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Perspective Shift
by Atoli
Citation:   Atoli. "Perspective Shift: An Experience with DMT (exp89776)". Nov 28, 2017.

1 line insufflated DMT (powder / crystals)


This was the third time I took DMT. Me and my boyfriend were house sitting at my friends, who went to Amsterdam for two weeks. House is filled with animals; 4 dogs and 3 cats. Overall its a good place to be tripping at, full of warm colours and spiritual ornaments that keep you fairly nice and safe.

My boyfriend brought some DMT with him, just in case we wanted a spiritual experience of some variety, so we decided that, it would be cool to try it somewhere different to our house and see how it went.

We snorted a much bigger dose of DMT than ever. My first one was just a tiny line, to give me a taster and see if I was ok with it. This time, lines were much bigger and I was hugely excited - I was about to visit the DMT dimension again.

I snorted my dose, sat down on the bed and waited. As usual, my boyfriend threw himself on the bed, got comfy and started watching the ceiling, waiting for IT to happen. We chatted for couple of minutes, before it started. And it started.

First five to ten minutes, I was watching colours become sharper and sharper. The whole room started changing slightly. I sat there, enjoying the view and thinking I was well prepared for the experience. My boyfriend sat next to me staring at the ceiling and saying 'woooow' every couple of seconds. I was quite uncomfortable with an intense and horrible burning sensation in my nose, after snorting that much of a chemical. I started dwelling on it, and before I knew it, I sent myself into a rather unpleasant state.

Next five minutes I was looking at the surrounding. The room we were in started changing, or rather it was me throwing myself all over the place, so my perspective was changing rapidly. I had a huge sensation that something is staring at me. I even knew what it was; it was the door, which was covered in wood knots, that looked like eyes to me.

I moved from the bed and sat by the window, staring at the outside world. It was quite dark already, so it looked absolutely terrifying, so I jumped back down on the bed, lied down and closed my eyes, which caused me to see rapid closed-eye visuals. I felt like as if I started floating, higher and higher, further and further from the place I knew with every second. It was a very bizarre feeling, so I opened my eyes and looked up. It was horrible, it looked as if the room was about 20ft tall. The view scared me slightly, so I sat back up and looked at my tingly hands.

They were weird. Scary weird. My fingers looked extremely long and the whole shape of my hand reminded me of those, that you often see in manga books. I thought to myself, that I might be freaking out massively and then looked for help around me, thinking that obviously, there was someone else, who took DMT with me. Who was it? Was it someone I knew?

I looked at my boyfriend and I think I started screaming. He didn't look like ANYONE I had ever known, he looked like a complete stranger. It seemed to me, that his long hair was floating and his eyes were glowing slightly. I remember him getting up and telling me that I'm destroying his experience, to which I replied with difficulty: 'I think I might be quite scared, who are you?'.

My accent was thick and almost impossible to understand. I am Polish and usually speak with something I call a 'quite heavy queens English', but at that point I could barely even speak English. He understood that though, and patiently told me who he was and why he was there with me. I didn't understand what this weird word that he used to describe himself meant, so I asked him. He replied: 'my name'.

So whats My name? Where am I? I watched him sit back down. He started watching the ceiling again. I observed everything around me for a little while, still wondering about my name, his name, the reason why I was alive and if I even was alive. Then I started contemplating the eyes on the door. They felt feminine. Somehow I knew that there was a feminine entity not from our world, watching us, I could almost see what she looked like.

I smiled to myself, thinking that there is at least someone, or something looking after me after which I decided to look at my boyfriend once more. I had to resist the urge to scream again; his hair has turned yellow and started moving and forming bizarre patterns, as if each single one of his hairs that was growing on his head was alive. I checked his face, his freckles were moving swiftly and it looked as if he had four eyes. He had to sit up and embrace me, to calm me down, repeating the words 'it's ok'. I have no idea what has happened next, mainly because of the fact, that for the next five minutes, I sat there hugged into him, secretly wanting DMT to bugger off.
for the next five minutes, I sat there hugged into him, secretly wanting DMT to bugger off.

When It started wearing off, I looked at my boyfriend, almost recognizing him. I decided, that the only way to check who he was really, was to see if he had all of his tattoos. I checked his back, the right tattoo was there. Same with his arms.

'Its you!' I cried and threw myself at him. 'Where are we though?' DMT has completely managed to restart my entire brain. For the last five to ten minutes, I had to go downstairs and re-learn everything, mainly what was kitchen and what were those scary animals in the living room.

I experienced this all within about 45 minutes of a trip. It was ever so slightly terrifying, I don't think it was what you would call a bad trip. Since then I have not done DMT, but not because I was too scared of it, it was because I wanted to experiment with new psychedelics.

It was then, that I decided that I am going to use psychedelic as a source of creativity for my art, but then I realised that I was sort of lying to myself - Because of DMT, Mushrooms, 5-MeO-DALT and AMT I developed a huge hatred to the outside world, so I wanted to do more and more of them, using art as a form of an excuse. I love DMT and I want to try it again sometime soon, very soon.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89776
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 829
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DMT (18) : Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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