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Daily Dose of Autism
AM-2201 & Damiana
by Matt
Citation:   Matt. "Daily Dose of Autism: An Experience with AM-2201 & Damiana (exp90080)". Mar 10, 2016.

  smoked AM-2201 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Damiana (dried)
I am a two-hundred-something pound male and I have had my share of drugs in the past and I have seen many different reactions to these drugs. My checklist goes as follows: marijuana, LSD, oxycodone, salvia, lysdexamphetamines (Vyvanse), 'herbal incenses,' 5-MeO-DALT, JWH-018, lorazepam, and the list goes on.

Despite this I believe the synthetic cannibinoid AM-2201 is a force to be reckoned with. After some intense, crazy, and scary experiences with this chemical, I have concocted a simple 'requirements list' for anyone that I or my friends (or anyone for that matter) introduce to AM-2201. They must (1) be able to acceptably handle themselves under the influence of ANY drug, be it heroin or tobacco, (2) even if incapable of, they need to think and be aware of their surroundings (ie: knives on counter, police in town, parents/roommates in the next room over, etc.), and (3) regardless of 'state-of-mind,' be able to at least act sober if need be. My friends and I nicknamed this 'Autism*' for a reason...

Starting around November of last year I was introduced to those 'Spice blends' that you have probably heard about. My friend loved to set the field ablaze but was denied this luxury by a job that performs random tests. In search of a substitute, he stumbled on a brand of 'incense' by the name of Spike. I was sadly placed in probation because I was searched while in possession of weed. So, predictably, my friend introduced me to the (at the time) legal Spike Max (the strongest variation of the blend) and I instantly fell in love. I wound up obtaining a gram (which actually is a lot considering you would only need less than 1/16g to feel happy) and became glued to the feeling of synthetic cannabinoids. However on December 22, 2010, the DEA caught on to these types of products and placed them under an emergency ban consequently cutting off my supply of Spike and plunging me into a brief period of withdrawal.

From my lust of Spike's powerful yet pleasant euphoria I began research on its active ingredients where I discovered JWH-018 and (due to -018's banning) AM-2201 along with other research chemicals. AM-2201 (also labeled 'AM' and 'Autism' by my friends) particularly stood out because of its incredible potency and thus I purchased 5g along with a few other RC's.

The Beginning-
It was a Saturday night in mid January and me and one of my friends (who was too tired to safely return to his home) were fairly intoxicated on other goodies (5-MeO-DALT, alcohol, and possibly more) which had drained us to exhaustion and around 12:30 I asked him to stay up because I have yet to experience AM and he agreed. He asked how long it lasted and I told him that I heard 'with a great hit, it will last however long I can stay awake.' So we walked up to my weapon of choice, a gravity bong, and filled the bowl with 1/4g of damiana and 2-3 grains of AM (like actual grains of SAND because AM has the same grains like sand) partly to test the potency of this cannabinoid and also to start at a safe point because I would hate to have an intense experience of something I ended up hating. I lit the g-bong and promptly inhaled two lungs-worth of smoke and held it in for as long as I could hold my breath in lack of oxygen (about 15-20 seconds) before slowly releasing the bitter smoke out my nostrils.

Within the first seconds after exhalation the familiar light-headed feeling began so I turned around and approached my MIDI keyboard in my bedroom to play a tune as the high rapidly advanced. The more I played the keys, the more atonal and out-of-tempo the song became until the point (which was probably 30-60 seconds in) where I felt I had surpassed any 'level of highness' I have ever felt prior and was unable to play due to my great amusement towards the attempt at playing piano. **I then stood up and looked around the room as I began to pace back and forth for a few minutes around my bed talking what seemed to be gibberish to myself, maintaining a serious face all the while. My friend suggests that I lie down and go to sleep so I attempt to do so.

Upon lying down, I began to slide the bed sheets off and onto my body still talking to myself. Meanwhile he turns off all the lights and turns on the TV in the hopes that it would distract me and calm me down leading to me falling to sleep however I ignore this and continued to repeat the motions. This happened for about 10 minutes until my friend asked if I was able to relax and go to sleep where I simply stared at him and rolled over on my side, sheets half-covering my torso, and began talking more gibberish seemingly to the walls. I in fact remember this slightly, I am certain that my friend that is watching me ended up falling to sleep while I was like this. I remember that thoughts would be racing through my mind before I could come to grips with what the actual thought was and that it was as though there was a direct passage between my thoughts and my mouth
thoughts would be racing through my mind before I could come to grips with what the actual thought was and that it was as though there was a direct passage between my thoughts and my mouth
(this is most likely the gibberish I was spitting out although I am not 100% sure this is true the whole time). I also seem to remember an absurd thought that constantly would keep reappearing to the point that I actually can recall it; it seemed as if I lay any way other than on my right side, I would die in my sleep.

