Relentless and Overwhelming Beauty
Citation:   paigesparadise. "Relentless and Overwhelming Beauty: An Experience with 2C-I (exp90036)". Nov 8, 2012.

20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
A few days ago I received a message on Facebook from an old roommate and was informed she was tripping hard on 2C-I having the craziest visuals and introspection. Only problem was she was at workÖwe made a plan to trip together again that weekend so she could fully enjoy the drug. The weekend came and she felt it was too soon for her to repeat the experience. I had become rather excited in anticipation so I decided to go visit her and get some for me and some friends to trip anyways.

Iím a fairly experienced tripper in the fields of the popular ones Ė shrooms, salvia, and acid, shrooms being my favorite contradicting a lot of my friendsí choices for their favorite. Iíve also had plentiful elevated experiences with MDMA, M1 (methylone), and M4 (mephedrone) once as well. But I had been anxiously awaiting my first opportunity to dabble in the world of the 2Cís.

I got my 2C-I as 10 capsules filled with 20mg a pop of white powder and talked to my old roommate about logistics Ė onset, duration, etc. I felt thoroughly informed and decided I would take a 20mg dose with a couple of friends that night. I met up with my friends and we started planning. It would be me and my friends S and D. Both experienced trippers, but all of our first time with 2C-I. One of my friends who had done it before and even tested this batch to make sure it was pure offered to trip sit at his apartment. However that plan fell through and we had to think of new one fast. We were to take the pills, 20mg each, that night at my house. This was slightly anxiety provoking because from my research Iíd determined this is a moderately large dose for three first timers and I had hoped for a trip sitter but I pushed the anxiety aside.

We picked up some nugget and started to smoke hoping to relieve any anxiety we were facing and it worked. At about 10:00 PM we all swallowed our capsules knowing there was no turning back and the waiting process began.

We arrived at my house about 20 minutes after taking the pills and fooled around anxiously while waiting. We decided to pre-roll up all our nugget into some jís for the night afraid weíd be to fucked up to do it later. We sat around playing guitar, smoking butts, going on the computer etc. to try and make the 2 hour onset Iíd been warned about go faster.

Throughout the onset I found myself to be about 10 minutes ahead of my companions. I thought this may be because I rarely eat much and this day had been no different. The first clue I had the drug was doing something was about 45 minutes in Ė nausea. Just a subtle, unpleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach. It would come and go throughout my trip, never too alarming just unpleasant. The next hour moved in strange increments of too fast and too slow. 10 minutes would speed by and then the next 10 would seem like an eternity. I was very aware of contradictions at the beginning of this trip. The fast then slow, being both very warm and very cold, and having a hard time distinguishing which I was actually feeling.

Around 11:15 I started feeling the first real effects. The three of us were sitting in a room listening to dubstep and wrapped in cozy blankets unsure what to expect. It was not what I expected. The first effects I noticed would come with the swells of the music. When the songs would build Iíd have a warm, euphoric, fuzzy feeling fill up my body and then the music would drop and it would feel like I was faced (on MDMA) for a moment then just as quickly it would go. Soon after the visuals started coming on very subtly. First thing was an awareness of my peripherals I had never had before. And thatís where I experienced my first visual. A ripple across the room. These ripples became more frequent with time and eventually took up my entire vision. The feeling of rolling (MDMA) persisted too during this time. I also started to notice subtle tracers and was very excited the first time my arm left a trail in front of me.

11:30 Ė In the past 15 minutes everything went from being relatively normal to different, but I knew this wasnít close to all this drug had coming for me, even though in the moment I considered taking more. Iím glad I didnít. My friends (remember 10 minutes behind me) were starting to feel what Iíd been describing for the past 15 minutes and we decided to go outside and smoke some weed and cigarettes to ease ourselves into whatever was coming at us. When we were outside I pulled out a light up toy and was mesmerized, even though I wasnít full on tripping yet.

11:45 Ė We came back inside and agreed that everything was very different, we couldnít quite pin point what, but nothing was the same. We were all also quite alarmed that weíd only been smoking for 10/15 minutes as it seemed like much longer had passed. The rippling had become much more frequent and intense tracers and trails were everywhere. We continued observing what was happening to the room around us while still listening to our favorite genre. We agreed that at 12:15 weíd go out and smoke again, this time to my car so we wouldnít have to smoke in the cold.

12:00 Ė Now Iím definitely tripping. Hard. Weíd moved into my bedroom for a new environment. The euphoric fuzziness of MDMA remains but gets pushed onto the back burner as the visuals take over. The rippling turns into morphing. Everythingís moving. Nothing is solid anymore. Tracers race around the room in all colors. Trails follow any movement. Whatever I choose to stare at puts on a show - swirling, rippling, breathing, creating more complicated patterns than I had ever imagined. It was so beautiful, and it moved beautifully in time to the music. The screens to my computer and ipod were hard to read because of the amount of movement on them.

