SUFFER' where pretty much the only things that we said to each other jokingly as we spiraled out of control, our minds melting, rejoicing with delight at this wonderful discovery and worshiping the King B as our God, (I understand most of what I just wrote here must sound a bit mad but we were so high and on the same wave length it was funny as hell to us at the time). We would later discover that the active chemical in this blend was JWH-018 and we were sold.

Since the introduction months had passed, headshops were closed down and myself and my brother had switched over to smoking JWH-018 in it's powdered form. 'It's here!!!!!' B yelled as we saw the mail man deliver the latest 10 grams of JWH, B had kindly bought the last two lots so this was my turn, but who cared about spending money on something this good?! Myself and B had had a lot of experience between us now with JWH and we had run out a while ago so we had decided to dose 100mg each as a tribute to the King B.

Into the bowl it went, it looked a lot more menacing, I knew how strong it was, I knew what I was doing was considered madness to most people, especially when I had just come off a tolerance break but I wanted to take this drug to the next level and so without looking back I lit up the bowl (served on a bed of damiana) and inhaled the smoke. Instantly I knew I was about to throw up, I rushed to the bathroom and got sick everywhere 'never mind, I'll clean this up later' I told myself as reality started to vanish before my eyes. B had since smoked up and was sitting in my room muttering about the King B. I hopped onto my bed and put some music on. My body was suffering, my heart rate going mental but my mind was in bliss 'it doesn't matter if you die, you have reached a new level' I told myself once more. I then started laughing realizing how insane I was and started wondering if the thoughts going through B's head were just as strange.

After chilling for what seemed like an hour but was really 10 minutes we decided to go to the living room and watch some TV. B kept coming out with things like 'I'm dieing' half jesting at the reports we had read but with a hint of reality, I got the feeling he was making a joke about it to reassure himself, I started convincing myself that he was in fact dieing and that he didn't know, I decided I wouldn't tell him. At this point time was broken, theres no better word to describe it because a few seconds would become 10 minutes, 10 minutes a few seconds. How long ago did we dose? 1 hour? 2? it had been 20 minutes, I knew I was going to be trapped like this for a while, but I didn't mind. B started talking about something but couldn't structure his story properly, I don't think he noticed because it all seemed perfectly normal to him, all I could do was smile and say 'yeahhhhhhhhhhh' as it felt like every cell in my body was at its limit trying to talk. 'How was he speaking so much' I wondered, 'maybe the King B has granted him more power than me'. I snapped out of this thought process realizing that it was madness, there was no King B, was there?

About an hour in things were getting more intense, I had problems not getting up the stairs but back down them having to slide down step my step on my ass. 'Your body is failing you hehehehehehe' a voice in my mind told me, this was surely the King B's curse. I pushed on though accepting it, if I had learnt anything from my past experiences it was to roll with anything, I had seen my friends try to fight off the JWH high and end up having a horrible time, this wasn't going to happen to me. I went back down to B who hadn't moved in an hour and was lost in thought. 'Food' he suddenly shouted out. Feeling hungry myself I chucked some chicken into the oven and carefully made it back to the couch. At this point I was running low on cigs and a panic swept over me 'I can't go to the shop like this' I told myself, I'd be lucky if I'd make it out the front door and so I decided to split up the remaining cigs in different sections in my room reasoning with myself that they would last longer, I don't know why I did it, it was a stupid idea that didn't work but at the time I felt like the smartest man alive.

We were about 2 hours in now and the chicken was ready, I was able to make some wraps and myself and my brother ate. After the food (which tasted divine) we both started to feel a bit more in touch with reality, don't get me wrong we were far from sober but we could function. At this point we retired to our rooms, I put on some music and lay down 'wahaohohohohohohohohoh' I felt as my high seemed to hit me again as the music echoed around my brain plummeting into a new dimension and then *click* I bolted up, the door had opened, my mother was home.

Now my mother isn't pro drugs but she doesn't mind myself or my brother smoking weed, or JWH since we explained it to her, she does however mind when we get to the state were we are in bits. I decided the best way to deal with this was a head on attack, I'd go down to her, say hi play it cool then go to sleep. Big mistake. I hadn't realized that talking to someone in my condition like B was a whole different ball game than talking to a perfectly sober person, she knew instantly. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Hiii weeelcommme hommmee diiid yooouuuu havve goood dayyyyy?
Mother: It was ok, are you on something?
Me: Noooo, weeeeelll, yessssss.
Mother: I can tell....

I hadn't been talking much during the entire experience and since B never commented on my speech I had never realized how messed up it was till the above conversation. I decided I could only make things worse so I went back up to my room and decided to go to sleep. 'But you can't go to sleep hehehehe why ruin such a great high?' my mind taunted me, but alas my mind was right and out of the corner of my eye I saw the bong, I hit it again, not putting any more into the bowl but seeing if there was any left, I kept hitting till no more smoke came out and instantly felt elevated again. 'Oh shit' I thought, I realized I hadn't cleaned up the bathroom and desperately scrubbed the place as I felt the fresh high taking over my body and mind. I just about made it and crawled back into my room.

I hopped onto the computer and decided I'd watch some Japanese anime, always a winner for when I'm high. The setting was in some evil guys castle with no one there but him, and me! He couldn't see me but I could see everything around, I was in the room engrossed on what was happening around me I snapped out of the trance like state I was in and realized I was sweating from fear and that the guy could of killed me. I decided enough was enough and I wanted to go to sleep.

All in all it was a great experience. Many other things happened I'm sure but these are all I can remember. A lot of people may think some of the things that happened in my report were negative, but I enjoyed every minute of it, I had pushed my limits, I had enjoyed every bit of it and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Some people seem to be able to handle higher doses of JWH-018 better than others myself and my brother fall into this category, if you do then I won't recommend it, but I survived to tell the tale.

To everyone who is thinking of trying this drug I wish you the best of luck and if your first experience is bad I would definitely say it's worth giving a second chance, I have had some amazing times on it and I will continue to do so. If you read all of this fair play since it's a big wall of text and I hope you enjoyed my story.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89629
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Mar 3, 2011Views: 10,712
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