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Whirlwind of My Belongings
by xopidex
Citation:   xopidex. "Whirlwind of My Belongings: An Experience with DMT (exp89657)". Nov 28, 2017.

    Cannabis (daily)
  4 hits smoked DMT  


Let me first start off by saying that at the time of this trip, I had tried (in order) alcohol, marijuana (daily for 5 years), dxm, hash, cocaine, oxycontin, hydrocodone, xanax and lsd. I might have been on the tail end of a xanax high when this trip occurred.

I had tried DMT a couple of time before this, but never enough to feel these effects. Preceding the trip, it was just a normal day. I had a new boyfriend of a few months whom is the love of my life, I was happy, got off work and was home for the my bedroom alone.

Now, onto the trip report (this was written immediately following the trip).

I took my first hit and the same thing happened that happened the first time, felt really light headed with light LSD-type visuals and felt as if I inhaled duster, also nauseous (could have been anxiety), only this time, I took another hit. And then another.
Everything became extremely linear. I mean...EVERYTHING. The grain of my wooden dresser was like pinstripes, my books were suddenly all the same size and height, my curtains straightened themselves out, my fingers were rectangular, my iced tea was even straight, somehow. All the while, my closet was moving toward me and away from me in unison with my bookshelf and everything else in my room. Tangible objects were about to become obsolete.

This new wave of weird visuals distracted me, so my fourth toke (I had to load more DMT for this one, another full dose) was taken after the linear visuals subsided, thus, too late to break through.

I inhaled almost the whole dose in one hit. Before I was finished inhaling it, everything went a little blurry and started to buzz. I held my breath in as long as possible. As I blew it out, everything in my room was moving. I was convinced the room was moving...literally. The room kept changing. It looked like a cartoon this time instead of the linear thing. I kept saying things like, 'holy shit' and 'what thaa fuuuuccck!' Nothing made sense, I felt like I had NO idea where I was. I was in a different place entirely. I could not stop thinking that this was not my room, that was not my bookshelf. But then I was like, 'yes it is,' but I didn't want it to be. My bed didn't feel like a bed at all. All of my belongings were floating around the room in different geometrical patterns. My pipe turned to a jello-like substance and I had to drop it.

I know if I took another toke, I'd have been completely gone, out of my room. Maybe if I closed my eyes it would have been different.

I hope to try DMT again one day! I will need a friend to be there to tell me to take another hit, but I am afraid to look at them because of how fucked up my hand looked to me!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89657
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 22 
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 681
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), General (1)

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