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Plus Mouthwash and Chili Peppers
Salvia divinorum
by Big King Doowop
Citation:   Big King Doowop. "Plus Mouthwash and Chili Peppers: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp8975)". Jun 7, 2004.

17 leaves buccal Salvia divinorum (leaves)

BODY WEIGHT: 10.5 kg

This is an account of an experiment using chilli peppers to potentiate the oral use of Salvia divinorum.

The main point of this idea is that the menthol mouthwash/ brushing and the chillis are complementary to each other. When you use the mouthwash, it increases the permeability of the membranes in the mouth that the Salvinorin needs to cross to get into your brain. Therefore, the rate/amount of Salvinorin crossing the membrane barrier increases. However, although this has increased, at some point this transport situation will become saturated I.e. drug molecules will only move across as fast as they are removed on the other side. This is where the capsaicin (drug in chillis that causes hotness) comes into play. I saw it mentioned on a random site I stumbled across that capsaicin causes irritation (increased blood flow to the tissues in the mouth). This increased blood flow is on the other side of the mouth membranes and so SHOULD remove the salvinorin faster than normal blood flow, (greatly?) increasing the absorption of the drug
into the system.

Fuck! I tried this just a few nights ago and had an incredible experience that was as strong as or stronger than my smoking experiences (6X extract). Amazing. Thing is, this is the only time I have tried chewing Salvia so I have nothing to compare it to. If anyone who has experience of chewing Salvia and can stand really hot chillis wants to give it a try I would be really interested to hear their opinion.

I used it like I wrote above I.e. plus mouthwash/brushing. I was completely blown away, extremely intense. Felt like the blood was pulsing strong in my mouth, carrying it to my brain. Maybe it would have been like that anyway but this was just unbelievable!! Like being communicated to telapathically by an 'alien (don't mean E.T.)' (plant?) intelligence(s). I know a lot of people say 'Salvia has a female presence' or similar, but for me it was as if the entities I 'encountered' were in masses and of various/indeterminate sex. Utterly bizzare.

Shown fantastic visions and taught a little of how to use/interpret them. Some visions were just beautiful though, like flying over patterns and suchlike. Utterly astounded when the trip began EXACTLY where the last (smoked) trip ended and then proceeded from there. Especially shocking when I was expecting a completely different experience through chewing, haha! In fact, I got the impression that there was a large chance that chewing wouldn't do anything at all, so 'you can imagine my surprise' :) Fuck, I never thought I would say this but I completely and utterly understand why they call it a 'teacher' plant, it was like a lecture at uni ;) including the bits where I didn't pay attention to something I thought was unimportant, which then turned out to be crucial to the understanding of something later. Fucking hell, things that made no sense at the time from my smoked extract experiences made perfect sense when they were elongated out over a larger time scale or viewed in the context of this last trip. Lucky I am an 'open-minded' scientist methinks ;)

The trip lasted roughly 20 minutes from coming up to being down to the tail end buzz/hypedness. Another odd thing I experienced was something that has happened to me on my previous (smoked) trips. At some point into the experience I was told how long it would last! I wondered to myself 'how long will this last?' and suddenly the 'entities' communicated '10 minutes!!!' to me! This turned out to be true...

The details of my method in case anyone wants to replicate/ test/ verify my experiment-

My quid was rolled from 17 leaves (dried- rehydrated by sitting in hot (not boiling) water for 10 mins) of various sizes from 7/8 inches long wet to 4 inches long wet. I chewed the quid hard and fast (which I have heard makes a big difference) and fairly continuously. I used the chillis after the brushing/mouthwash and immediatly before starting chewing. The peppers I used were raw and extremely hot (I didn't use much) and I made sure that I got some chilli on the area under my tongue (hurt like hell, but I think it is important). I did think that perhaps using peppers that were less hot would allow me to coat more of my mouth.

I have to add that, although I gagged a bit and was in a bit of pain from the chillis etc., plus getting the chewed gunk out of my mouth was a bit messy, that is me utterly converted to the chewed salvia experience. Well worth the initial disgustingness as I much preferred the whole nature of the experience. Whether or not the strength of the experience was due to the use of the chillis, I whole heartedly recommend the quid method.

Jesus christ, I love this plant. Utterly and completely my favourite.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 7, 2004Views: 34,123
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