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The Night I Ran Around Everywhere
AMT, Mephedrone, Ketamine & MDMA
by A Demon
Citation:   A Demon. "The Night I Ran Around Everywhere: An Experience with AMT, Mephedrone, Ketamine & MDMA (exp89843)". Feb 3, 2014.

T+ 0:00
80 mg   AMT  
  T+ 0:00 1600 mg   Piracetam  
  T+ 1:30 1 bump insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 7:00 125 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone  
  T+ 9:00 100 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone  


185 lbs
20 years old
Total duration: 16 or more hours
Substances taken: ~4800g piracetam (two separate 'attack doses'), 80mg aMT, 450-500mg 4-mmc/mephedrone, bumps of ketamine throughout the experience and an unknown but small amount of MDMA insufflated at the end. Along with some ginger (ginger gravol) to help with the aMT nausea.
Setting: I was in a great mood and really excited for the night to come. The experience took place mainly at a huge hall where a massive rave was being held which I am very comfortable in.

For anyone who doesn't want to read the whole thing: I had an awesome time, but just keep in mind that you need to do everything in moderation and know your limits. Do your research and be safe.

Ok now where to start... I have a decent amount of experience with all the various chemicals used throughout the night excluding the mephedrone. I was well prepared for what to expect with the mephedrone after reading many, many reports from many different sources. For this particular night though, I was attending an event and wanted to see how well aMT and mephedrone would mix but was unable to find any reports whatsoever that said anything about the mixing of these two substances. So to give back to the community I though I would be the guinea pig for this mixture and report back to the community on my findings. Overall the experience was incredible and I would reccomend it to anyone with a good amount of experience, especially with aMT since it seems to have very mixed results. On with the report.


Preparation for the night: 3 weeks of abstaining from drugs other than alcohol and taking plenty vitamins. For the four days prior I took piracetam in two separate doses of 1600mg per day. On the day of the event I didn't really keep track of what I ate but I did eat quite a lot. However, I find that when I take drugs orally after eating they actually work better on me than they would if I was on an empty stomach and I have never had to vomit after taking AMT so to each his own I guess.


***Intro: 80mg AMT taken and a bump of k taken later***

T+0:00 (8:00pm) - After preparing myself for the night by gathering everything I needed for the night so I wouldnt have to worry later about forgetting anything I finilly did what I had been waiting so long to do and start my awesome night with my first 'attack dose' of piracetam. I ate 2.4 grams of the stuff followed by my 80mg dose of aMT. There was some ginger gravol taken about a half hour before this to offset any nausea that the aMT might have made. (Let me note that this is considered quite a high dose of AMT but I had enough experience with it to know that it would be a good amount for myself)

T+0:20 - I feel the first effects of the AMT already! Everything seems really silly, I'm more talkative than usual and am very, very restless while I am waiting for the rest of my friends to get ready for the party (a massive 'rave' with a bunch of trance, electro, and some hardstyle at the end to finish off the night which I was most excited for.) I got all the usual rushing sensations up my back whenever I got chilly and after putting on some music I coudln't resist just closing my eyes for a bit and bobbing around a bit.

T+0:30 - I am still extremely restless and want to get to the party really bad now. Waiting for my friends seems to be taking an eternity but they don't seem to mind as they are all taking their different substances once they get to the venue since theirs don't last 12-24 hours (AMT). I am also almost in full tryp mode, as I like to call it, where your mind goes off in its own tangents whenever it feels and pictures on the walls suddenly become alive. Reality is altered.

T+1:30-2:00 (bump of ketamine insufflated) - Time has become very irrelevant to me at this point and is hard to keep track of but I try my best knowing that I will want to write this all down later. However, we finally got going to the event and the aMT was in full effect making the car ride in the passenger seat seem like I was riding in an action movie or in one of those 'virtual reality' vehicles you see at festivals that take you on simulated roller coaster rides and all that (explaining the best I can, sorry). At every stop light we come to, it feels like we're exiting hyperspeed and coming back into a normal reality, just waiting for the green light to take us off into another dimension. After we picked up our other friend, we finally headed toward the event. Upon arrival everyone was given a bump of k to make the wait in line go by a bit quicker.

T+2:45 - After months of anticipation, we finally arrive at the destination. We get inside as quickly as possible and all my friends seem to be too worried about coat check and all that and we couldn't find it for the life of us. However, I was prepared for this and only brought a cheap hoodie which I promply ran off to dispose of in the corner with only a small hope that it might stay there for the rest of the night (which it of course did not) but I was unbothered since I was there to party and have an amazing time.

