Whoa a Bit Stronger Than Expected...
2C-D & 2C-C
Citation:   Noddy Boy. "Whoa a Bit Stronger Than Expected...: An Experience with 2C-D & 2C-C (exp90358)". Erowid.org. Jun 18, 2011. erowid.org/exp/90358

T+ 0:00
65 mg oral 2C-D (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 40 mg oral 2C-C (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:00   inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 1:30 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 1:30 .5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
  T+ 4:00 2 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
  T+ 4:30 150 mg oral 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:30 100 mg insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 6:00 .5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam  
Date of the experience: 3/18/2011
Date report was written: 3/27/2011

It has been a long time since I have written up anything on my recent experiences, but this last one was a doozy, and caught me completely off guard.

To date, I am 28 yrs old, a month from being 29, about 210 lbs, healthy but a smoker. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, and I really try to abstain from alcohol except on occasion (maybe 2 drinks a month). I have been an avid partaker in mind-altering substances for a little over 12 years now. I have used many substances in the past, including LSD, shrooms with P. Cubs & Semilanceata (liberty caps), DMT, 2C-E/I/C/D, MDMA, MDA, 4-MMC, Methylone, (m)amp’s, cocaine, DXM, Ket, cannabis, salvia, most opiates and many benzos. I place psychedelics/entactogens at the top of my list, unfortunately my long love affair with opiates will always keep them in first place even though I cleaned up a while back.

So after taking a hiatus from the 2C-X family for about 4-5 years, I was feeling ready to get back into my spiritual ways again. The hiatus wasn’t intentional, my stash of “goodies” was relieved of my possession without my knowledge (I got robbed of my stash that I had been collecting for a few yrs - and from the least likely person I would have expected ). This, coupled with relationship issues and issues with my personal life, was pretty much why I hadn’t been very hasty to get back into rebuilding my stash. My goodie box consisted of many things, primarily 2Cs, also had a couple tryps, quite a bit of dried san pedro 'chips', ayahuasca makin's, lots of POTENT home-made salvia extract and a few other misc goodies I had been stashing away. However between then and now, I have had a few memorable experiences with LSD, MDMA and good ol’ mushrooms, so it wasn’t as if I had abstained altogether. So the time was coming again for different and interesting compounds. I went with what I knew and got some 2C-D/C/E from a couple reputable sources.

I will only discuss the 2C-C/D here, the 2C-E is another story. I have had many experiences with 2C-D in the past, at different mg levels from 20mg up to 80mg. I had only taken 2C-C once before this, at 30mgs and found it to be fairly tame. As I have been researching the 2C-D I obtained, I am finding that the 2C-D I had taken and bought in the past was either of poor quality, or cut. This 2C-D that I have is STRONG. I will make mention of this more than once in here.

Set and Setting:

My house - split level 3 bedroom, finished basement, built in the 70s, styled with original carpet in the basement, trippy as hell on psychs and I love it. Chilin with a with a good tripping buddy (J), it’s coming up on midnight on our night off and we were ready for a voyage. We have a game room downstairs, lots of room, couches, ping pong table, darts, but no music (upstairs ended up seeming better with the music and all), it’s only J and I right now, we have the house to ourselves. We weren’t expecting anyone out of the ordinary to show up aside from a close friend (M) who is always present and an active partaker when we dose, but had to work late so he was coming by when he got off to see how we were feeling. Other than M we were only expecting my 2 room-mates who are both cool. We have lots of cannabis and Nitrous ready for the journey set before us. I was really busy getting last minute things together for our trip and should have spent a bit more time to myself mentally preparing, however it was getting late, so feeling that we were both in good spirits, we make a plan to launch.


So the way we came up with dosing was a bit reckless… after doing a bit more research and reading other phen combo reports (which I should have done more extensively prior to this), I found that we could have taken much less and still would have had a strong experience. I had tasted this batch of 2C-D at 40mg and it was just as I remembered it, subtle but slightly visual (this led me to believe it was no different than the prior batch I had received), also I had tasted the 2C-C @ 30mg and found it to be sedating/relaxing in a pleasant way, along with some mild visuals. From my past experiences with 2C-D, it seems there isn’t any depth to it until I pass the 50mg mark, and into the 60’s. My previous experiences with 2C-D at 65mgs were phenomenal, yet totally controllable (with the first batch). I didn’t feel all that threatened by the compound. I also found (only after tasting once) 2C-C to be tame and like the 2C-D, I didn’t feel too threatened by it either.

