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Got That Moxy
Citation:   That Guy. "Got That Moxy: An Experience with MDPV (exp89659)". Erowid.org. Apr 7, 2011. erowid.org/exp/89659

  repeated insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
Very rarely do I ever feel compelled to share my experiences with masses of people, but this is one that I feel very good about. Methylenedioxypyrovalerone is pretty much unheard of in most drug cultures. I guess one could say it is the 'new kid on the block', though pyrovalerone has been on the market since the 60's. Only recently has the methylenedioxy ring been added to it, thereby increasing it's ability to absorb rapidly and giving it slightly more distinct effects.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling kind of depressed about draining my last stash of opiates (another favorite class of mine) I decide to get my mind off things by going to visit my friend Pancho (not his real name of course). A close friend of ours recently passed away from cancer so we decided, to help keep each other company, that we would play Call of Duty: Black Ops until we both prestiged.

I arrive at his house around 7 or 8, I honestly can't remember. I knock on the door and when it opens it reveals a very wide eyed, slightly sweaty, deeply smiling version of my friend. Seeing as how this is slightly out of the ordinary, I make a joke and ask him what he is on. This only increases the already large smile on his face. I thought to myself, 'this means trouble...and trouble means fun.' He replies with a small list of substances including some headers (high grade weed), a small line of cheaply made meth, and bath salt. I noded my head in approval of the first two, but the last one threw me for a loop. I knew, of course, he did not mean actual bath salt, but at the same time I had never heard anyone refer to it before. So, thinking he's pulling my leg, I ask, 'what, did you drink some of the Epsom water while you were taking that bath?' (a very good joke, seeing as he took a bath prior to my coming over). His face didn't flinch with my sarcasim, which made me even more curious.
Instead, he simply replied, 'nope, but I am feeling very tranquility right now.' Okay, now like 90% of you who are readin this would probably stop right now and think, that doesn't make any sense, tranquility is an adjective, he must have meant tranquil. Well, you'd be right 10 times out of 10, except this once. Pancho isn't the worlds most intellegent guy, but there was a method to his response.

He reaches into his pocket and reveals a small, plastic jar full of powder. He hands it to me and I stare dilligently at it. The name on the top reads only: TRANQUILITY. Along the side I find the words: 'concentrated bath salt'. I then remove the lid and wave is gently back and forth under my nose. I notice that it has no smell at all. This is strange because most bath salts either smell like sea water or whatever scent added by the company that makes it. Also, it is a powder not a salt. I thought, perhaps he's just messing with me and put some coke in here but after a pinky taste test I discover it does not taste like ether, nor has it numbed my tounge. So I conclude that this is either really shitty coke, flour, or possibly, something new and exciting.

Well, if you guessed new and exciting then this probably isn't your first MDPV rodeo. Being the avid user that I am, I fully understand the risks involved not only with well known hard drugs, but also with new, untested ones. (MDPV is labeled a 'research chemical' with little testing being done, but there seems to be plenty of info on it everywhere I've looked. Plus pyrovalerone, the precursor to MDPV, has been around for years and alot is known about its effects.) But, back to my story, I still do not know what is in this small, purple labeled jar of Tranquility. I ask Pancho, but of course he does not know either. He tells me that he heard, from one of his friends, that its supposed to be similar to cocaine in effects, and because neither of us had enough money that night to purchase actual cocaine, we decide to do a little investigating.

Now, Pancho had already ingested the powder through a crisp $20. He tells me that once in the nose the drug produces a slightly sweet smell/taste (most likely from some scent being added to throw off the trail of any authority figures who might mistake it for blow) and after a few seconds of adjusting itself to the sinuses induces a mild burning sensation, but no worse than pool water he explains. As for effects, he lists a rather helpful boost of energy, after a smooth come-up he says it delivers a nice semi-euphoric rush, and what he claims to be an odd dullness of the senses.
I continue to search the web for any trace of 'Tranquility bath salt' and after a short stint, I find what I'm looking for. A web page dealing with 'herbal' and 'legal' highs posts an ad for this Tranquility, the picture matching the jar I'm holding. I scroll down and a small description states that this product contains a chemical known as MDPV. Seeing this particular letters jars a distant memory in my brain and I suddenly recall seeing it online, but cannot remember what it is. A quick trip to the computer seals the deal for me when I learn that it is a 'psycho-stimulant' meaning it is a stimulant with slightly psychoactive effects. Now the only question I have left is how much to try.

Although I do not see a responsible dose guide anywhere, I do read that users often tend to treat it like booger sugar, begining with a reasonable amount and following it with smaller 'bumps' to prolong the effects. I assume this is where it gets the term 'Super Coke' that most users refer to it as. For those of you who are reading this and find themselves interested in trying Moxy (that's my name for it, you should call it that too), I feel responsible to inform you that it is nothing like cocaine. Not only does it feel different, but, more importantly, the dosing is VERY different.

