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Exponential Acceleration
Anadenanthera colubrina
Citation:   King Anadenanthera I. "Exponential Acceleration: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp90100)". Apr 14, 2011.

1/3 g insufflated Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)
1/3 gram split in two, blown up each of my nostrils by D.

Total time from insufflation to relaxation- approximately 20 25 minutes.

D and I had prepared the beans. We baked them, peeled them, and crushed them in a mortar with pestle. We mixed in a little lime powder and a smidgen of water. We roasted them in the oven for a few, to remove the moisture, took them out, and let cool. We made a snorting tube made from rolled-up paper and masking tape.

W came over with his girlfriend who said she would watch over us perched on the couch. Sitting in a circle, we each had a pillow and a bucket with fresh plastic bag for the impending stomach purge. I wanted to go first, because exploring is not something I take lightly. If there is something unknown then let me be the first to beg its attention.

We had the powder on a tray in the middle of our three-person circle. We set the mood with the most gently intense music you can imagine, Byla's album- Byla.

D put 1/6 of a gram in the hollowed-out tube. He put it in my nose, I looked him in the eye and said I was ready (even though I wasn't too sure about that). My stomach was nervous, and I was excited. He blew softly, this being his first time blowing something up somebody else's nose. It reached its mark, and I did not feel any burning sensation as I was expecting to from all the reports I'd read.

D and W watched me closely for every sign I made. I felt nothing immediate, and D asked if I wanted the other one. As there was no noticeable sensation I said, 'Yes, drive 'er home.' So he loaded up the second pile of 1/6 gram powder and this time had much better control over his blowing technique. I noticed right away, the way it slid up there with ease, not too hard, no smell of his breath, no initial shock waves.

Upon reaching the back of my nostrils, I felt something more immediate. A slight burning sensation, but nothing I couldn't manage. I still did not feel any physical effects as three pairs of eyes watched me unflinchingly. I was aware of the stares but acted like I didn't care. D prepared W's doses and within a minute he delivered the blow. One right after the other. It happened so fast it seemed.

I was definitely now feeling physical effects. A sudden tug, not unlike heavy Jupiter-gravity, began to pull me towards the ground. I knew it was coming now, and the threat of not being able to stop it flashed across the meaning in my mind. I felt the sweat come all over my body, like the heat in the room had been turned up. The atmosphere was getting louder, not with treble but with bass amplification. Even the heat was getting louder. I felt the rush of roller coaster dives rolling up through my cells. My head dropped into my hands like would happen on a long bus-ride, when I'm so exhausted trying not to fall asleep in public, but I drift to fall down and Snap! back up to alertness.

It was becoming uncomfortable but not embarrassing. I knew the worst had yet to come and was still a little anxious about that. The speed with which the world was weighing in on me was picking up. It was like being the host of a race-track the size of my body, with the Indy cars swirling circles around my blood-stream with steady acceleration. From this point hence, the acceleration I felt vibrating inside me picked up at terrifying speeds. If at the first moment I felt my heart and head were racing at 2km/s, the second moment felt like 4km/s, and the third moment 8km/s, ad infitum...

At this point W started violently vomiting. He was bent over on his hands and knees, head facing the vomit-bucket, screaming out a putrid black substance. It seemed like a long time, and I won't even begin to venture a guess at how long he was really there yelling between guttural thrusts and slimy, thick liquids. In my mind it was a while. It's safe to say that in his mind it lasted a while too. At one point between many intense puking sounds, he screamed, 'THE VISUALS!!!!'

I began to laugh myself through the sickness in my own stomach. I felt as if any second now I would have to lean over and begin the purge myself. And though I did lean over my bucket a few times, it never came.

I looked up at D with the nausea expressed all over my face like a twisted hangover and he asked me, 'Can you blow this up my nose?' I opened my eyes for what would be the last normal moments I would see, looked at him, and then looked at the tube in his hands gesturing for me to grab and I mumbled something like, 'I don't think I can do that right now.'

I saw genuine concern in his eyes, cheeks, and general facial mood. He wasn't too sure if I was going to make it. And neither was I. Remember the acceleration velocity factor? At this point it had picked up to a good few thousand metres per second. I was in no condition to aim tubes into friendly nostrils. No longer. In a few seconds the world was going to rip apart- and I don't mean that metaphorically.

