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The Bliss of Pure Concentration
Lisdexamfetamine & Cannabis
Citation:   Sped Up. "The Bliss of Pure Concentration: An Experience with Lisdexamfetamine & Cannabis (exp90008)". Feb 5, 2020.

T+ 0:00
90 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:00 g smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  T+ 0:10 3 bowls smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  T+ 1:10 30 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:20 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (plant material)
  T+ 13:10 1 cig. smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (leaves)
  T+ 13:10 1 g smoked Cannabis - High CBD (flowers)
  T+ 13:20   repeated smoked Cannabis - High CBD (flowers)
Backround info: my past experiences with drugs range from smoking pot every day for the past 3ish years, to some hallucenogenics, like ketamine ,acid, shrooms, diphenhydramine, narcotics such as percocet, oxycodone, merpidine, vicoden, and OxyContin. I've done some ampetamines, like adderall, ritilin, concerta, and vyvanse too. And I've done a few other drugs like extacy and tramadol and xanex.

So this isn't an exact time scale, I'm just pretty much going on what I remember. And its probably pretty weird sounding seeing as I'm higher than hell right now writing this.

T+ 0:00
I wake up, at about 4:40am for school(about 50 minutes earlier than normal) and I promptly head down stairs to my refridgerator for some OJ to take the vyvance with. The previous day I took two 30mg vyvanse also, to test them out. But anyways, I went back upstairs and took 90mg vyvanse(3 30mg pills) and grabbed my bowl, lighter, and about .5g of some real good chronic I sell. I snuck downstairs and out of my house(and for some reason I did this in my boxers as I was to lazy to put on pants?)

T+ 10:00
I get outside,and walk down the street and sit down on one of the green transformer boxes and spark up about 3 1/2 bowls and head back inside.

T+ 25:00
I run about and do a few morning things to get ready for school, and watch a little TV.

T+ 40:00
I get in the shower.

T+ 55:00
After I'm out of the shower, I make some coffee and some lunch, pack my bags, and head upstairs and do the rest of my getting ready for school.

T+ 70:00
I take the other 30mg's vyvanse, making the total 120mgs.

T+ 80:00
I leave to my bus. I smoke a cigarette, and can DEFINATLY feel something good. Its like a tingly fast moving feeling of euphoria in my gut.

I finish my cigarette as I'm sitting at my bus stop. My bus arrives and I get on and chill, quite under the influence of both some good Chronic and the vyvanse.

T+ 120:00
Its around halfway through the bus ride and I start to write this log, and from here out it will be more time- accurate. I feel very Amped out from these pills. I'm texting a few people, listening to some all that remains, which sounds amazing under the influence. Although that could just be the pot, even though its starting to become overpowered by the vyvanse.
I also feel like talking to and hitting on girls haha.

T+ 140:00
Pulling into school, usually I'd still be pretty high from the weed I smoked, but oddly, its gone. The vyvanse, although its isn't supposed to, seemed to have quite a rush feeling. Not as strong as adderal or rittalin at high doses, but good. The rush has long died down, and now I feel very talkative and energetic as I walk through the halls and listen to my ipod. Seems like its gonna be a fun day.

T+ 165:00-215:00
As first period begins, I feel the weed fading away, and yet I'm extremely awake because of the amphetamines effects. I can feel the excess amphetamine energy coarsing through my veins. It feels pretty cool actually. I've been talking, answering questions, and all around careing and paying attention.

T+ 220:00-270:00
The second period of the day has started. I've moved from studying chemistry to studying math. I seem very into my school work. Ill pick up writing this in a half hour. I'd like to point out that for some reason, every so often, I get a feeling of goosebumps randomly in one area of my body. Its kind of feels like the body high of MDMA, just localized into a 3' by 3' square of skin. Weird. I had a girl play with my hair, this stuff definetly increases my tactile awareness. It felt great.
The period was nice. Felt very energetic, yet relaxed. I usually HATE math but it was enjoyable!
Felt very energetic, yet relaxed. I usually HATE math but it was enjoyable!
I studyed and picked up a lesson that took the class a week.

T+ 275:00-325:00
Probably half way through the experience by now, but still definatly feel almost the full effects. This is my math class, but like before, its actually very enjoyable to challange my mind. I got 3 pages of homework done that I had been procrastinating on for week.

T+ 330:00-380:00
My lunch period. Not very hungry because of the appitite suppressing qualities of amphetamines, but I ate half a sandwich and drank some juice. I'm feeling extremely talkative and happy. I sold $30 worth of bud too, because of my urge to talk to people.

T+ 430:00-480:00
I'm now in 5th period, and the urge to work on things and challenge myself has subsided a little, and now I feel very serene and calm. Happy too. I can start to feel some effects wearing off. At the end of class, when I got up, I got this massive feeling of euphoria in my stomach.

T+ 485:00-525:00
6th period goes by fast, its definatly starting to wear off heavily by now. I'm pretty much mellow and concentrated on my work, as if I had only taken 30mgs.

T+ 530:00-580:00
7th period arrives, and I have a test this period. I finish in around 10 minutes, leaving everybody else at work for another half hour. Lol, I had the unfair advantage. Feelings of euphoria are gone, sadly, but I still feel energetic, yet laid back.

T+ 585:00-635:00
8th period rolls around and I still feel the increased awareness, but my mood has turned from talkitive to quite and relaxed.

T+ 640:00
School is over now and I can feel the vyvanse still in the backround, all though much mellower. I head over to football practice, and take my kreatine pills, and get to work

T+ 700:00-780:00
Me and my bestfriend/workout partner and I leave practice early, due to our complete laziness lol. I feel increased strength and stamina during my workouts, and manage to bench 250 for my final set instead of the usual 225.

T+ 790:00-820:00
My friend and I jump in his car, roll down the windows, crank up his 12's, and roll up a gram blunt of some of my chronic. We light it and drive away, leaving our worrys behind.(please don't drive while intoxicated) Smoking the pot intensifies the vyvanses' effects for around another hour.

T+ 820:00-960:00
This period of time is mostly a blur, seeing as the vyvanse is almost completely worn off, and because I was higher than hell this whole time period, smoking around 5g of my chronic with a group of friends. Now I sit at home and type this as I watch a TV show about dead hippos. I'm pretty worn out after the days ventures, and this was overall a great experience.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90008
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Feb 5, 2020Views: 3,979
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Lisdexamfetamine (589) : Glowing Experiences (4), Performance Enhancement (50), Combinations (3), School (35)

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