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A World of Flashing Color Distortion
by Cain
Citation:   Cain. "A World of Flashing Color Distortion: An Experience with 2C-E (exp89654)". Erowid.org. Sep 26, 2019. erowid.org/exp/89654

20 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Lately my life has been heading downhill and was just looking up. I am a frequent smoker and have been forced to reduce the times I can actually get high. So as 1 good thing comes to a end, another is starting, 2C-E.

Background info: I had no experience with psychedelics before this experience, but have smoked a lot of weed. A friend at school had offered me some 2c-e for 20$ a pill(20mg). So halfway through the day, I handed him the money and got my pill in return, I was skeptical about the whole thing because around here people are always ripping one another off. I got home and the pill capsule was a little smooshed but I thought, what the hell its fine. I didn't know what type of capsule it was so I tried to bite it with my teeth, and it smashed. In a state of panic, I thought there is only 1 thing left to do, so I put the contents into a drink and took the whole thing.

5:00 pm - Pill contents ingested.

5:25 pm - Noticing that I am laughing like an idiot, but not the uncontrollable laughter whilst being high on marijuana, it was a weird case of the giggles, there was nothing funny, I just had the sensation to laugh.

5:40 pm - My lower right side of my back feels really weird and feels like it needs to be cracked, but just stays the same.

5:45 pm - BAM! I was hit by the intense feeling of euphoria and could see the 'trails' while moving my hands back and forth.

5:50 pm - I am talking to a Semi-friend on the computer and he is aware that I am about to be/am tripping. So what does he do? He fucks with me. He starts talking all weird and shit and is saying that he is in my head.

6:00 pm - Having no experience with psychedelics, start to freak about because I now know that I was not ready for this. My whole body is in a good mood and feeling(even though I was sick with diarrhea). I then told the kid on the computer that I could not talk to him anymore, because I know he is turning my trip into a bad trip.

6:05 pm - Just before I am about to get off the computer and relax and try to enjoy my trip, I notice that my fingertips feel really wet, but are not, so I googled it. It brought me to a site with a weird background, one of those optical illusions and the shit was fucking moving, literally moving, I instantly send the link of the website to my friend and ask if the background is moving, he says no. I, scared shit-less, exit the website and get off the computer.

6:10 pm - A friend told me that I would die if I went to sleep while tripping, and I believed him, so I called up the guy who sold me the 2c-e, and he was excited as shit, 'YOU SEE THE SHIT MOVING?! ITS JUST GETTING STARTED MAN!' He tells me that I can go to sleep, but I would not want to miss this.

6:15 pm - I get on X-Box and notice that it takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to work my microphone, which is odd because I use it everyday. I then talk to some friends on xbox for about 5-10 minutes then say farewell and head off to watch T.V.

6:30 pm - I start to watch tv, and I notice its almost impossible to watch it without laughing, it is so hard to keep focused on it, everything is moving and melting...

6:40 pm - My brother comes downstairs and watches tv with me, he doesn't know that I am tripping and I try to keep it that way. I put on the movie Tinkerbell, on accident, and it was the freakiest thing I've ever watched. There were little fairies coming out of the grass & were freaking me the fuck out, I switched the channel as fast as I could and I was watching the cooking channel, I would never do this but I didn't care, because it was the craziest thing ever watching people cook food.

7:00 pm - I starting to see colors changing, the thing about color changes is, not everything changes colors, its only what you don't look at. For example, I was sending a text message and everything was fine, but in my peripherals I could see a light on upstairs shining down my staircase and it was changing colors vividly.

7:05 pm - I put on a movie that I probably would not have watched, but nothing was on tv, Rush Hour 2. It was the funniest dam movie I've ever seen. I actually LoL'd throughout the entire movie, even though some of the stuff wasn't even funny.

7:30 pm - I walk into my bathroom to take a piss but I can't, I look in the mirror and I notice that I can't stop smiling to save my life. The bathroom is the only place that I wasn't completely tripping, it was a Safe-Haven if I was getting too deep into the trip, so I decided to take a 10 minute break and just sat on my toilet. I came to the conclusion that, everything that I was seeing, was already being seen by us everyday, we just can't comprehend what is happening, while under the influence we understand the light that is controlling us.

7:40 pm - I figured out that we are all controlled by light, and without light we are nothing, there is a light god and we are all controlled by him. He who can see what I was seeing and what I was thinking, if sober, would have tried to lock my ass up in a mental asylum, I even thought it was crazy talk.

8:00 pm - I enjoyed the movie, as it was still playing, and I was overwhelmed that it had only been about 2 hour since this trip had started. The visuals were so weird, it was like everything was melting except, I was melting with it. When I got back onto my couch, it morphed into my position as my body turned to goo.

8:30 pm - Checking my phone and seeing that it was only 8:30 I freaked out for some reason, that I still don't understand why. The movie was finishing and my trips peak was ending, I could sense it..

9:00 pm - Hardly any or no visuals left, and not really in a bad mood, I went onto my computer and enjoyed some time with the friend from earlier, and another friend, but this 1 more understanding and wouldn't have tried to freak my ass out. I tried to explain all of what had happened to me, but it was kind've a blur.

9:30 pm - There is really no trip after you are done peaking, you just enjoy a nice mindset and its over.

10:30 pm - Try to get some sleep and found it impossible, I tried to fall asleep from 10:50 pm - 2:00 am.

his drug is very powerful. I wasn't ready for it and I was heading down the path to a bad trip, but I turned it around by just watching tv, and trying to enjoy it. As rapper Lil Wyte said 'If you drop it, it will hit ya'
That is the best way to describe it, I didn't notice it creeping up on me and it just hit me like a brick wall.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89654
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 26, 2019Views: 587
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2C-E (137) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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