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Vernal Equinox
4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis
by sakithin
Citation:   sakithin. "Vernal Equinox: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis (exp90372)". Jul 25, 2011.

1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
    smoked Cannabis
  25 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT


Some friends of mine had rid themselves of a roommate who had started using crack after moving in with them, and in order to reestablish a sense of their apartment as domestic and their own, had decided to use the vernal equinox as an opportunity to have a spring ritual to that effect. This began with a cocktail party, which was to be followed by some psychedelic use, then by going down to the lake and watching the equinoctal sun rise over the water from the beach, and possibly also involve the casting of some medallions (though we never got to that).

I can't remember quite when I arrived at my friends' house, but do remember sitting on a couch next to the (gnostic) priest who married my wife and me (whom I'll call J), and his gf (C). I was quickly offered (and accepted) a beer, got into some conversation, and before long a pipe full of pot was getting passed around (from which I took a couple of hits before passing it along). General pleasant conversation and filtering around the party continued until about 1am, at which point, J, C, and I snuck into our hosts' bedroom with a 'tickle trunk' full of research chems and associated paraphernalia which I had brought to share. I opted to duck out at this time because I was expecting us all to take 4-AcO, and wanted us to be back down enough to catch a taxi to the beach in time for sunrise (being on daylight saving time already, sunrise was to be at around 7:15am).

After going over the assorted chemicals (and also discussing DMT, since 3 of the chems were tryptamines), we settled down to measure out and consume some of the 4-AcO. T (one of the hosts) had also joined us by this time, and was interested in a dose analogous to 1/8oz of mushrooms, so I re-calibrated my scale, set a rolling paper on it, weighed out 20mg of 4AcO, and gave it to her to parachute. I then weighed out a 20mg dose for J, but he expressed some reluctance to take anything, having recently had a bad trip, and being unsure that he'd worked through the necessary issues to take a trip. I then asked C what size of dose she would like, and she expressed interest in a lower dose, so I took the 20mg myself, and weighed out a 15mg dose for her. I also weighed out 15mg for J and folded up the paper for him to have when he felt ready to try this substance. Then I took the tweezers that I had used to pick out the 4-AcO from the bag and put it on the scale, wiped off as much residue as I could on a relatively clean area on the inside of the bag, and then licked off the remaining residue (which I estimate to have been about 2mg).

After doing this, D (the other host) came in and expressed interest in having some 4AcO later (as T was likely to be inebriated soon, and he felt it irresponsible to have both hosts tripping at a cocktail party). I informed him that I'd just dosed myself, and should weigh out his dose before my trip really set in. He expressed an interest in a 15mg dose, which I weighed out, and folded up like J's dose. Then, I cleaned the tweezers as I had before, put the materials away, and brought D's dose to him.

Being mainly interested in spending time with J and C (not having seen J in about a year and a half before this party), I returned to the bedroom and laid around chatting on the bed with them. After a short while, C and I were starting to come up. I was looking up at the (plain, white) ceiling, and beginning to see pale but colourful patterns appear on it.

I can't remember exactly why, but I felt compelled to go back near the core of the party. By the time I got one room away, it sounded like a terrifying din, so stayed in the other room to explore it.

Nothing particularly notable happened until I decided that I should go back to the bedroom, to try and get a bit of a nap, in order not to be a complete wreck for sunrise. After laying down on the bed, I heard an assortment of buzzing, clicking, and whirring noises. The noises were present whether my eyes were open or closed, but I could see nothing that would cause such a noise when my eyes were open.

Upon closing my eyes however, I could see that the source of the sound was an assortment of alien entities, of which I am still unsure whether they were creatures or devices. Each seemed to consist of a pair of balls connected by a sort of tether; the tethers seemed to be straight, except where they bent at right angles. The aliens were moving along the surface of what seemed to be a machine, and I couldn't tell whether they were part of some self-maintenance system it had, or if they were somehow operating it. I also wondered at whether the balls were the actual aliens, and the tethers were a device or appendage of theirs, of if it was the tether that was the alien, and the balls were devices or appendages.

Presumably in order to make some sense of this, I decided to get a better look at the rest of my surroundings. I appeared to be in the midst of an intricate network, or perhaps a lattice, of somewhat Geiger-esque organo-technological arches (some of them pointed, and some of them round). Most of the space was empty, as though the arches simply marked passages between largely-unenclosed spaces, and not that they were necessarily the only way to pass between these spaces. This change of perspective only helped with my wondering about the aliens in that it distracted me from them entirely.

