Flopped Across a Bed Lifelessly Listen to Music
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2 mg oral Pharms - Clonazepam (liquid)
Well Worth

Let me start by saying that when I take drugs, I'm not looking for a “pleasant buzz”. When I get high, I want to get as fucked up as that given drug will let me.

I acquired a prescription for Klonopin as part of my drug cocktail after being diagnosed as type 1 bipolar. This was the golden opportunity for me. Before I took the pills, I did a lot of research on dosage, overdose symptoms and risks, and the such.

The method I settled on was to toss the pills into a glass of soda and dissolve them. I got four .5 pills, put them in, and spent a good ten minutes hacking at them with a fork before they were dissolved enough to drink, after which, I gulped it.

After about ten minutes, I went to stand up to take my glass back to the kitchen, and nearly fell over myself. It was a lot like being drunk, only falling wasn't hilarious – it was frustrating, and it wasn't painless. I could tell I was acting weird, but, unlike being drunk, I was easily able to tell myself to chill the hell out while I took the cup back, so my sister didn't suspect anything, and then I could be as big a moron as I wanted when I was back in my room.

I'm the type that likes to flop across a bed and lifelessly listen to music while high, and Klonopin is the perfect drug for doing that. The 'drunk' feeling quickly changed into 'falling into Wonderland', and, starting about a half hour after I took the pills, my memory became extremely patchy. It was a strange, patchy, though – I would remember something perfectly, as if I was cold-stone sober while it was happening, and the next second was a blank. There was definitely more memory loss than I was expecting, though.

I'll skip to the next morning, since the rest of the night is a musing of me listening to music I selected just to trip me off when I'm high, and go into what happened the next morning.

First off – there was a soda in the middle of my room, with a giant stain already sunken into the carpet. I had no soda the night before – that means that, at some point, I got up, got a soda, came back, dropped it, and didn't even bother to pick it back up.

The night before had been less than twenty degrees, but I had still opened the window, and I woke up under no less than seven blankets.

Unlike most people, there were no lingering effects for me – I took the pills around six at night, and when I woke up at six the next morning for school, I was as sober as a priest on a Sunday. This was really disappointing, because I had been hoping that I would be a little high to get me through the school day (while I'm getting sorted out of medication, because a lot of them make me very sick, my school is pretty much just letting me bullshit in elective classes all day). Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for this – without this set-up, I probably would have had to leave school – but sitting in the same Video Production class for three hours can get a little boring.

At around nine in the morning, I realized I still had one little reminder of the night before: I was in the Video Production studio, making the credits for a play we're covering next week (I'm in charge of Graphics, otherwise I would have had to ask someone else to do it to prevent things like this) and I couldn't type for shit. What I normally could have finished in a half hour ended up taking me two hours.

And, after this, my trip came to an end.

A few simple answers: it was very fun, and a very good way to relax. I will definitely do it again.

Thanks for reading - I hope this helped.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 89961
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 24, 2018Views: 6,914
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