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Chilling in My Bed
by Cptn. Underpants
Citation:   Cptn. Underpants. "Chilling in My Bed: An Experience with 2C-I (exp90361)". Sep 23, 2018.

10 mg oral 2C-I


10mg Orally
First psychedelic
Taken without any other drugs at 1:15pm
Previous drugs: Cannabis, Alcohol

1:45 PM (+0.30)
No noticeable intoxication. Iím a little uppity because Iím anxious. I suspect some placebo symptoms are at play since Iím focused on sensations but I know it takes a while for the drug to take effect. Just exited the shower and decided to document my experience.

1:55 PM (+0.40)
Iím feeling some things that I doubt are a result of placebo. I feel a rush of sorts and my skin feels sensitive. Iím also on a bouncy ball so Iím constantly moving up-forward and down-back (like rocking motions). Maybe this is playing a role.

Iím noticing some muscle tension in arms and cheek/mouth area / clenching my teeth. I had put the powder in my tongue directly while I was encapsulating the rest of the 2C-I powder (for later use). Maybe this explains the teeth clenching. Itís not bothersome but noticeable. Watching Adventure Time and the visuals are nice. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but Iím enjoying it more than usual. Iíve read reports about it taking a while to kick but didnít know it was this quick. Heart seems to be beating faster. My feet feel nice. Iím enjoying writing about this as I write this. Iím so happy I took a small-light dose. I read about people tripping on 20mg and saying it was like more intense. This is like a nice cruise. Also, my eyes are visibly dilated.

Happy, dipping into some emotional stuff while enjoying techno. No muscle tension or heart ache. A little teeth clenching but donít know if itís mental since Iím looking for physical ailments to note.

Strong Closed Eye Visuals (CEV) and some Open Eye Visuals (OEV). Sensitive to sensation. Lying in bed feels good. Listening to techno.

Itís hard to write down. Very revealing stuff. Itís hard to describe. Ok. Iím out to space.
[Looking back, I was just rolling around in bed with CEV and entering deep meditative states. I used to meditate regularly but stopped doing so a couple months back.]

Physically doing the same. Donít want to delve into the personal issues but I understand why psychedelics are considered powerful tools by some people.

Time is still going by slow. A lot of introspection. No physical ailments. Maybe heart racing but it seems negligible at this point. Mildly euphoric. I'm still very clearheaded.

Enjoying techno and chilling in my bed. No physical ailments. A lot of mental exploration. Very clear headed. Since Iíve never done psychedelics or hard drugs, I donít know what clear headedness might mean. But Iíve been drunk and extremely high on weed to the point that I just let whatever feels good take over me. I feel that Iím still rational. Iíve talked on the phone and have interacted with people and they donít realize Iím on a trip. I stayed outside for a little bit and realized that I was showing signs of intoxication so I quickly went back to my room. Still it feels comfortable here.

I have a chalkboard with writing on it (blackboard with a red frame, white chalk) and just realized it was there. I just starred at it after putting on some eyeglasses (amber tinted) and the writing is becoming distorted. Some color variations. Not sure if this was because of the eyeglasses (theyíre a second pair of prescription, if that matters). The colors heavily separated between yellow, red, and green.

Time is still going slow. Iíve urinated like 4-5 times since I started at 1pm. I havenít drunk that much water, but in the morning I usually drink a lot of coffee. I donít feel dehydrated. Just lying in bed. Feeling good.

Mild nausea. I think Iím leveling off now or Iím coming down. Still feeling good. Stopped listening to techno and started watching Adventure Time. Touch is sensitive. I was expecting a body load, but Iím not feeling anything of the sort.

Iím eating food and it taste stale. I think the better half of the trip is over but Iím still appreciating the come down. While on weed I sometimes anticipate the come down and it sort of sobers me up quick, but this good feeling is not affected by my worrying. Again, Iím usually a very nervous person and my anxiety is coming back (which feels like being sober).