I don't remember much of the hallucinations after that, except that I eventually needed to get up and go to the bathroom. When I was using the toilet, the wall behind it was breathing. I found this peculiar, since I'd only previously had breathing-wall hallucinations on LSD; never on mushrooms or 4AcO. Having taken some LSD a week prior to this trip, I suspect that the 4AcO simply potentiated a flashback. I returned to the bed, closed my eyes, and dropped back into a state of consciousness that felt somewhere between dreams and closed-eye visuals.

The details of that period don't seem terribly memorable, but I do remember that it ended when I needed to go to the bathroom again. This time around, I also had to poop and after doing so, I couldn't find the soap in the bathroom, so I headed over to the kitchen (near where the party and crowd had been) to wash my hands there.

The party had largely cleared up, so I was free to hang around with T, D, J, and C. With fewer people around, it was also easier to spend time staring at the paintings on the walls (which were strangely engaging, though I can't think of anything particularly hallucinatory about them beyond the shapes and colours seeming particularly pronounced). Having been laying in bed, I had become quite thirsty, and had begin drinking a lot of water. Because of this, it wasn't long before I had to pee again, but this time went in the washroom closer to the kitchen. This is notable because the paint in this bathroom had been applied in a layered, swirly finish, and while I was in the washroom, the layers appeared to seperate, and move around each other.

Not long after this, D requested a top-up on his dose; I advised him that, being an analogue to mushrooms, it was very likely that redosing would accomplish very little if anything. Eventually we determined that I would weigh out a 5mg top-up to his dose (bringing him up to 20mg), if he promised to report back to me on whether this top-up had a perceptible effect (I checked back a few days later, and he reported that it did, but that it felt more like it extended the trip than that it brought about a new peak experience).

More non-noteworthy activity took place until it was time to catch a cab down to the park to watch the sunrise. Since there were 5 of us, and we likely wouldn't all fit in a cab, I opted to ride my bike instead (I usually try to include some bicycle riding in any trip where I retain enough motor control to do so; having undertaken a loaded solo coast-to-coast bicycle tour a few years back, there are few--if any--places that I feel more at home than on a bicycle, so I find a ride to be a valuable grounding experience).

Unfortunately, T and D were slow getting going, and because holding up the cab to wait for them would mean that all of us would miss the sunrise, we left them to their own devices to catch up with us.

By the time I reached the park, the large, full moon (it was particularly close this time around) was just beginning to set on the western horizon, and J and C had already arrived, and were sharing a joint with an older gentleman who comes to that park every Sunday morning to take pictures with his friend (said gentleman arrives earlier than his friend because his friend doesn't smoke pot). After joining them, and chatting for a bit, we wandered into the park towards the beach.

As we headed off the road onto a walking trail, I began to have a rather interesting visual hallucination. About 5 months prior to this trip, I had taken some 2C-I on a lovely autumn afternoon. I was by the water while waiting to come up, and seeing the sunlight twinkling on the waves, had thought that it would be quite lovely to have a trip where everything appeared to have a similar sort of twinkle to it (but more appropriate to the colours and setting than would be obtained by simply having them twinkle like water). I had expected that it would probably take several years of experimentation with various psychedelics to find a combination of substances and circumstances which would produce this sort of twinkling, and that experiencing this would be a worthy challenge to set for my use of these substances. Needless to say, the interesting visual hallucination in question was exactly the sort of twinkles I had previously been imagining.

The twinkles persisted as we walked along the trail, lasting until we got to the beach and could look out across the water. While waiting for the sun to rise, we all observed all manner of interesting effects with the bands of colour near the horizon. There were pinkish and orangeish bands in the sky that appeared at times to be simply colourful, and at other times appeared to be glowing, even glowing brightly. The water looked mostly blue like the rest of the sky, but with black patches around the waves, which appeared to mush into a black line right at the horizon.

Eventually a sliver of brilliant white light on the horizon blossomed into the rising sun, and we commented on all the different shapes made by the sun, its reflection in the water, and its glare in the sky, as they came and went. By the time the sun was simply a brilliant disk above the horizon, T and D had caught up with us. We chatted briefly, and then I decided that I had become fairly cold, and was also quite tired, and needed to go home and sleep.

I did so, slept for nearly 8 hours, and was still quite able and ready to go to bed at my usual time (a little before midnight) the following night. I did not perceive any lingering effects (beyond a sense of satisfaction that I'd just enjoyed a thoroughly aesthetically marvelous experience--this sense lingered for at least a couple of days).

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90372
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 31 
Published: Jul 25, 2011Views: 7,286
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Large Group (10+) (19)

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