So, having taken up to 80mg 2C-D (first batch) and feeling no ill effects, in fact it was almost the same as 60mgs to me. After some talking and a little (not enough) research into the intensity level we wanted to obtain, J and I decided to go with a moderate dose of 2C-D 65mgs and 2C-C 40mgs. I had found the 2C-C to be way to mellow and wanted to up it a notch by 10mg from my first experience. This proved to be a poor choice, as full doses of each are not needed when taking something like this in tandem. If I were to repeat this, I would cut both doses in half and try it at 35-40mg 2C-D and 25-30mg 2C-C. Maybe its because I am getting older, but it seems these higher doses wear on me a bit, or maybe that’s in my head, who knows??

We carefully weigh out our doses, and after re-checking the weight 3 times, we wrap it up in a small piece of foil and get our liquid ready that we are mixing it with. J takes his in 2 separate parts about 5 mins between doses. I poured both doses of 2C-C/D into about two ounces of orange soda, swirled it till it looked mostly dissolved, then down the hatch it went.

**I should mention that afterwards I felt we were a bit careless, being we did not factor in any kind of potentiation that may come into play. This had briefly crossed my mind earlier and if we had read up more we would have probably decided on a lighter dose of each compound. Many people insist that taking normal doses of each in a combo is typically stronger than if taken alone. Just wanted to mention this for anyone thinking about testing a combo. It seemed as if one did potentiate the other, quite a bit in fact.

**Also I do not condone or suggest that anyone ingest these potent, delicate compounds, you can hurt yourself or others if you don't have a clue what you are doing. This story is for research and entertainment purposes only, so read on and I hope you all enjoy!

Friday night, almost midnight, the timeline begins:

T+0:00 min 12:00 am
The taste was wretched, I’ve had worse, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so foul. The taste is gone in a few minutes thankfully. We rinse our cups out with more soda, then retire to the living room for some bong rips and to watch some TV during the come up.

T+00:10 min
Alert already? J is saying yes, I am saying I feel something too, definitely an alert, but seems way early.

T+00:15 min
At this time I can really tell there is something going on, something is building….

T+00:25 min
Whoa!! J is asking me if I am feeling it too, I answer “yes” to the question. I am coming up hard and fast (like I remembered it), with visuals starting to build already.

T+00:35 min
Holy hell! We are fully engulfed in visuals at this point and it’s barely 30mins after ingestion. I can tell this is going to be a strong ride. I have noticed in the past, that the higher the dose, the quicker the onset. Although 2C-D comes up fast to begin with, for example 40mg took me about 1hr for effects to fully manifest, not 20-25mins like this time. The only other time I felt a psych that fast, was after eating 1.125mg of LSD, I was already intoxicated by the 30 min mark during that ride.

We are both a bit squirmy during the come up, I am a bit queasy, but the pot helps. J is doing great and feels awesome he says. I am feeling the effects stronger than I had expected, and they are continuing to grow in intensity. There is a distinct visual nature of this drug (we were only feeling the 2C-D at this time), I find the same patterning on everything, although it is most recognizable on the TV with the shifting colors and such (which is mildly irritating at the moment).

T+ 01:00 hr
The visuals that this drug create look to me like a series of small square kaleidoscopic pinwheels that spin and dance right in front of my eyes without hesitation. It is vividly visual and is hard to ignore at times. We had both felt a bit antsy so we thought a hit of nitrous would be nice. The nitrous calmed me, completely nullified my nausea and I was feeling a little better about everything. I had been a bit nervous on the come up and along with doing a new combo, I was not sure how the night was going to pan out. We sit in my room listening to music, watching everything *happen* around us. We also noted at this time, there was a lot of time dilation, we were astonished to find it had only been an hour.

T+ 01:30 hrs
We sit kind of quietly, although talking is easy. I soon notice I am taking in the beauty that is sound - coming from the music on my computer. This was interrupted as I hear a familiar sound of a car pulling into the driveway. I sit up and say out loud “Oh Shit, my roommate is home” J replies: “That’s ok isn’t it?” I knew it was ok, but I was quickly finding the presence of “sober” people was making me nervous. We go to the living room to find both of my roommates are home and are walking in from the downstairs. I am asked to do a favor and weigh out some stuff. So feeling confident that I could trust my “sober” (not tripping) friend to do it, I brought the scale out and proceeded to set up on the table in the living room. On my way into the living room, it was pleasant to find our other friend M was here, who would have dosed with us but had to work late. At the same time a few un-expected guests (invited by my roomies) came walking through the door behind him. This was not cool, since I was carrying a scale and a 4 dram vial full of 4mmc, tripping my nuts off. I can only imagine what the unexpected guests would have thought had they seen what I was carrying. I bolted to my room and decided to put it away and go outside for a smoke to calm down a bit. I sat outside with just my dog, smoking a cigarette and trying to talk to myself and ease some of the anxiety I was experiencing, which on a 1-10 scale I was at a strong 8, I ended up taking .5 mg Xanax which did nothing btw. I did not like the unexpected company and our “sober” friend (not intentionally) dragged my only kindred spirit (J) downstairs where EVERYONE was at.

