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Next Generation Cannabinoid with Isotretinoin
Citation:   WayneGMZ. "Next Generation Cannabinoid with Isotretinoin: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp90262)". Oct 31, 2012.

    JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
My cannabinoid experiences are so far limited to cannabis and jwh-018. Shortly after it was announced that Spice products contained synthetic cannabinoids, most of them JWH-018, I immediately searched for vendors selling and distributing the chemical. I purchased the chemical from multiple vendors and feel I have a good understanding of the indole cannabinoid. The first time I acquired JWH-018 however wasn't a good experience due to carelessness. My friend brought some people to my house and stated that he finally received the pure form of JWH-018. I was very excited about trying the pure form so I could compare it to the smoking blends I've used in the past. Unfortunately I sprinkled a substantial amount onto the base herb and ingested an unknown dose.

My friend felt the need to admonish the fact that we're dealing with a research chemical and I should be a bit more meticulous about dosage. I neglected to consider or care about his input. I started to feel a great euphoria and at the time was able to elucidate on the onset experience quite well. My friend requested I grab something upstairs so I went to my bedroom to get something. As I went upstairs the effects accrued significantly. I stood in my bedroom analyzing it and it felt as if I smoked a lot of sativa strain cannabis. It was yet to be completely overwhelming but as I walked down the stairs I felt light and it was clear I was under the influence of another compound. As the effects increased I found the cannabinoid distinction decreased. I couldn't compare it to cannabis anymore. My perception was altered with very negligible visual differences. I'm not fully able to elaborate on those differences but the feeling it induced was a very edgy with an alert sensation while simultaneously rendering me nonplussed and less lucid than my sober state of mind. It's clear that alert and non-lucid are contradicting terms, but that's how I recall that moment.

I went downstairs and my sister asked me what was wrong with the dog, I looked over at him and he was freaking out. I now ruminate at the possibility of my friend exhaling jwh-018 onto the dog which infuriates me now but at the time I wasn't able to process that. I was too focused on the experience. I walked downstairs (again, setting was basement) and I recall my friend asking me for whatever I went upstairs to get and apparently I didn't have whatever it was. I sat on the couch and mused over the fact that I may have consumed way too much. My friend asked me to turn on the television but I hesitated. I finally decided to turn it on moments later and upon doing so is when things got bad.

I remember the migration from the couch to the tv set was so non-lucid that when I sat down, it felt like I didn't even commit that action. Soon I was in the most uncomfortable state possible. I just wanted it to end and I recall it feeling almost painful. My auditory perception was so altered that everything sounded distant. My vision was also synonymously affected, it was if everything seemed distant. I recall some statements made by my friends but they all told me post the experience that my responses were very delayed. They told me that I replied to a question they asked twenty second ago. Suddenly the focus was completely on me. Everyone was worried and I was basically unresponsive as my eyes vibrated with a static disturbing expression on my face. My friend said my voice sounded very odd, he described it as 'sounded gayish' which I interpret as mellow and feminine sort of output. I sat their perplexed and scared. My memory of it all seemed laggy, as if I were perceiving it through single frames while skipping ten at a time.

Another one of my friends tried to comfort me acting as if he was understanding how I was feeling and I do in fact recall some of his statements as they were very valid. He said 'Do you wish no one was here? Would you feel better if no one was here right now?' I guess it took me about ten seconds to reply and I was told every reply was a single word and sometimes an unfinished word. I believe I replied 'Yes' or perhaps 'Yeh'. But, everyone was so concerned that they didn't know if they should leave me, contact someone, or rush me to the E.R. I wasn't very accepting about the E.R. idea because I didn't want to be the guy who brings negative attention toward this compound due to my careless actions. Luckily, they didn't bring me to the E.R., instead they brought me upstairs. I wasn't able to walk well so it took three people to get me upstairs.

I remember being in my room and not remembering how I got there. I was told I kept falling down so it was an effort to get me upstairs. While upstairs, I was a little bit more aware of things. My friend gave me my laptop and requested I input the password, after about twenty attempts I authenticated, but it was purely subconscious. Everyone was still focused on my condition but tried to involve me with other things with the intent of increasing my rate of reaction. My sister came upstairs and was very concerned because of my convulsive movements. I was also told I frequently twitched, it was a terse twitch that resembled convulsions.

