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Chaotic Divinity
DXM & 2C-E
by buds4lyfe420
Citation:   buds4lyfe420. "Chaotic Divinity: An Experience with DXM & 2C-E (exp89802)". Jan 23, 2018.

T+ 0:00
354 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 0:56 354 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 2:14 354 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 25 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00     Benzodiazepines  


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Okay so I've never quite done an official trip report (that I can remember) . It’s a bit late to start from the ABSOLUTE beginning. I'm have 3 bottles of robitussin brand 15mg/5ml tussin which I purchased this afternoon. I drank one on the way home at approximately 9pm. It is currently 9:54 pm. Before I drank any at all I contemplated waiting for a different day, because I have done dxm the past 2 days before today, and once a couple days before that. So my mood is: tired.

9:56- I feel a bit of the come up. My eyes are dragging as I move them from side to side to look around my room. I feel that familiar warm sensation especially in the back of my neck and in the sides of my back. I drank most of the second bottle of tussin about 2 minutes ago. The other half will be down the hatch as soon as I finish this particular entry. I'm waiting for a call from my step-dad as he needs to talk to me about so serious stuff, so I hope he calls within the next few minutes or else I'll just blow him off to another day. Better to piss him off tonight thinking I fell asleep or something than for him to hear me as fucked up as I plan to be.

10:00 Just a little background on myself while I wait… I'm 21. I do not live at home but am currently house-sitting for my mom and step-dad. I have experience in many psychoactive compounds. To name a few, lsd, mdma, alcohol, salvia, lsa, nutmeg, duster, weed, heroin, coke, crack, pcp, amphetamines, dxm, lots of different benzos, opium (redrock and black tar), lots of different opiate pills, and then many RC’s including 4 different strains of the JWH compounds, mephedrone, methylone, butylone, 2c-e, 2c-I….I'm probably forgetting some, but hey, you get the idea. I love drugs. The reason I do not live for drugs is because I have responsibilities.

Early in my life I had a daughter. I have done my best to raise her and she is very well taken care of by me and her mother together but in different homes at this point.. I do not do drugs around my daughter nor do I let anyone mention them around her. She is the reason I will never get out of control. I just like experimentation. I know reading this I would picture the writer as some person who grew up in poverty and has no moral values. An unintelligent being whom could never have amounted to anything exceptional with or without the drugs….well that is all false. I had a LOT growing up. And I've got more now. I do very well for myself. I am successful. Currently I am in between jobs, but I have a very promising lead, and even if it does not work out, I have a backup plan anyway. These past two paragraphs are to understand me. Who I am is important if you want to get inside my head (which IS the general idea of a trip report lol) okay so I'm done now. Two bottles down. One to go. Then the magic happens.

1043 I'm becoming very dissociated. I'm spending time on the dextroverse commenting on someone’s request for info on 2c-e.. Its almost as if I could put myself into that 2c-e state of mind just by willing it. Dxm is such a powerful tool. I think I will drink the last bottle soon, or else the second peak will make me forget that I wanna go all the way tonight. More to come. My dog looks like shes sad or mad at me. I don’t know why. Physically, I feel slight numbness on the surface of my hands and feet, my eyes feel a lot of pressure, and I have that recognizable metallic taste in my mouth. I think I should put on some music, so maybe some Tool. For old times sake..

11:06 I'm starting to wish I had started this earlier in the night. I'm already tripping pretty hard. I feel like a baby with his baby blankie. My computer screen keeps bending inward and outward. But somehow I'm typing about the same as normal. I normally COULD type properly I just choose to type legible but without punctuation and capitalization. I want my writings to be read as if I were speaking the words out of my mouth. That is why I use commas despite my rebellion against the rest of the punctuations. (fucking punc.s) But right now, I doubt I could actually write a proper business letter at all. I am using the delete key (mac’s version of a backspace) much more often than usual. Although this hasn’t taken much time at all to type.