T + 02:00 hrs
After I finish my smoke, I went back inside and paced from my room to the living room and back to my room where it seemed empty and lonely. After some debating and more pacing, I finally worked up the courage to go downstairs and ask J to come upstairs to give me some company. I was badly in need of contact with a person who could relate with me on my level. I got downstairs and I see J hitting the bong, I avoided eye contact with almost everyone, and rushed to the corner of the room where J was holding the bong. It was passed to me, I took a hit and tried to relax. J seemed content and had no problem being around everyone, while it was almost unbearable for me. J went over to attempt ping pong and I followed him while quietly mentioning “whip-it & music upstairs” or something like that. He got the hint that I needed to talk and came upstairs with me.

T+ 02:30 hrs
I should mention that the 2C-D was working at full steam, and the 2C-C was fully developed by this time as well. J and I went into my room, I immediately shut the door (outside contact was really uncomfortable) and we turned on music. I then proceeded to explain my situation and how I was feeling. I was tripping my balls off and was feeling waaaay disconnected from my body/reality. I was reminded of ketamine in the sense that I was “disconnected” from my body. I managed to work through this feeling, by simply getting up and moving, that seemed to help.

T+ 03:00 - 03:30 hrs
During the peak, I felt as if it were coming in waves, very intense, like standing on the beach watching a tsunami tidal wave come at you, but you know there is nothing you can do to avoid it, just watch it come and hope for the best. When these intense waves would begin to overtake me, I would notice a blue glow from the sides of my vision, at times it was blue with orange undertones all in my peripheral, this was along with the rest of the crazy visuals that seemed relentless. Also during these waves and at other times between them, I felt as if I had a “flowing” sensation from my face/head. Hard to explain, but it felt as if some kind of strange invisible fluid was “flowing” from my mouth particularly, as well as from my nose and eyes. I was unsure if it was just that metallic taste making this sensation, or if it was just a characteristic of the drug that I never noticed in prior trials, all I know is I don’t remember 2C-D doing this in the past and it makes me wonder if my product was impure or cut years ago when I first bought and tested 2C-D.

This sensation was so strong at times that I was wondering for real in my head if I was going to vomit, but I had no nausea, just a strange flowing sensation. This almost got me in a loop, I kept on thinking in my head: “maybe I gotta puke, but I really cant tell, I don‘t feel nauseas, but I really can‘t tell, maybe I gotta puke, but I don‘t feel nauseas, I really can‘t tell…etc” [repeat] (never did vomit thank god), and I rarely vomit on psychedelics. I realized I was letting these thoughts envelope me, and I had to pull myself out of it so I didn‘t end up sub-consciously causing myself to puke for no reason. I was way gone, I felt guilty, almost unworthy to feel this good and experience this much beauty and pure bliss. Yet for some reason even though I felt amazing, there was a feeling of unease, almost as if emotions were flopping from one extreme to the other like they do when I am on mushrooms or from a nasty amp comedown (I don’t regularly use amp and don’t really care for it, but I notice this flip-flop of emotion is really bad with an amp crash).

T + 04:00 hrs
This blissful yet uneasy state of mind went on for most of the peak in waves with the “flowing” sensation. Then just when I started to feel comfortable, I felt the drug ease its grip some and I could tell it was starting to wear off. I immediately remembered how this drug dissipates as fast as it comes on and realized we were almost done with the 2C-D. We both thought a whip-it was in order, so we made a double cartridge balloon each, laid back and went to the moon with nitrous. J got unlucky and lost his balloon after only a couple hits, I took about 3 hits out of the balloon and lost my balloon as well, at this time I went immediately into what I can only interpret as a +4 experience. It took me to the same place that high smoked doses of DMT does. I was shown some kind of “secret” or “sacred knowledge” about life and the world in general but only for a brief moment. I was completely out of my head at this point, I was hearing things and hallucinating heavily, I stood up to ground myself somewhat (as this is usually how I try to grasp reality), and almost did a face-plant.