They handed me the laptop and continued their attempt at interacting with me but my responses became spontaneous and irrelevant to what we were doing. My sister handed me water and overtime I was slowly coming down and was able to interact appropriately. They left me to rest upstairs as they went downstairs and discussed the critical event that just transpired. I sat in my bed and experienced minor visual hallucinations. I would see expanding blue dots. Very minor hallucinations, nothing as vivid and abstract as if I were on a phenethylamine like 2c-e or tryptamine. When I was completely sober my friends were gone and I was left to explain the predicament to my sister.

The next day I was ready to resume experimenting with the compound but at a much lower dose. I didn't have a scale so I estimate about 500mcg or 1mg. Burning the chemical at that dose was much more palatable and enjoyable. I soon became enamored with the chemical and used it frequently as a marijuana alternative. Using a research chemical recreational may be a very dangerous decision, especially when the chemical's molecular structure is so simple and belongs to the naphthalene class, but I abdicated my sense of safety and ignorantly felt that I knew what I was doing. I'm certainly not conveying that the chemical is dangerous, but I wouldn't recommend it until safety is established.

I viewed jwh-018 as the perfect cannabinoid that satisfied my preferences. It had a nice psychedelic mindset and an edge that THC, CBN, CBD lacked which kept the experience exciting. Like marijuana it enhanced everything and of course stimulated appetite just as well. I became ADDICTED! Nah, just kidding. I enjoyed it of course. Not a physical addiction but I must say, when I discontinued usage after weeks of ingestion, I found it caused a slight hangover. Hangover symptoms include, temporary appetite loss, headaches, boredom. Cannabis has caused a mild form of this for me after weekly use as well.

Soon I decided to start a course of Isotretinoin to treat my acne. This medication has side effects, especially at the high dose (80mg) I was using. My low body weight was also a factor and soon I experienced debilitating joint and back pain. I then decided to try using JWH-018 therapeutically to treat my Isotretinoin (Accutane) induced pain. Once again, mixing these chemicals without any information on interactions could be a very bad idea that I don't condone! But I simply want to express the result of this experiment. It was a success. JWH-018 significantly decreased the pain and while using it, I found I could resume the treatment without much problems, for the short term that is. I find this cannabinoid has pain killer potential. If in pain, it's feasible that JWH-018 may treat it.

I soon acquired a great scale and decided to test oral ingestion. I started with .5mg and incremented by .5 each time. Soon I found my perfect oral dose was 4 mg. The oral come up took a very long time. Ranging from 2-3 hours but it was always very pleasant. A slower progression but a more balanced high. I began using the compound orally more often than burning. A few times I almost re-dosed assuming the drug wasn't going to take effect, but luckily I waited because this chemical has a very slow onset.

Vaporizing it was also very effective! In fact, it was my favorite form of consumption. The high resembled the oral high but was instant. Nothing more to say. Vaporization of JWH-018 is perfect. It has a pronounced euphoria and I felt less prone to anxiety.

I greatly enjoyed JWH-018 but developed an apathy for it after discovering the possible metabolites. Until JWH-018 is further studied, I'll stick with cannabis.

Side Effects:

Long term side effects as far as I know at this very moment: None.

But two of my friends have had some serious side effects which I may note.

One friend began developing headaches which he blamed on JWH-018. He's certain it's connected to the chemical and has been experiencing constant headaches for about a year now. He claims he regrets ever using it.

Another one of my friends literally went crazy two days after using the compound. It's likely he was soon to develop schizophrenia and JWH-018 left him more vulnerable to the neurological disorder.

Conclusion: Unsure if JWH-018 has caused these problems experienced by my friends or if they were coincidental instances. I myself, unless I develop cancer in the future (Note that I recently found a strange lump in the crease above my elbow and am getting it checked out on April 13th, 2011) haven't really had any problems pertaining to the compound. I did however use the chemical around the same time as Accutane and most of the health problems I'm experiencing now are more viably connected to Isotretinoin. But carcinogenic outcomes are still being disputed.

[Reported Dose: unknown doses of .5mg to 5 mg of JWH-018 : ingestion methods oral and smoked]

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90262
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Oct 31, 2012Views: 11,549
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JWH-018 (483) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Hangover / Days After (46), Medical Use (47), Difficult Experiences (5), Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3)

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