11:14 just finished the third 4oz bottle of tussin. I know I've done this dose before, and actually at this particular moment I cant remember what this dosage is exactly. I knew it before I took it but my memory is quiescent at the moment. ←---here I peaked

11:39 very strong visuals. Listening to some of pink floyds

9:06 AM I am finally able to somewhat put together the events of last night

This is all after the fact. I think I have even more to still see.

Well last night was an absolute massacre. In my dexxied frenzy I decided to snort 25mgs of 2c-e to go along with my already over one gram dxm trip. This is when things got crazy. Before I could blink I was enveloped in what felt like jello. Or warm pudding or something like that. I had to sit down. I closed my eyes and saw 2 goats with human faces standing in a shallow pool of blood. One was the devil. The other was my cousin who died in a car accident.

I was overwhelmed with this and so I set off to do something more worth my while. I put on some good music and I layed down on my bed. The next thing you know it its morning time. I couldn’t believe it. Had I slept? Was I dreaming? Had I died? Did I come back somehow? I have so many flashes of memories from such distant places such as Egypt and china. I remember vividly flying over the great wall. It was surreal.

12:03 PM +1 Still major visual irregularities. Extreme pressure in my head.. My nostrils hurt as they should. My mind is still much. I can't yet piece together all of what I experienced.. I am trying to remember, but maybe when I'm totally out of it it will come to me.

As of now, this has been the absolute most intense hardcore experience of my life. It brings me to a whole nother level of appreciation for insightfulness. The next time, I will be more prepared. I think the fact that I was exhausted going into this whole adventure played a big part in not remembering the most of it. Also, there was no one else around (which is often a good thing) but I have no idea what I was doing for all of the night. I layed down on the many different floors and such . I think I just need some time to let my mind catch up to itself. I just popped a few benzos. I think its time for sleep.

6:26 PM +1 As of now, I feel I have put together most of what happened. Which unfortunately is not a lot. I was not running on a whole lot of power because I was slightly sleep deprived going into this venture. I do remember a rock concert stage and being pushed out into the spotlight and having no idea what to do with a million people looking at me. I remember talking to my fireplace as I fed it firewood, and going out and collecting wood to burn. I remember most of my trip I was not a player but an observer. It is difficult to remember at this point, as I think I overloaded myself too quickly with not enough energy to fight the blacking out.

I have a strange sensation that I died last night. I remember one of the entities I met in one of the worlds I was blasted into said “this is the second time you’ve been here. Why are you pushing your luck?” and the other goat just sneered at me and then I was dropped out of that world like a turd going down a toilet bowl.
the other goat just sneered at me and then I was dropped out of that world like a turd going down a toilet bowl.
Everything that happened was so short and violent, but I know each scene had so much purpose. Its awful that I put myself through that and can barely remember any of it. I wonder if I did cross over to the other side. When I finally grabbed hold of reality this morning, it was as if I had been reaching for the escape button forever. And all of the sudden BAM I was sitting up on my bed . It was like I was forced back into this body and this realm. I feel I have gone to distant places . This was eventful, even if I don’t remember the majority. I wish I had more preparation, and maybe a trip sitter, but overall I think that this is potentially a very enlightening combination.

Personally I think I have reached the end of my drug experimentation. The fact that I do not know whether or not I actually died or not last night is a real scare to me. The level of violence that these two drugs waged war with each other inside me was absolutely hellish. I have been dragged through time, space, and many other elements which cannot be described. It is time for me to be the father that my daughter deserves. It is time for me to stop risking my life for a chance to catch a glimpse of paradise. The places I've been and the things I have seen, cannot be put into words and cannot be ever depicted on a movie screen. I may have been born for this life of experimentation, but I've got more important things to tend to. I hope whoever is the next to try this combo is ready for a real hard kick in the ass. It was good. But be prepared.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89802
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jan 23, 2018Views: 3,467
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2C-E (137), DXM (22) : General (1), Alone (16)

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