Strapped to a Bed All Night
Citation:   toy yoda. "Strapped to a Bed All Night: An Experience with DXM (exp8982)". Nov 3, 2020.

708 mg oral DXM (liquid)
OK I have done DXM before alone a few times and thought it would be fun to try it with a friend I'll call him L. We both drank 2 4oz bottles of robo at about 9:00. The plan was for my friend to stay over at my house for the night but when my mom came to pick us up at the mall she informed L that his mom wanted him home that night and L needed to tell her how to get to his house.

Well L was trippin really hard and he puked in my car. My mom knew he was on something and started getting worried. I was acting normal until I puked out the window. My mom stopped the car and I sorta fell out and puked on the grass on all fours I had no idea where we were and I know the area pretty well. I figured we were in some black forest or something.

Well somehow L got us to his house but he could not walk. My mom laid him over the car and went to find his dad. I helped L walk up his driveway his eyes looked like golf balls. Next thing I know an ambulance pulled up I told them what he was on so they put us in the ambulance. I'm not sure how they knew I was high cause I was acting damn normal. I was walking like a 'congested snake' though so maybe that's how they knew. Anyway in the ambulance I was cracking jokes with the paremedics and I was having a good time we were teasing L who by now was just gone.

They took him into the hospital which just happens to be right across the street from my house. I was showing one of the paramedics my robo walk. He was laughing at me. They wheeled me into the hospital where I attempted various wheelies in the wheel chair (I used to practice this with my brothers wc) but they stopped me. They got me to my room and shoved me with all the needles, tubbing, etc. I didn't feel a thing. They took so much blood from me I remember telling them not to be so greedy.
They took so much blood from me I remember telling them not to be so greedy.
I was told to pee in a cup thingy but I couldn't do it. So the nurse wanted to put a catheter in me. I informed her that this was not happening casually and went back to my room where my parents were and they started talking about something to me.

Now it gets weird. I started to suspect them of wanting to do tests on me.I felt like a labrat than when they made me drink charcoal I lost it. I thought they were turning me to powder because the stuff felt like powder in my stomach. I had to get out of there.I puked the stuff and my tonge was black so I thought I had turned black. I freaked out my dad was saying stuff to me but I couldn't hear him. I was so mad and scared.

I asked to use the bathroom; but, as soon as I saw the chance I took off down the hall and out the door. Someone tried to stop me; but, they were no match for me. I easily evaded all of them. I must have looked like quite the freak running down the street with my puked on hospital robe and wires sticking out of me. My IV came loose and my hand started bleeding it got all over me. It didn't hurt but it freaked me out even more.

So there I was on the corner of a busy street bleeding like crazy black throwup all over me and I think my pants were down. I thought that L was going to meet me in the cemetery behind my house; but, I heard these bells that told me what to do. So I decided to hide in the hospital ug parking lot for a while.

I guess I passed out under a van in the parking lot; because, I woke up and there were lights everywhere. It was the cops flash lights; but, I didn't know that a cop grabbed my leg and started yanking on it. I was stuck though so I kept hitting my head when he pulled. A lady coaxed me out and they led me back to the entrance. When I saw it I flipped this is what went through my mind. She lied to me. They said they would help me, those bastards want to take me back and kill me. I had to escape.

I began thrashing around wildly kicking and yelling. They had so many cops on me; but, they couldn't stop me. Finally they beat my little ass and strapped me to a bed where I spent the rest of the night. For some reason though none of it mattered. I didn't care if they killed me any more. I didn't care what my family would think. I was at perfect peace with everything, it was so beautiful.

Well when I finally came to my senses they let me call my dad and he checked me out of the hospital.On the way out I saw L sleeping in a bed in the hall with a huge grin on his face. His chest was all black from charcoal he must have puked it too..

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8982
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 3, 2020Views: 2,524
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DXM (22) : Glowing Experiences (4), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), General (1), Hospital (36)

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