T+3:15 - After everyone got sorted out we pretty much ran off and did our own thing. I had two friends who took acid and two which took some MDMA so we were all pretty content with just running around the venue doing whatever our hearts desired for the rest of the night.


***The Amazing Night: 450-500mg mephedrone and a massive bump of k***

T+4:00 (200mg of mephedrone taken orally) - This is where to real experiment begins. The event was going amazingly, AMT doesn't seem to have much of an effect on music when played at home just chilling with some friends, but when the music is played on an amazing soundsystem at a huge venue surrounding you everywhere you become one with the music. Dancing and bobbing uncontrollably even as you navigate through large crowds of the douche bags that seem to make up the majority of massives these days. It's definitely not the same as MDMA where the music sounds fucking incredible and takes you to a whole new universe on the dancefloor (if you've taken MDMA you probably know the feeling) instead, it just seems to amplify it and add to the awesome time you are having. With that in mind though, after just a tiny bit of dancing I found myself getting tired and wanting to sit too often so I decided that I should take my first 200mg cap of mephedrone to give myself some energy which was taken at the same time as the second 'attack dose' of 2400mg piracetam was taken as I have heard that piracetam may enhance the effects of mephedrone.

T+4:30 (50mg bump of mephedrone sniffed) - I was getting fairly tired of waiting for the mephedrone to hit me and was unsure of its effects so I was unable to tell if it even had hit me with the aMT affcting my perception so much. So I decided it was time to sniff a ~50mg bump to kick start the mephedrone. As soon as I sniffed the crystally substance it felt as if I got a surge of energy almost instantaneously. After about 30 seconds I found myself to be best friends with two random people in line for water who were most likely on MDMA and dancing uncontrollably.

T+4:45 - The mephedrone was definitely peaking now and was still talking to everyone and everything, dancing like crazy, loving everything.

T+5:00 - At this point I am unsure of the effects of the mephedrone as the aMT seems like it is taking over the eperience but I know there mephedrone must still be there. Still dancing around any everything though so I know I'm having a good time.

T+5:30-6:00 - (Stupidly large bump of k) I have completely lost track of time at this point, time seems irrelevant and the night seems to be the only thing that matters. All my friends are having a blast, as am I. However I have also become faily cloudy minded for whatever reason. In this state I decided it's a good time to break out my baggie of ketamine right in the middle of the dance floor with security everywhere and very few people around me proving any cover at all. I then procedded to pour myself a bump which ended up being a mountain on my sweaty hand. In my slightly delirious state I slowly try to scoop some up and fail pretty badly. My girlfriend who was probably wondering what the fuck I was doing yelled at me to just do it or get rid of it so I pretty much shoved it up my nose (probably got most of it on the floor) and gave the rest to my girlfrend to hold on to for the rest of the night. This was probably the stupidest thing I did all night but i got out of it just find and nothing came of it so whatever.

T+6:30-8:00(?)(100-150mg mephedone issuflated) - Again, time does not exist in my state of mind so it's hard to tell the actual time of these evetns and what order they happened in. Anyways, during this time I had about 100-150mg more mephedrone split into 50mg bumps which I would guess now would be due to my 'fiending' in order to keep the high from the mephedrone going. It is hard to tell why I do things at this point in my state of mind but after thinking back, I realize that my re-dosing was probably due to the moreish nature of mephedrone. However, by this point I can tell you that mixing aMT and mephedrone did not seem to be harmful in any way and I was having an awesome time. However, with that in mind, I do now with that I would have taken a smaller dose of AMT since the night seemed to fly by extremely fast and I fear that was due to the large dose fo aMT. It seems that AMT speeds up time a LOT when you are having a great time and slows it down equally as much while you are anxious or not having a great time.

T+9:00-10:00(?) (Final 100mg of mephedrone issuflated) - This is it, the final stretch of the night. At T+10:00 the party would be over. I finally seem to start coming back to reality a little bit. Still fucked up as all hell but I can understand more of what is going on for the most part. This was when I decided to break out my last 200mg cap of mephedrone. I broke it open and sniffed 100mg myself and gave the other half to a friend. It was hard to tell how much it did to me but the initial rush was probably half of what it had been after my first done of the mephedrone but I knew this would happen and wasn't worried. It was hard to tell the duration but it held me out for the last hour and a half of the event and finally dropped off at about T+10:15.


