Felt Like I Had Lost All Intelligence
Amanita muscaria
by Geo
Citation:   Geo. "Felt Like I Had Lost All Intelligence: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp90173)". Erowid.org. Aug 7, 2018. erowid.org/exp/90173

28 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria
Amanita Overdose

Afraid of taking a whole lot, I eat just a half of one cap.

I feel nothing so I decide to eat the other half.

I still feel nothing, so I proceed to brew some of the loose debris and another half of a cap for 10 minutes. I drink and eat.

I still feel absolutely nothing, not even a placebo. I go ahead and brew some more debris, this time for 15 minutes.

Still nothing, still sipping on the tea I decide to eat all that is left in the bag (1.5 caps and debris). I do so only because I figure the shrooms to be bunk.

I start to see mild distortions on my computer screen. A very faint and thin 'squibble' when I move my eyes. Every time I move them I see it. I figure this to be from looking at the computer screen for too long or whatnot. I will soon realize this was the onset of a complete disaster.

Whatever I did during this event right here is not accurate as I went in and out of blackouts as the Amanita came full force and within mere seconds... I was overtook. There was really no lead up except for the prementioned visual. I left my computer and ran outside to take the disaster outside. I was going to try and find a patch of woods and go hide it out. Then my family came out to bring me inside and I did not know who they were. They told me who they were and I called them liars repeatedly. I barely remember going outside and barely remember them forcefully bringing me back in. I told them to get off of me because it is embarrassing. They let go and I get my keys out to try and open the door when the door was obviously ajar. I was told to put my keys away because the door is open. I do so. I then go inside, kick off my shoes, and drop on the couch. This is the last thing I remember until 12:25a when I awake.

I awake with my eyes closed. My feet are rubbing up against one another feverishly. I then try and push one foot through the other thinking that it is absolutely possible. At some points during this, I don't even recognize that they are my feet, just trying to push this one object through the next. I then realize I am awake and that I am on amanita. I open my eyes to find despair. I sit there for with my head propped up staring at the wall thinking I was never coming back down from this. I kept thinking I was the guy about to make amanita illegal in all 50 states. I felt absoluely retarted. I felt like I had lost all intelligience and was now just a vegetable. I kept thinking things like left and right, up and down, in and out, positive and negative, happy and sad, etc, etc. Thinking of these things had a profound effect on me that I cannot describe. It was is as if everything exists in these duos. It sounds like fun, but my whole world simplified as a lay motionless and emotionless. It was very lonely and I wondered if I was ever going to come back. I realize I am hungry, I force myself to the kitchen to end the nauseating pain of having only eaten once the previous day at 8:00a. I grab some almonds and some bread and eat it. I get a glass of water and bring it to the couch (yes, I am still on the couch). I have to squeeze the glass super tight because it feels as if I don't that I know I'll forget I have it and drop it. I still almost drop it several times on the struggling walk back to the couch. I make another walk to get some sheets and a blanket. When I lay down, I attempt the daunting task of laying my sheets down but instead I have another episode like the one with my feet, if someone saw what I was doing, they would say I was fighting my sheet. I was not fighting my sheet, I was trying to get into it, I somehow felt I could get into the freaking sheet and I tried to do so. I give up and lie down.

Still some wierd indesribeable thoughts present but I feel better actually. I woke up during the very tail end of this fortunately, as I do not want any part of it.

I am slightly nauseated and it feels like my whole body feels it but is most concentrated on my abdomen. I stop keeping track of time and just try and relax. I feel immobile. It's not paralyzing but I have to force myself to switch positions.

Same feeling but less intense. I am certain that my senses are heightened. Nothing special but they indeed are. It is also at this time that I realize I will probably come back fully.

I actually feel this wierd body euphoria. It feels like one's body does just mere moments before they fall asleep. Breathing becomes easy and super deep on its own, I cannot wait to take my next breath after I exhale. What is this?!?

I am wanting to get up, sick of laying down but still don't want to do a damn thing but lay there.

I finally get up. I clean the couch and floor (water, urine, I do not know), clean the blankets, eat, take a shower, eat some more then get on the computer for a few hours.

Feeling much better and begin to write this trip report. kinda groggy in the head but that is about it. I still feel slightly 'not all there.' I would call this 90% or more fully recovered. It's a slight beer hangover type feeling, all in the head too, no body.

I am done with this report and will begin the process of submitting it. This mushroom is not for some people (like me, lol). At the time being, I even fear a small dose so start there, not here. I still feel 90 fully recovered. I fear it is going to take sleep to get back to 100%.

Final thought:
I feel my story may be inaccurate because my Mom told me things played out differently and that I was running around outside in bare feet acting like a mad man. She claims I was calling my Sister 'Mom' and saying 'Ow' for no reason. She also claims I told her to stop yelling at me when she was talking at a normal pitch among other thing. I am just writing the way I remember this going down. Which, I must admit, just may have been violently different that what I remember. If so, I am lucky to not have been kicked out by my Sister.

My family is straight edge so I should be living outside if they weren't so forgiving. I experienced LSD prior to this. I can vouch that if I had not it woulda freaked me out. Instead I just dealt with it and let it pass.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90173
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Aug 7, 2018Views: 2,980
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