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Defies Logic
Citation:   Seven Psyruz. "Defies Logic: An Experience with 4-Methylmethcathinone (exp90083)". Jan 1, 2016.

T+ 0:00
250 mg oral 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:25 125 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:54 125 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:00 200 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:45 150 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:15 150 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 9:00 60 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 10:25 120 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 11:10 70 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
Experience Report

Sunny Day. 11:50AM. My plan was to experience one trip off a single 250mg oral dose. I was planed go to a record store to check out music and cruise around in my car. It's a beautiful sunny day in the 70's.
T+00:00 Mixed 250mg 4-MMC with orange juice and drank it on an empty stomach.
T+00:12 Mild onset noticed. Thoughts are slightly sped up
T+00:16 Body feels lighter, floaty feeling. Thoughts noticeably faster
T+00:24 Come up threshold reached. Head feels much lighter, colors instantly become more pronounced and brighter. Auditory perception enhanced with deep appreciation for music. Strong desire to listen to non-lyrical music. Eyes feel slow to adjust to my vision, they lag, much like 'E-Vision'. Slight jaw clenching.
T+00.30 Reaching plateau. Stimulation and the mood life are very noticeable. All effects mentioned in T+00:24 are more pronounced. I feel slight euphoria. Jaw clenching is now pretty bad. Biting on my tongue. I put a pen in my mouth and I naturally bite and gnaw on it with fury.
T+01:00 Come down. Insightful moments of thought regarding people and our role in this universe.
T+01:15 Strong desire to get more. Intensely strong at some moments.
T+01.25 Bought .25g. Insufflated approx 125mg. The rush and burn is absolutely invigorating. I forgot how great it was. I sniff my line fast and just as I take in the last in the end of the line my head jolts back from the punching burn and tingling sting. I immediately feel turned on and alive and for the brief second or two it was intensely euphoric. That rush goes away after about 30 seconds then the effects of 4-MMC begin with the come up which occurs at 4-10minutes after insufflation. Subtle effects felt minutes. I have a desire to be outside so I drive to a local university.
T+01:54 Insufflated 125mg upon arriving on campus. Jaw clenching at its worse. I feel empathetic towards everyone. I feel an awareness of the beauty of nature. Medium euphoria.
T+02:00 was walking while listening to music now I am sitting at a table outside writing this. Mild Euphoria. The idea that I am walking on campus along side other students trips me out. I feel as if they are living in another world set by trends and culture....**I continued writing without stopping for an hour, I won't post it with the report because it is pages long and irrelevant. I realized I had wrote all this shit down and felt like I wasted valuable time
T+03:11 Strong desire to get more. Go to get it.
T+04:00 Attain .5G this time. Redose 200mg insufflated
T+04:01 Onset. Teeth grinding
T+04:05-:09 Intense euphoria that only lasts 4 minutes but is the strongest felt yet. The euphoric feeling seems to spawn from my gut and chest. It's an overwhelming sensation that rides along with my breathing. Colors more intense.
T+04:15 Plateau
T+04:34 I still feel the plateau but it comes and goes. It seems to be dependent on the setting and what I am doing. Interacting socially seems to take away the high and being isolated from sober people helps keep the high alive. Although I do feel empathy, love and openness. I am content with everyone yet very impatient. It is a paradox, I understand that it is no oneís fault for anything yet I accept my impatience because I understand I am under the influence. The impatience and agitation is due to the stimulation which I feel very strongly at this moment. I am writing by hand and my hand cannot keep up with the speed of my thoughts. I must look like a madman frantically writing with determined speed, with headphones on blasting trance, and below my ears my nose probably has white goop coating the inside and tip of my nostril,prompting anyone and everyone to ask themselves 'what's that white stuff? On your nose?' or as I'm more paranoid to presume, 'look at that fucking druggie coke head.' LOL
T+04:37As I write this, things seem to be sped up in a fashion I have not experienced before. The psychosomatic effect is different than that of meth or coke. I cannot fully explain it, my perception is being tweaked. Just like the psychosomatic stimulative effects of cocaine and methamphetamine are similar in the classical sense of effects, each drug has its own experience high.
T+05:43 I felt the come down around T+05:15. I was not thinking about redosing until I began to write again. In fact the first thought I had was that I felt fine, that I didnít need or want anymore. Now the activity of writing the experience brought an urge to redose.
T+05:45 Redose 150mg insufflated
T+05:58 Slight pressure in back of head. Strong urge to write but I feel like I am stuck on writing, like that of meth. I will redoes soon and simply enjoy the music and cruise in my car.
T+06:15 Redose 150mg insufflated
T+06:20 Come up. Mood is lifted again. E vision. Mild euphoria. Feel relaxed. Feels good to stretch
T+06:30 Plateau not as strong. I feel great though.
T+08:30 Attain more, 250mg. Before this I played pool with a friend, redosed around T+07:10 and then played video games.
T+09:00 60 mg Insufflated. Coming back up from a comedown I just felt psychologically better from this dose.
T+10:25 120 mg Insufflated
T+10:35 Stimulated again. The chase for the initial rush and plateau defies logic. Light headed pressure with slight headache. I just realized I have essentially been on a binge, beginning at 12:00pm. That is 10 hours and yet I honestly reflect on it and I perceive it as being only a 20 minute experience.
T+11:10 70mg Insufflated. Jaw clenching almost instantly. Feel my heart beating, palpitations.
T+11:25 Peak reached. Time is just flying. My hands are trembling.
T+11:53 Come down. Lots of jaw clenching and grinding. Iím gnawing on my tongue. Iíve lost the body high but am still stimulated.
T+12:18 Come down a little worse. Feel kind of shitty comparable to a mild cocaine come-down. Typical and as expected from a stimulant.
T+13:00 Feel real shitty. I wish I had more. Depression and dysphoria similar to MDMA comedown . Iím just laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling. I am mentally and physically exhausted. BPM is at 110
T+14:30 Fell asleep. From the time of my last dose you can see how 4-MMC is not as harsh on the comedown as is cocaine or amphetamines.
T+15:30 Awoke. Donít feel like I had REM sleep. Fell back asleep quickly though
T+19:30 Awoke. There are definite after-effects when one uses this amount. My mind and spirit just feel drained. But even for this time with a large amount used the after-effects are minimal compared to MDMA or cocaine, in my opinion.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jan 1, 2016Views: 8,591
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