Right then, for some reason I had it in my head that someone was at the door, J assured me nobody was there. I then realized how altered I felt and had to ask J what I had taken, he knew exactly what I was asking and replied “Nitrous! Double whippet!! And something about 2C-C and D”. I was still high and forgot what had conked me on the head so hard. I have been to that place with nitrous on various psychedelics and there are (for me) only a few that along with nitrous, blast me to a +4 where I am literally not in my body and feel hopelessly lost but content. Well, this combo at this level with a large amount of nitrous reproduced exactly that. Granted with nitrous it only lasts for a brief few seconds until things start to make sense again (unlike DMT which lasted many minutes). Shortly after a strong DMT experience, I often ask what I have taken as soon as I am able to form a sentence properly.

T+ 04:30 hrs
I hear a knock on my door and instantly got that feeling in the pit in my stomach, I felt anxious, I ask J, “who is it??” and a familiar voice answers from the other side of the door, “the only person who would be knocking right now, hehe”. It took me a sec but I realized it was our buddy M, the other guests had left and he wanted to hang out with us and see how we were doing. J was feeling a bit more down now and was wanting more 2C-D. Since we had an actual sober person in the room, I had him oversee the operation of weighing the delicate powder. Being I was still intoxicated, I knew there was always the possibility that I could make an error and not notice (I am sure I could have weighed it without error, but still rather be safe than sorry since the sober guy was in the room and all), but with a sober pair of eyes watching over I felt more confident and weighed J out another 25mg booster, re-checking the weight 3 times.

M was feeling left out and wanted to get some kind of buzz with us. However it was way too late for him to dose 2C-D, so instead I offered him 200mg of 4-MMC, which he gladly accepted. Then J and I got to thinking that a nice dose of 4mmc would go nicely with the headspace. We all ended up taking some, I took 150mg oral and insufflated another 100mg. M cut 2 piles of 100mg ea, he took some orally as well as nasally, also it was his first time insufflating 4mmc (wish I had my camera for the picture of his face when the burn set in… priceless) aside from the initial burn, he was loving it with the rapid onset. I enjoy the extended effects when taken orally and find insufflating too short and a bit harsh on the sinuses. This doesn’t stop me from doing 4mmc one way or another, I just do it whatever way fits the moment or allotted time. It seems a bit short lived to be much fun, but is very nice every so often.

T+ 05:00 hrs
This was a first time for me taking 4mmc alongside a psychedelic, and it felt great! The 2C-D was dissipating fast, but the 2C-C was still at work, subtle yet there. Then the 4mmc started to work causing me to feel like I was getting a second wind from the 2C-D. I was certainly getting high fast, that was decidedly so. I started feeling downright spectacular, the “flowing” sensation from earlier had subsided, my eyes were starting to dance from side to side and colors took on a brighter hue. “This was a great idea!!” I remember thinking to myself, additionally it helped me to ease into the remainder of the experience with some powerful euphoria. Before taking the 4mmc, I was getting spurts of uneasy/anxious feelings but the feelings left as soon as the 4mmc started to work its magic. We all had a great time conversing about different things, and appreciating music. It was starting to get a bit late as I noticed a bit of tiredness when the 4mmc started to wear off. We had been in my room for about 45 mins just BS’ing and listening to music.

T+ 06:00 hrs (after 6am)
I start yawning a lot at this point and realize I am exhausted and ready for bed soon. I could still clearly see the 2C-C working just a bit in the background but it wasn’t keeping me up. We smoked one last bowl and I told them it was time for me to lay down. I told them both that if they needed to crash here it was ok and we have lots of extra room. They insisted on staying up and playing ping pong downstairs for another hour or so. I got in my bed, turned on Netflix, took another .5mg Xanax and drifted off to sleep just when it was getting light outside.

Next day
T+ 12:00 hrs
The next day I felt drained a bit, and also noticed some lingering visuals, like tracers and some patterning of spots here and there. It really surprised me at how vivid the lingering effects were. The entire next day I was seeing trails on things, and wondered if it was just from lack of good sleep. I was also unaware at this time that I was starting to get a head cold, I now feel that played a large role in feeling drained the next couple days. J reported no hangover. Other than feeling drained, no ill effects other than the intensity was more than I was prepared to deal with. I had a great time after I got away from the “sober” people, and had some great conversation with J as well.


I spent the last week picking my brain and going over as many details of the night that I could remember. Overall it felt positive, however I still had some difficulties during this experience. J stated he was at a perfect level but also said it was intense, still he was having a blast and later actually asked for more 2C-D!! I on the other hand had been dealing with mixed emotions and anxiety all night. I finally had gotten a handle on things which took most of the trip, exhausting me mentally toward the end. It took me a week of reflecting on this night to really understand everything that happened. I am still pondering as to why I was having so much trouble letting go, as I usually have no issues in this area. I did have some personal things going on that were weighing on my mind a bit. So looking back, I believe this had a lot to do with why I was feeling so anti-social and exposed when I was around “sober” people (especially ones that don‘t trip, don‘t understand tripping one bit, and have no idea that I had taken anything).

