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Synthetic LSDshrooms
by Marypainnotjoy
Citation:   Marypainnotjoy. "Synthetic LSDshrooms: An Experience with Spice (exp89670)". Dec 2, 2013.

1 hit smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids

We decided to take buy Mary Joy Pink because the local head shop was out of K2. We should have researched the drug first; we thought it would be just like any of the other synthetic cannabinoids. Big Mistake. All four of us tried the substance.

3:00: When I took a gravity bong sized hit of the substance, it tasted just like other synthetic weeds, but as I released the smoke, I was already experiencing a high that I had never felt.

3:01: A discomfort that is nearly impossible to describe. A sensation as described by other users of the site, a high that kept getting higher without an end point in sight. My heart began to race like I was running a marathon and I felt a wave of the worst feeling of fear that I have ever felt in my life. As my friends took their hits I heard one of them say 'this isn't like the other stuff at all'. Thatís when the proverbial balls hit the wall.

3:02: I have decided that the living room and these feelings are too much to handle. The trip can only be described in terms of 'intensity'. It felt like the weight of the world was coming down on my consciousness and shoulders. The only other time I have felt like this was after eating an abnormal amount of mushrooms.

3:04: I run into the basement as I see that one of my other friends is just then experiencing the 'higher than I've ever been and starting to freak out' look as well. I realize that I should not have done this to myself and start to realize that this isn't even the beginning of this nightmare. As I am walking down the steps, it feels as if the bottom has dropped out of the world, emotionally and physically. My steps become wobbly and I realize muscle functioning is becoming almost a foreign task. I come to terms, as I reach the bottom of the stairs, that I am going to die in the basement.

3:05: My thoughts have shifted and become what I can only describe as grim. An entity of some kind is in the basement with me and I feel certain as if it is the grim reaper or another finalizing entity here to finish the task. I am trying to fight with my conscious to stay in touch with reality. I am pacing/frantically stumbling for normalcy to no avail. I begin to trip over myself and have to hold myself up because the experience has become too intense to handle.

3:10: I am more fucked up than I have ever been on any drugs I have ever ingested. Time and space are now a mystery to me. I have never tripped this hard before. Images come into my mind and I start to question my own reality and life. I feel that I am in a movie and it is frantically getting worse. I hear my friends from upstairs screaming for it to stop and whether or not they are going to die. Safe to say that my heart was beating at nearly 200bpm, I was sweating profusely, and my vision kept blurring and melting into images that were in my head. I started talking to myself out load as if I was trying to prove a geometry equation proof as to whether or not I existed at all or if this had all been some cruel psychotropic split second reality that I had morphed into a 26 year reality. It was clear that I had lost my shit and that I was going to die.

3:12: My girlfriend who is not experiencing the horrid affects of the drug sweetly tries to calm me down. This does not work. I begin to see her and the room turn into episodic panels of film reel or cartoon work, where every memory is a still screen shot and flashes of light are so intense I have to keep my eyes closed. My girlfriend feels my heart beat and starts to frantically worry that I may be starting to have a heart attack. I try to start controlling my breathing as I am still pacing and sweating. Extreme visuals take hold of my mind. Death is imminent. I start to realize that the heaviness/intenseness/fear has totally consumed my mind. I start talking to the entity in the room with myself.

3:15: I start to feel a great presence in the room not quite god-like, but more of an authority figure type of entity. I start pleading my god that if I make it through this, that I will never touch this drug again. I am screaming at the top of my lungs for God to make it stop or just to take me. A feeling of acceptance of my imminent death takes a hold of me. I begin to fall down and have to catch myself on the wall, as the wall turns into a black hole that I nearly fall into. My girlfriend tells me that everything is going to be ok and that it has been 15 minutes since we have smoked.

When I say that it feels like it has been centuries since we smoked I must put this into context because other accounts I read do not do this for the person thinking of taking this drug and reading this. A concept of psychological unprecedented proportions that has never affected myself when even eating extremely large doses of MDMA and psilocybin mushrooms. I am swept into the middle of a history book or annual type book and literally watch as the characters lives spring forth an existence upon me. I take on people's lives within history and experience in full blown reality birth to death and every aspect of character's lives. I live thousands of lives within 15 minutes of smoking this substance. Inside my mind I feel as if I have forever lost my identity as a person and my chemical and psychological makeup has been whipped slate clean.

My other friends are starting to experience nausea and panic attacks as well. One of them later laments to me that he has been catatonic for what felt like the beginning of the earth until the end of it in a matter of minutes. One starts to profusely vomit on the floor and the other in the bathroom. I can hear all of these things happening while I am in the basement alone. My girlfriend takes my hand and forces me outside of the basement door into the back yard. An immediate dream state begins as I feel as if I have dropped out of an old dimension and into a new one. Birds or auditory hallucinations of them speak to me like words of god. I can hear the entire universe's population as a conversation inside my head. I want to cry but I have lost all functioning within my body.

3:45: I can't believe this is happening to me. I know that something is out to get me. I walk back in from outside and ultimately have a final talk with god telling him that I will be a better person if I get out of this state alive. I beg to feel anything other than this. This scares me because it sends my mind to thoughts of suicidal tendencies and visions of my impending death. By this point I have lost all functioning within my body. I am demanding my thoughts for my body to do something and that my synapses are misfiring or non-existent. I stop breathing and then gasp for air like I have been drowning in a large ocean and have just been allowed to get air.

3:36: I create a mantra and start repeating it that I will not die and that I have too much to live for. This is almost impossible to do because I obtain a thought in my head and then lose it almost immediately along with my perception of who I am all while trying to focus enough energy not to pass out. I decide that I will never get out of this alive. Honestly the most scared moment of my life.

3:40: I start to feel a leveling off period come on and decide I must leave the basement to go upstairs if I am to make it alive. It takes an eternity to make it up stairs, as I do, I watch my friends large pupils dart downward as they both are throwing up. I throw myself down on the bed and thoughts spin in and out as I pass out. I wake up to see that only 5 mins have passed and now I feel nauseated. I burst into the bathroom and projectile vomit for a good 10 mins.

4:00: I feel like an extreme weight has been taken off of my shoulders. My girlfriend starts to talk normally to me in conversation contexts and I can somewhat keep up. I feel as though we are in a sitcom and find myself citing lines from a script that doesn't exist. Everything is comical as though our whole situation has turned into an episode in front of a live audience. I can hear the audience laugh when I finish my lines in the conversation. I lay down and pass out for 15 minutes. Slowly the experience is slowing down.

4:15: I wake up to be summoned to help one of my friends who is vomiting on the floor of the living room and is catatonic. I realize that I am coming down but am still more fucked up than I have ever been in my life. Distortions of time and movement still grip my body. I tell him things will be fine even though I didn't think they would be. After he vomits he begins to feel more level headed and high.

5:00: I am still very high and have a very mushroom-like body buzz going on. I have to leave to meet my parents and am still very scared at the notion of leaving the confines of a house. My girlfriend has calmed me down to where I can start to put words together like a toddler and I allow myself time to breathe and take in what has happened.

6:00: I am as high as I wanted to be 3 hours prior to smoking the substance and am driving. My distance and directional volitional movements are scattered and I run off the road once while getting home.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

8:00: I feel as though I have smoked a joint and feel moderately high as I make some errands around town. Just glad to be back to normal and not dead.

Please be very careful with this drug! I will never use it again and from all of the research I have done after taking it, it seems to be close to experiences of DMT, large doses of LSD, and Ketamine/dissociative drugs. The most scared I have ever been in my life. Period.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89670
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Dec 2, 2013Views: 10,139
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