Touring the Solar System-
After my story of the effects of the drug, my friends decided if they ever were to do it I would have to force them to remain at my house because the dangers they could get themselves into in the open world without any sitters on a drug that powerful, however none of my friends have stepped up and asked me for a bowl of AM up to that point. However one night after getting 'gone' on 5-MeO-DALT, salvia, weed, alcohol, and lots of caffeine (intensifies and energizes the 'DALT effect', making it feel more like ecstasy) one of my friends/band-mates (I actually play drums in a band) told me he was ready to get 'Mad Aut' as another friend would say. I asked him if he was sure because I had consumed some shrooms just prior and was awaiting its effects and he confirmed. So I walked him over to the g-bong and filled the bowl with 1/4g damiana and topped it with the AM-2201, however being very high still off of the 5-MeO-DALT I had earlier, I was very lazy and thoughtless and had given him probably 20-25mg*** (~5x the dose considered to be 'very strong'). Only after ingestion had I realized how much I had given him but I decided it would be best if I do not tell him so he would not panic and make his own experience bad. I did notice that he was very anxious on the walk down my hallway to the den where an Xbox 360 for him to play Call of Duty (I am not sure if my laughter when I realized what had happened caused him to become suspicious of my doings which lead to his anxiety or if it was just anticipation of the drug's rapid onset).

The den is a relatively small room containing a TV, an Xbox 360, a couch and spinning chair, and a large mirror that sat perched on the wall behind the couch. By the time we walked through the doorway he was giggling almost constantly and by the time he sat on the couch it was became hysterical laughter that he was unable to control to the point where he could not even grip the controller for the Xbox. I let him sit there for a little so he could relax and he lay down on the couch and looked around the room in confusion. He then rolled onto his stomach and stared blankly into the designs stitched into the couch and he yelled out in a voice that showed surprise, 'Mars!' I looked at him and started laughing then he glared at me then past me and said 'Venus!' I asked if he was feeling alright but he just giggled uncontrollably and rolled off the couch to the floor where he called out 'Jupiter!' This continued for what I believe to be pretty much 5 hours at which point we both could no longer remain in consciousness (I lost track of time because the shrooms began to kick in and I stopped caring about the time).

The next morning he claimed to have a hangover (although neither him nor me are sure if this is from the AM or the alcohol from before his experience) and upon attempted recollection of the past night he says 'I felt like I lived seven years of my life and when I woke up it seemed like I went back in time.'

Running from the Law-
Pretty recently I was introducing another friend to AM and it did not go as planned, AT ALL. It started out as usual except this time we were using a glass steamroller filled with 1/8g damiana and 3-4mg AM in its bowl. After exhalation, she reported getting seemingly infinitely more light-headed. While giving another friend AM for the first time as well, it started to take full effect on her (thoughts starting to race, reality seeming to become further and further away, beginning to lose focus on what is real, losing the ability to think coherently, and all that good stuff) and she is relatively new to all this 'being high' stuff. The other friend walks out after dosing and sits on my bed next to the other friend who is starting to have a panic attack. She whispers something into the newly dosed girl's ear then she jumps off the bed and sprints towards the bedroom door, down the hall, and out the front door into the thirty-something degree (Fahrenheit) cold in only a tank-top, jeans, and socks. I attempt to chase her down the street but the drug has given her too much energy and before I knew it I lost her in a forest at the end of my street. Her friend (the other one who had AM) could not comprehend what happened because of the AM in her system until 5 minutes after it happened.

After about an hour of searching by foot in the cold, I stumble upon a ton of police cars in front of a house and an officer pinning her down securing handcuffs on her. One of the officers started to question me (which was scary at the time because all the physical activity was causing me to have a flashback) but luckily it ended up that no one was arrested and the girl was just taken to the hospital to calm down where she was also tested, but being a drug that follows a loop-hole around the law they did not even test for it. This is when and why I came up with the that checklist for people being introduced to AM. This was way too close for comfort but I at least got better knowledge as to the precautions I should take before introducing something like AM-2201 to people.

I personally enjoy AM-2201 and feel that although it might not be for everyone, people should try a little Autism in their lives (in moderation of course). In my opinion the positive effects are well worth the negative ones. Three positive effects I have personally experienced are (1) an incredible euphoria, (2) it makes me 'distant' from events in my life ('ignorance is bliss' sort of thing), and (3) it is just pure fun for me. Three negatives are (1) possibly habit forming, (2) can be scary (never was for me), and (3) it can give you a mild hangover/migraine during and/or after use. And as far as overdosing goes, I have never seen or heard of any but I am sure it is possible so BEWARE and know your limit.

*Obtaining the Name 'Autism'
The name is used by my friends and I when talking about AM-2201 because it allows us to talk about it in public without the actual name being said (we would not like it if the real name was heard and the substance was outlawed - just a precaution). The name is also used because we found that in describing how it feels, it is common that people describe it as 'becoming [or being] autistic.' I have a friend that will not use he word 'retarded' to describe things, instead he says that it is 'Mad Aut (shortened version of 'mad autistic')' and so that term may be used sometimes to describe the peak of the high.

**From here on in I base the information on my friend's tales the day after due to the loss of my ability to establish short-term memory throughout the rest of my experience.


Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90080
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Mar 10, 2016Views: 3,234
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AM-2201 (529) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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