Definitely a Winner
Citation:   LabRat. "Definitely a Winner: An Experience with 25C-NBOMe (exp90107)". Jun 9, 2011.

  buccal 25C-NBOMe
This is my review of 25C-NBOMe in various doses. It is an ultra-potent, rare psychedelic.


Dosage: 220-440mcg

Duration: 8-12 hours

Qualitative Comments:
(with 220mcg buccal / sublingual) First effects were noticed within 20 minutes, with the peak settling in around +1:30-2 hours after ingestion. Visuals were subtle for the most part, with mostly color changes and very light geometric patterns. Clear mental space with paradoxical feelings of heaviness / weightlessness, and a very mild stimulant edge. A solid (++) on the Shulgin scale. At around +6 hours, the peak began to fade, in total lasting about 4-5 hours. The comedown was very slow, still not at baseline after +10 hours. Sleep was aided at +11 hours with morphine / hashish.

(with 440mcg buccal / sublingual) The following day after the 220mcg dose to test tolerance and higher doses. First effects were noticed 10-15 minutes in, the onset is quite fast like LSD. Tolerance does not seem to build fast with this chemical. The peak set in around +1:30-2 hours after ingestion. Visuals were somewhat more pronounced, notable geometric patterns and breathing walls / surfaces. Pupils were very dilated. Mental / spiritual clarity, was very much present. A solid (+++) on the Shulgin Scale. The experience was extremely spiritual and refreshing. It dropped to a (++) on the Shulgin Scale at about +4 hours. It began to taper off around +6 hours, and at +10 I was still not at baseline. Sleep was aided at +11 hours with hashish.

Notes: The 220mcg dose was quite similar to 2-3 hits of average quality LSD, and the 440mcg dose was similar to 4-6 hits of average quality LSD. It seems to be slightly less potent than LSD, but quite a bit more potent than DOx or B-DFly. Both experiences were very similar to LSD in a lot of ways, including head space and visuals. Out of every psychedelic I've had the privilege of sampling, I would say that this is absolutely a winner and by far the closest to LSD.

Further Research:
(with 55mcg buccal / sublingual) First effects were noticed within 20 minutes, no clear transition from come-up to the peak. Barely a (+) on the Shulgin Scale. Effects faded after +6 hours, being mostly gone around +10 hours.

Notes: The 55mcg dose was on par with approximately 1/2 to 1 hit of average quality LSD, providing further evidence that it is slightly less potent than LSD.

Further Research:
(with 660mcg buccal / sublingual) The first effects were noticed in 10-15 minutes, again a quick onset with the peak setting in around +1:30 to +2 hours. This much substance on the blotter became very bitter after about 20 minutes between my gum - it also numbed my entire mouth similarly to novocaine. The body load was somewhat more pronounced at this dose. Visuals resembled Alex Grey's Net of Being / other psychedelic face imagery with more detail, but they were subtle and not at all overwhelming. Mental clarity and very introspective state was present, definitely a solid (+++) on the Shulgin Scale. The overall experience lasted around 12 hours, with sleep aided by Doxylamine and Dextromethorphan.

Notes: It seems very different in character than other research chemicals mostly because of the lack of powerful visuals at this higher dose. I was able to work out some personal issues I've been dealing with, and rather quickly after the peak. It seems like 25C does a good job at going straight for the therapeutic aspect, more-so than other psychedelics I've sampled. I definitely think this chemical is a winner, and I'll probably test it out at 880 and 1100 mcg.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 9, 2011Views: 24,468
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