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Playing With Fire
by Exdrugaddict
Citation:   Exdrugaddict. "Playing With Fire: An Experience with Spice (exp90178)". Dec 16, 2013.

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I am submitting this report to try and warn people, and get the truth about spice out, this truth being, whether you've ever had a bad experience with it or not, spice is extremely dangerous.

I myself have had four bad experiences, that I know for sure we're directly related to my use of spice.

How I got into smoking it - I started smoking pot with my friends for recreation around early March 2010. I continued my use of it up until September 2010. It was in this month that marijuana suddenly became very scarce, and no one had any to sell for weeks. So one night with my friend, tired of being sober, it dawned on him, and in these exact words 'Wait, we can buy spice'. This thrilled me at the time. So we went, bought a bag, smoked it, and from there on out until November 2010, I smoked it daily. Due to marijuana coming back into my grasp in December, I didn't use spice until January 2011. It was here that I had my first bad experience, and it is only the bad ones that I will tell.

Bad experience one - This was shortly after JWH-018 became banned, and the chemicals within spice were altered. One day I went and bought three 1.5g bags of it, and all of the stuff was very weak, smoking a bowl or so only got me mildly high, and only for about 15 minutes. So, I decided, I'll smoke it heavy. So I did. Broke open three cigars, emptied them of tobacco, and filled them all with all the spice I could, leaving me with three blunts. I went outside, smoked them all back to back, and I was indeed, in my own words that I said aloud completely alone 'I'm so fucking high right now'. I was indeed sky high, and this high was more potent, and as I will explain next, lasted much longer than the others, about two hours I would say. So, 30 minutes into it, I suddenly started coming down with the worst headache imaginable, it felt as if I had a migraine and was listening to death metal full blast at the same time, but I was laying face down in my bed. It was extremely painful. Then 15 minutes into the headache, I began to get very nauseous, I would describe the feeling similar to a time that I ate undercooked chicken, and was hospitalized for food poisoning, but again, I did nothing other than smoke. Laying on my bed anxiety began to consume my mind, I was scared, I felt like I was going to die or something. I continued to tough it out, and then couldn't control the nausea, I then went to bathroom, began to vomit violently for about five minutes, and then went back to my room, and passed out, not slept, passed out, same as if you drink to much alcohol. Let me also add, that in this time, I felt my head very hot, and I took my temp, I was running a temp of 103 degrees Fahrenheit out of no where, I was fine before I smoked.

From here I will not time frame things, just report the other three bad experiences

Bad experience two - A word on spice, many say the bad effects come on when you smoke too much, this is not true, as I will prove with this and the other experiences. So, this time, the amount I smoked was one tiny joint, rolled in Zig-Zag rolling papers. Within 15 minutes of smoking this, nausea came on. Now, this was a very mild bad experience, but I became extremely nauseous, and felt like I was sea sick, walking was hard too, as I was extremely dizzy. I never actually got sick, the most that happened was one dry heave. But, keep in mind, I smoked a pencil thick, very short joint...god knows if I had smoked more.

Bad experience three - I had been bored a few nights, so I went and bought two packs of spice, and smoked on all of it through the early AM hours of the morning. I stayed up all night this night just for fun. But, I noticed that smoking this time was really hurting my throat, like an idiot, I continued, let me say, I threw the rest of this stuff out after this last joint. So, I smoked my last joint, and wanting to get really high, held in my hits for as long as I could, and took as big of a hit as I could each time. After this, my throat was in terrible pain. This experience was very different than the others, less intense, but much worse as you will read. About an hour after smoking, I began coughing hard, coughing up mucus stuck in my throat, that developed after smoking the spice. When the mucus came up, I looked into it, sure enough as I thought, there was blood in it, bright red blood. When I pooped, there was bright red blood in it. I was suffering from internal bleeding. I live with my mom, and let me tell you, I was so scared that I almost told her what I had done and to take me to the ER, as I was reading, internal bleeding is serious. But, I had got myself into that trouble, so I dealt with it alone. The pain in my throat went down through the day, and the internal bleeding subsided. I feel like I was very lucky this time. So, up to this point, this fake pot has side effects of, vomiting, headaches, fever, and internal bleeding. These effects are random, and have nothing to do with how much you smoke. To inform anyone wondering, this experience I bought about 3 grams of spice, I tossed about 2.3 down the toilet after the internal bleeding. But, like an idiot, and due to my addictive personality, I had to have one experience to make me quit.

Bad experience four - I go to the store I usually buy at, purchase a cheap pipe, and one 1.5g bag of spice. I begin walking home, stop in the woods, pack a very small bowl, smoke it, and precede to walk home. I made it home, and this was about 15 mins into the high, then after 15 more, the headache came on, like the first bad experience, but this was worse, much worse. I can't explain this, but the best way I can, is I was in so much pain I was having a spinning sensation, laying on my bed, face down, I felt like I was spinning, it was extreme dizziness. And then like, identical to the first experience, I started to get nauseated, and of course, violently threw up, and again, blacked out. It was a dead on repeat of the first time, but much more intense in the bad effects. Note, I smoked a very small bowl. It was after this I had had enough.

So, I now do not touch spice, and haven't for some time, and never will again. I hope that this report sways the readers to make the same choice I have, in not using spice. A few words on spice, on all the packages that it comes in, there is a disclaimer, stating 'NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION', this is supposedly there to keep it from getting banned, but personally I believe this is the manufacturers way of keeping themselves from getting sued when someone turns up dead over smoking it.

Also, please to anyone thinking about using it, or continuing to use it, keep in mind that just because you don't have a bad experience, doesn't mean you won't, and that even if you have a good experience with it, doesn't mean you aren't harming yourself. These chemicals long term effects are unknown, I feel like cigarettes, a long term smoker will soon turn up with cancer or some other kind of health related issue, no one has any idea how these chemicals are going to effect people in the long run. All I know is, if spice has the ability to cause the experiences I had with it, then it is bad stuff. I strongly urge any using it to stop, and any planning to use it, to not. The bad effects are completely random, and have nothing to do with the amount you smoke, when you smoke spice, you are playing with fire.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90178
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 16, 2013Views: 8,199
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