Time feels back to normal. Iím drinking half caffeinated coffee. I wouldnít trust myself walking down the street or doing anything that would endanger other peopleís health if it depended on my motor skills. Physically: body feels fine. A little headache coming on. Still feel the teeth clenching but it was never bothersome just when I think about it. I feel light when I walk. I wouldnít trust myself holding anything heavy.

Headache is slowly progressing. This might be because of the caffeine, but I doubt it (half caffeinated black, no sugar; if that matters). Dry mouth but I think this because of the bitter coffee. On weed, I would probably be enjoying the coffee a lot more but happiness seems overrated now. Iíve avoided going into the emotional stuff I experienced but it was intense. Not to sound mythical or anything. The feeling is very natural. Itís like shedding some heavy burdens that you might have felt before (and this where the subjectivity goes into play; why I avoid talking about it).

Urinating for like 7-9 times since 1pm. Teeth clenching still present. Headache is growing. Iím pretty confident that itís not due to the coffee I drank.

Headache is still evident. I would say that itís mild. Definitely sobering up now. Although I still feel some of it. Colors feel nice, but I donít see them vibrating any longer. Iím drinking my second cup of coffee. Iím definitely awake and itís not because of the coffee. I woke up like at 6am after sleeping 6 hours (normal for me). I expect to crash by 1am, but I might stay up all night. Lately Iíve had a weird sleeping schedule so I might not notice a difference, but if other people take it they might want to consider their schedule.

Headache is still mild. Maybe getting stronger. The coffee is not helping, but itís definitely not just the coffee. Stopped drinking the coffee, now drinking water. Jaw still clenching.

Feeling more normal than tripping. I feel relaxed although my jaw is still clenching a bit. It was never a severe clenching, but noticeable. For some reason I feel tired. I think itís more mental exhaustion than anything else.

I thought that time was back to normal, but it seems to be going a little slow. I donít think this is because of the drugs but a combination of my anxieties and the drugs. I donít know how other people might come down. Jaw still clenching. Mild headache.

Still feeling a little nausea and still feeling a mild headache. Feeling good.

Nausea is minimal, headache is mild, about to go to sleep. Feeling normal as opposed to 'good''

12:04 AM (+11.11)
Lying down in bed. Headache (not too severe but bothersome). Nausea gone. Feeling normal but with a bit of a hangover.

8:46 AM - Woke up after going to bed at around 1-2 am. Feeling normal but more relaxed. I sort of feel a hangover but no nausea or anything similar. Just weak or a little sludgy. Very inspiring day yesterday.

Write up:
Iím thinking that this is a good introduction to psychedelics. I knew itís all mental through the trip, but still now I know what people mean by visuals. Learned a lot about myself and honestly about other people. I donít know why anyone would do this outside when inside it feels so good. But I guess thatís the proís of drugs: you decide the environment. Iím not the type of person to go to clubs or even do psychedelics, but wanted to try it before it got banned. I probably wonít start going out to clubs or raves, but Iím open to more trips. I might even go deeper into the rabbit hole with stronger psychedelics (2C-E, Shrooms, LSD). But this by itself is nice after cannabis stops being fun. Iím still not interested in harder drugs and if I do psychedelics again, it will not be anytime soon.

Iím happy with the low dosage. Feels good without losing control.
Iím happy with the low dosage. Feels good without losing control.
Some might argue that drugs are only good when you lose control. I donít know. But for an introductory drug, I liked it. Actually, I think itís wrong to think about this as an introductory drug. Iím not sure why I accepted that terminology. Itís a drug unto itself. The feeling is no less significant than being sober or being drunk. Itís an experience. I think I let other people influence me because I read about people doing stronger dosages or doing stronger drugs. Itís all about the experience. If this is all you need, this is all you need.

I was too gone to notice physical aches, but this is for the doctors to say since theyíre the ones with the tools. I did feel my heart pacing a bit. No noticeable nausea.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90361
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Sep 23, 2018Views: 1,426
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2C-I (172) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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