12:10 Ė That wasnít it. The full intensity of the drug has finally hit me after just over 2 hours and itís overwhelming. This is where it could go wrong, but Iím not gonna let it happen. I accept the overwhelmingness and move past it to appreciate it for the moment. EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! Everything I had just described is still present and has been multiplied. The world is in constant movement. Tracers are brilliant. Bright flashes of color appeared randomly in my peripherals. On top of everything is a light blanket of green or purple colored oriental rug patterns. And on top of that I could see infinite swirls of bright neon rainbow color. When I closed my eyes it was just as, if not more brilliant. I no longer could remember what everything once looked like, if my hand was under the blanket I would forget it existed. This is the hardest Iíve ever tripped, no amount of acid could reproduce these visuals and this feeling. My friends wanted to turn the lights off which made everything more brilliant and intense, once again I was overwhelmed.

For the rest of my trip time was difficult to follow and comprehend, but Iíll do my best.

I decided to take a shower because my friends wanted the lights off, but it was overwhelming me. I had realized how easy this drug made it to completely forget reality and I didnít want to lose it completely. The shower was an excellent idea. The warm water felt very good against my skin, and my mind had a new bright setting to create more visuals. It was also in the shower that I noticed the entheogenic qualities of this drug. There was sooo much space in my head. I got some good thinking done in the shower and was ready to let go by the time I got out. I went back to my now dark room, got under the blanket, listened to the music and found myself suspended in time and space experiencing more complex and overwhelming beauty than I had known possible.

One side effect I noticed during this time was that my heart was fluttering. I felt it pulsing in my left wrist. It was strange and I didnít dwell on it because my heartís not in the best shape and I didnít want to panic.

Around 2:15 we remembered our plan to smoke more weed, and were alarmed at how we had not noticed two hours slip by. At this time we decided to make the trek outside to my car. Decision making and implementing was extremely difficult for all of us, we were all down for whatever. We went and fishbowled my car with the music and heat blasting. We all agreed later this was definitely when we were peaking. As I looked out the window of my car the world was an unfamiliar place. The snow shined blue, visuals thwarted all sight and ancient faces hid amongst the trees. D faced much anxiety during this time because he felt the barren winter trees looked menacing, and he kept hallucinating someone in the window of my house looking out at us.

We went back inside taking our seats back in the original room. I was filled from head to toe with the warm fuzzy feeling. The visuals were relentless and amazing. I could barely tell when my eyes were closed or open anymore. One of the most memorable visuals I had were when these curtains, which had been one of the first things I noticed ripple, suddenly violently rippled and expanded to reveal infinities inside of them, entire universes existing in my window curtains.

After some time, we smoked more then settled back in my bedroom. I decided to draw some pictures, and ended up with some wild incoherent drawings.

Around 4:00 Ė The visuals have subdued. Everything is still brilliant and moving, closed eyed visuals are still intense. But all three of us have noted a drastic decrease in the intensity of the visuals. As I lay back and closed my eyes, thinking this was the end, I realized this was really only the middle. My mind expanded. If my mind was originally the size of New York, it was now the size of China, I could get up and run around inside my head. I asked S and D if they were experiencing the same thing and they confirmed. D also said he didnít like it at all, he didnít want to think that much, he was getting anxious and he needed to go to bed soon cause he had something important the next day. At this time I gave him Klonopin and he went alone in the other room and fell asleep shortly after. Me and S lay for a few more hours exploring our minds. Iíll be honest fear held me from fully exploring, but I did a decent job. One thing that really bothered me at that time was a deep longing for love. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year and a half and it had been a while since I had tripped without him. I really missed him, missed the way love feels when tripping and really wanted someone to cuddle with.

Neither me or S knew when we fell asleep. My estimate is around 6:00 AM. We had been thinking while watching the inside of our eyelids and fell asleep. At 8:00 AM I was the first to wake up. My ipod was still playing the soothing electronic tunes I had left on the night before, and it was a nice thing to awaken to. I honestly wasnít sure if I was tripping when I woke up. Everything still seemed very off, so I did a test I do at the end of a lot of my trips when Iím confused like this. I looked in the mirror. For some reason this will always let me know for sure whether Iím still tripping. And albeit slightly I was tripping when I woke up. Within the next two hours I was fully reemerged in reality and any question that I was tripping was gone. Around then my friends woke up and we smoked some weed while reminiscing about the previous night. None of us felt any side effects the day after other than every so often our perception being off, and my brain remained very open. Today, two weeks later, my mind still feels like it has more space than before this experience. I took 5-htp (serotonin supplement) the week following because it has become a habit any time I do a drug that dumps serotonin, so that might have lessened side effects on my mood.

Overall this was an absolutely amazing experience that Iím excited to do again after a little time has passed. It has also excited me to try others of the 2Cs. I would recommend I slightly smaller dose to anyone planning on trying this for their first time. Maybe 18mg, and I do not think I couldíve handled any more than 20 my first time.

Have fun! Be safe!

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90036
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 8, 2012Views: 8,383
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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