Now, after finding out aaalll this information, I decide its time to stop testing the water and do a backwards tripple springing summersault jackknife triple sow cow right into the Tranquility pool. Since Pancho had already done his a little while before I arrived and seemed perfectly fine, aside from being high as shit, I figure, what the hell, let's get it on. He smiles again signals me to follow him upstairs. In his room he reveals a small mirror and a razor. I feel like I should mention that no one else was there at the time, but I'm sure some of you will agree that it's just alot cooler and way more exciting to sneak around and do drugs. So anyway, mirror, razor, mysterous white powder, go! Grab a fresh Jackson, roll it up to leave about a pencil sized hole on both ends, ram jam it up my sniffer, shove my face to the plate and wiff that shit up.

I watch the strange dust disappear into the tooter and as the first little bit hits the inside of my nostril I clench my teeth expecting to smell a strange metallic scent or feel a harsh burn, but instead I am greeted with nothing. If it weren't for a little drip after I picked my head up, I would never have guessed there was anything in there. I knew instantly that it was too late to turn back. After a few seconds I began to feel a light burning in my nose like Pancho had predicted earlier. It was very mild and subsided rather quickly. I also noted a very faint flowery aroma, but paid no attention to it.

I expected the effects to take hold immediately like coke, but they did not. I waited a little while and still nothing, so I waited a while more. When a half hr had past and I still felt sober I decided to scratch this off my list and go on with the rest of my night. It wasnt for another 10-15 mins that I knew something was going on. While sitting at his computer, I began to feel a little creeping myself. My skin formed cold goosebumps, my spine began to tingle, and that familiar warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of stomach began to grow.

Within a matter of minuets I could feel the skin around my eyes become tight, as if being pulled back. My eyelids forced themselves open and I could almost feel my pupils dialate to an irregular size. I knew I was high. But this wasn't your typical stimulant high. Oh no, most stims start off with these effects but lead straight into a wild rush and burst of energy. This on the other hand was slow, almost teasing. The come-up reminded me very much of MDMA, in that its slow and gradually builds. Over the next few minuets the feeling of warm speed quickly spread. However, it was not your typical speed. Most speed is wild and dangerous, fast and on the edge. This was controlled speed. Kind of like nascar racing is to street racing. It was gentle, smooth, and somehow, calm. It was as if my brain were the only thing affected, while my body underwent the exact opposite. Instead of becoming very jittery and shaky, unable to sit still for more than 5 and a half seconds, I felt heavy, a little slow, and how can I put this? Strange. But a good strange.

It was as if I were in my own head, but someone else body. I could control their movements, but not as fluently as I expect. Tactile sensation was enhanced in some places and dulled in others, kind of like smoking pot. Almost as if my brain only worked with the things I concentrated on. I could feel with my hand, but because I wasn't thinking about the rest of my arm it felt slightly detatched. It was very focused. I assumed that this would be the extent of the effects, a good stimulation with a very mild psychodelic touch, and I was fine with that. I mean, it was free, and it was better than what I had, which was nothing. It wasn't for another few more minuets that the actual 'rush' began.

After the first wave of stimulation I sat, very contently, and chatted with a few friends online. Midway through typing a sentence to someone I felt a second chill up my spine. This is something I only experience with heavily psychoactive stimulants. I call it 'the second wind' because it is a distinctly second come-up, rather than just a feeling that passes quickly. Suddenly, my heart begins racing, color become bright and vivid, and the world becomes new and exciting. This caught me off gaurd.

Now, MDPV is not at all like any empathogens such as MDMA, it does not produce a mental fogginess or tunnel vision or any true psychodelic effects that break down the barriers of the human conscience. Instead, it produces a calm stimulation, with mild physical senses being alert, but not overly stimulated. I can only closely compare it to doing a speedball. Mentaly, the stimulating aspect takes over, but physically the opiate gives the user relaxtion and prevents unwanted muscle tightening and fights off the jitters. Suddenly the name Tranquility makes alot of sense. I had a ton of energy, but I could easily channel it.

If felt as if someone had released a swarm of butterflies in my intestines. After about 15 seconds that warm feeling began to spread to my legs, my chest, my arms, and finally my head. I felt like someone flipped a switch in my brain that made bad feelings turn into feelings of wonder. I've taken alot of stims that made me feel good, made me feel strong, courageous, talkative, and very alert. But few make me feel safe. This one did that. It gave me a strong comfort that everything was just fine. The world looked soft and playful. I noted all of this to Pancho and he simply smiled again, and this time, I smiled with him.

MDPV is a strange but very workable substance. By far the single best thing I ever bought at a gas station. Though mine was named Tranquility, it also comes in a veriaty of other packages. I find that is a very helpful drug at work, especially for laborers, and comes in handy during class. So, that is my MDPV report.

Be smart, be aware, be alert, be SAFE.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89659
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Apr 7, 2011Views: 27,439
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MDPV (377) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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