***The After Party: MDMA and lots of ketamine***

T+10:30-16:00 - This part isn't too important but I know a lot of you will be interested in the effects of MDMA after a night like mine. Anyways, we get to the after party and I'm still riding out the aMT high (which is not unusual to last more than 24 hours for me) and everyone is having a decent time still. Most are extremely burned out from pills, MDMA, ketamine, cocaine, lsd and whatever else everyone there might have been doing. One of my friends decided to make a small line of MDMA mixed with ketamine and normally I would back down since I'm working my hardest to keep MDMA special but I gave in and had the line. I would like to give you an estimate of the amounts of ketamine and MDMA but I had no idea. Regardless, the MDMA kicked in like it always does and I was fairly suprised. However, there was no stimulant effects felt which was obviously due to the mephedrone taken earlier in the night. All that was there was an immense love for everyone around me and a desire to hug and cuddle with everyone and everything. I was pretty happy that the MDMA actually worked but not long after that I ended up going into a k hole and forgot about the MDMA after I came out of it. After furter thought though, the k hole was probably one of the best k holes I've had. I had to pee extremely bad and was unable to but the bathroom I was in felt like it was a space ship going through the building I was in and accross the universe and back and wasn't scary like k holes normally are for me (until I come out). After we left the after party I couldn't wait to get come and cuddle up to my girlfriend and fall asleep with her under my arm. I fell asleep with a little difficulty but it was nothing more than usual since I normally have a hard time sleeping anyways.


***After Thoughts and Conclusion***

I have so much that I want to say that I know I'm missing in this report but I think the most important parts are there.

The AMT provided an awesome experience, colors were more vivid as always and visuals became a part of my life for those many hours. I got very strong stimulation for most of the trip but not in the same way that a drug classified as a stimulant would push you and make you speed around everywhere. For example, if I ever got tired the AMT would not tell me 'NO YOU MUST STAY AWAKE AND RUN AROUND EVERYWHERE,' but instead it would allow me to sit down with my friends and just talk or cuddle with my girlfriend or whatever. The music appreciation was awesome. Like I said before, it's not the same as MDMA but it when music is part of the whole experience then it will give you that uncontrollable urge to dance around like an idiot like you just don't care.

The ketamine when mixed with the AMT as always is very hard to explain but the AMT definitly makes the ketamine way more fun in my opinion. It doesn't change they way the ketamine affects you at all but instead just makes all the 'whoa, what the fuck' moments just that much better.

The mephedrone... Oh the mephedrone... I had been waiting a long, long time to get my hands on this substance. I know most people like to tell everyone to try things on their own before mixing but I saw no reason to pass up this opportunity and I am quite happy that I went trough with it. However, I would like to say that this stuff can be extremely impulsive and over doing it can quickly lead to it not working at all. Limiting yourself to 400-500mg a night and only doing it once every two weeks AT LEAST or every month if you can is very adviseable.

The MDMA taken after aMT and a night of mephedrone surprised me. I have pretty much no tolerance for the substance since I have kept my limits of only once every 30 days (at least) and doing a maximum of 150mg per night with no re-dosing along with all the neccessary vitamins and supplements taken before and after dropping. I wouldn't actually recommend this mix though and think that if I had taken the MDMA just a day later, the MDMA probably would not have done anything and would have been quite dissapointing.

As for the piracetam, it was really hard to tell if it really potentiated anything. I don't think it potentiated the aMT very much at all and as for the mephedrone, it was my first time with the substance and I was already on aMT when it was taken so I'm sorry I can't give you any conclusions about that. I may possibly write about piracetam in the future so stay tuned.

Overall, I would like to say that this mix of chemicals ultimately proved to not be harmful to me provided that I drank lots of water and took care of my bodies needs. The key as ALWAYS is moderation and having an extreme amount of knowledge of the chemicals you are ingesting before actually doing them. It's the times that you aren't prepared that you could get hurt. I had this night planned out almost exactly as it had occurred (apart from the MDMA) and read a lot about everything I had done before I decided to dive into this adventure. I plan on keeping myself healthy until the next time I do anything like this. Just remember to not over-do anything, especially if you are mixing because if you don't know exactly what you are doing then a trip to the hostpital or morgue could be in your future.

Have fun, be safe.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89843
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Feb 3, 2014Views: 6,209
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