What I am about to explain happened within a fraction of a second, but so much happened, in such great detail that I will need some time to explain it, but don't forget this fact that it happened VERY FAST. Envision with me for a moment, the room in which I am in the centre. A three-cushioned couch lie directly in front of me, with a girlfriend on the right side. A line like an earthquake fissure divided the room diagonally. The right diagonal, and the left diagonal. In the span of a camera flash, they inverted- switched sides, and returned to their normal 'sides'. These two diagonals then split into four triangles, switched places at unthinkable speeds, and returned to 'normal'. These four triangles split into eight, they rotated like fractals, and continued in this fashion until the splitting of the room had reach near the same velocity as that of the rushing of my body.

I thought it would be wise at this point to lie down on the pillow, which was probably the single greatest move I'd ever made. It was a chess stalemate without the pieces, only the satisfaction of not giving up.

D- faced with W's crazy intense, screaming vomits, and my collapse onto the floor felt quite uneasy about insufflating the powder up his own nose. So he cut up a line with a little less than half the amount W and I had taken, sniffed it, and waited...

W was still vomiting the last of his guts out into his bucket and D started as well. His vomiting style was much more polite and reserved. W was on my left, and D on my right, so there was a stereo symphony of puke relishing my ears. Disturbing... but the very least of my concerns.

At this point I thought it wise to close my eyes, because the open-eyed world was too much. It was just a mad rush of a New Delhi intersection at rush-hour. Instead of cars, I was a sub-atomic particle whizzing by, guided by unseen, powerful forces. Upon closing my eyes, however, I found little relief. The terror increased as the acceleration of rushes were now approaching that of light, if not light itself. I was beginning to wonder if the velocity was ever going to plateau and calm down, or if I was just going to spin out of the universe all together.

After what I would roughly call 5 minutes, the acceleration did indeed stop, much to my relief. It was easier to accept the madness behind my eyelids with constant velocity. For the next ten minutes I travelled through immeasurable vortices of space, time, and others not yet discovered. There as a background of black, as though stretched on the fabric of space-time. There were spinning reds and blues, opposite ends of the spectrum of light.

The red and blues were spinning in similar fashion to the machine they use in the film Contact, directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Carl Sagan, to propel the main character through the wormholes. Their patterns repeated and varied slightly, but all remained spinning in this triptych way. Then I noticed more of them spinning in dimensions curled up and unfurled behind them. And for another ten minutes or so this continued as I travelled through the 'wormhole', so to speak. W began making strange animal sounds and at one point I thought he had transmogrified into some unspeakable daemon-creature- half pterodactyl, half werewolf.

It was about 15 minutes after the initial dose and only now was I brave enough to open my left eye, to peek out into the real world again. The rushing feelings subsided, as had most of the visuals. Now is the time, I thought. So with the bravery of the first captain of a ship, and believer of the flat-earth, reaching the edge of the known world, I opened my eye. The fish tank was on the dresser. The girlfriend was perched like an owl on the couch, watching all of us (and probably a little bewildered having never taken any hallucinogens before).

I looked up at the light bulb on the ceiling. It was off, but there was emerging from it a flower-like blossom. Pedals sprouted out of it, and stretched at least a metre away from its centre. It was calming and beautiful. To watch life just grow and flourish like that. So easy, so sane. If only all evolution could be that sobering.

Whatever I just experienced was certainly an evolution, but I was pulled through it at speeds no human being could ever be accustomed to at this stage in our development.

W said he had a really great experience. He was tumbling, moaning, howling, and giggling like a mad-man for the last few minutes of his journey. D, having taken less than half of what we took said he had an intense journey. I never heard a peep out of him after his conservative purging.

All in all, it was completely worth it. I got what I asked for, and then some. I would do it again, but I have no desire to. It said all that I wanted to hear. It gave me all the experience of a hundred eons in 15 simple minutes. To truly digest all that had happened, one would likely need a few hundred lifetimes to understand all the input data. I think it's amazing that the Earth has given us these 'beans' to cultivate.

The next day I awoke with a stunning headache of migraine proportions. I lived through it, and life continued as it always does. Just chugging along the tracks of our aftermaths.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90100
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Apr 14, 2011Views: 20,765
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Anadenanthera colubrina (139) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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