It’s funny sometimes with psychedelics how some of the littlest things can cause the biggest mental roadblocks, like when I had to work up courage to go downstairs in my own house, lol. I couldn’t handle the thought of being around seven or more loud “sober” people (some had been drinking a little and some weren’t, that‘s why I put “sober” in quotes above…). I knew my pupils were huge, my eyes were without color and I was not acting like myself, since I was indeed thoroughly intoxicated. I would work up anxiety with thoughts like this and had a hard time telling myself it was just the drug. Although nobody even noticed me really, I felt like I was acting strange and everyone was watching me when I was around “sober“ people.

For the duration of the trip I spent most of the time trying to keep up with the effects, as the drug(s) seemed one step ahead of me and I was playing catch up. I found it hard to concentrate at times, and all this was distracting enough that I could not entirely focus my thoughts on any of the problems at hand to resolve or work through some of them. After multiple attempts with no luck trying to rationalize or figure out the problem I wanted to fix, I came down a bit more and was better able to understand the situation but decided I was too exhausted and my brain needed a rest, it didn’t need any more of me poking around my head trying to “fix” things.

I, like many other psychonauts out there, use some of the time during a nice experience to reflect on life, delve deep into my own thoughts, analyze myself, my habits, and all the events in the past that proved to be trying times which helped me to learn and grow, then create constructive ideas that would help me better myself in the long run based on which things were bugging me the most. I like to think of psychedelics as both a sacrament and a therapeutic tool, but need to be used in the correct way to get the desired results. In this instance, I am pretty sure that the high dose and slight confusion that accompanied it is what made it feel almost impossible to use in a therapeutic manner. My thoughts were scattered, I felt little introspection was possible because of this. Although I was not looking for a therapy dose, I was hoping to use the experience in a positive way and to better myself in the process. That’s where I was wrong, as this 2C-D seemed to feel much stronger than my prior batch of 2C-D. I even tested this batch at 40mg and found it to be on par with previous experiences at this level with the first batch.

A few days after this combo trip I took it at 52 mg’s and found it to be again very intense, much more than I remembered it in the past. The difference between 40mg and 52mg was actually a bit of a leap. I feel this compound doesn’t get very interesting until I get to the 50mg mark. I have thought that since the first time I had what I would call a true rich experience on 2C-D, this was with my very first order of 2C-D and I took 50mg for the first time after stepping my way up from 20mg. With my first batch back in 2004, 30mg was mega tease, 40mg -getting there, 50mg - We have lift-off!!, 65mg - I am a space cadet!!, 80mg - no different than 65mg imo. With the batch I presently have, I see no reason to ever dose past 60mg again. However I would have not even blinked at dropping 75-80mg of my first batch for a fun ride. Always step-test new batches people!!

I do not regret the experience, as there will always be difficult ones, and they can be just as rewarding as glowing experiences. I am still going over all of the events that took place leading up to the trip. I want to better understand what was different this time, was it the unexpected strength of the compound? Maybe this was all in my head, maybe it had been so long since I last had 2C-D that I forgot how strong it was. Maybe I should have prepared in a better way. Maybe this maybe that. Like I said, I will be tossing this one around in my head for a while trying to make sure I can avoid this in the future. I make more mention of the 2C-D in this report because I feel it was the dominant part of the trip, the 2C-C was only visible because of the relaxing feeling it gives, plus after the 2C-D wore off I could just tell it was there. I have tasted these individually, with more experience in the 2C-D dept. I will most likely take some time off to reflect on this last experience. I am unsure when my next trip will be with 2C-D, my next trip may be with 2C-C, or mushies, in other words, I won’t know until I feel the time is right to take another voyage. Except this time it will be much more carefully planned. This experience was a bit on the impulsive side and some minor details were not looked into, resulting in a period of difficulty for me. I am not usually impulsive like I was that night, and I paid the price. I can think of a dozen things I would have checked first before dosing, but it’s all in the past now and cannot be changed. All I can do is look back and remember what would have made it better, or at least a bit more comfortable, and try to bring those ideas with me for the next journey.

I know this is lengthy, but if you have made it this far then, BRAVO! for your patience, and thank you very much for taking time to read over my report. Not often do I go on a trip that deserves 4-5 hrs of my time afterwards to write up and edit a detailed report, but this was one of those special experiences that I felt would be nice to share with you all.

Thanks again for reading!!


Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90358
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Jun 18, 2011Views: 13,890
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