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Sacred Laughter and the Unknown
4-Acetoxy-DiPT, DPT & Cannabis
Citation:   Catfish Rivers. "Sacred Laughter and the Unknown: An Experience with 4-Acetoxy-DiPT, DPT & Cannabis (exp9038)". Aug 27, 2001.

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T+ 0:00
31 mg oral 4-AcO-DiPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15   smoked DPT (freebase)
  T+ 1:30   smoked DPT (freebase)
I started this experiment already two steps ahead of myself. This being my first experience with 4-ACO-DiPT, the plan was to take it without mixing any other drugs with it (except for cannabis), and to take it by myself, so that I could concentrate on the new terrain I was aiming to explore. However, I met up with a friend and his roommate, both of whom have spent time mapping out the paths that lead to the Otherworld with me. M. was excited to try out this new substance. S., however, is rather aprehensive about trying most of these newfangled, 'research chemicals.'. He has enjoyed 5Meo-DMT (which he only knows by the nickname, 'sprinkles', arising from the fact that it is sprinkled over the top of the bowl) but nothing else really. So, in the name of inclusion, I whipped out my DPT and explained the similarites between the two (and the differences). S. listend with a look of heavy concentration, and by the end of the 'lecture' by Prof. Drugz, he was giddy with anticipation. So the experiment began.

(10 pm)

I have just come of a particularly unsettling shift at work. I am a behavioral health counselor for the geriatric and had spent the evening in the hospital with a confused and diorientated woman who had fallen earlier during the day and now lay prostrate in the hospital bed, not knowing the year, the president, or how she fell in the first place. The experience left me drained physically and emotionally. I seriosuly was debating whether I wanted to follow through with the plan before meeting up with my friends. After a friendly bowl of cannabis and some laughs, my mood had diffused itself somewhat and I was ready and willing once again. So, without further adieu, M. and I took 31 mg of 4-ACO-DiPT orally in a gelcap.


A bowl is packed with some high quality cannabis and aproximately 100 mg of DPT freebase oil. The bowl was shared amoungst the three of us, although M. and I bowed out after 3 hits each to allow some space in our heads for the 4-ACO-DiPT to develope. S. finished the bowl, which lasted several more tokes. Within 5 minutes the three of us were donning our best perma grin smiles. I am well versed in the effects of DPT and believe I can detect the first inklings of the 4-ACO-DiPT by the 20 minute mark. It's hard to pin down at this point, especially considering the fact that I'm already flying my kite on DPT, but I think I can feel the start of the reported body high. It is somewhat similar to the somatic sensations induced by 5MeO-DiPT. My arms, legs and head are all pleasant to touch, happy pins and needles pushing goose bumps up through my skin. I am reminded of the 'chills' one gets at a touching scene in a movie.


I am well into the ascent of the 4-ACO-DiPT now. Laughter fills the room like smoke, as we move further into the experience. My mood is very much elevated from the start of the night. All touches of darkness have been removed from my mood. I feel carefree and relaxed. I can sense currents of somatic pleasure pulsing through my body. There is a wonderful rush blossuming in my chest. M. is laying on the couch, bouncing his arms and legs and reminds me of a piece of bacon frying. He reports feeling 'awesome.' S., reports experiencing visuals from the DPT and is quite excited. M. and I are not having any visuals outside of perhaps the sparkle-sheen that coats everything when the pupils become dark swallowing moons. Colors seem enhanced or brightened somewhat.


Another bowl of cannabis with aproximately 50 mg DPT is smoked by S. and I, M. reports that he is well stoked and needs no additives at the moment. After 3 hits, the shaggy carpet begins to whorl and dance. I imagine rug dervishes performing sacred dances for the ceiling gods, who busy themselves making the walls breathe in and out. I am reminded of the scene from the Matrix, after Neo realizes his true potential, and makes the walls of the hallway bulge out. I am really quite overwhelmed by the amount of movement going on, but being that my mood is absolutely glowing, I take it in stride and lie back to enjoy the fireworks.

The semantic centers of my brain are also quite well lubed by this point, as I am spawning humorous babblings faster than rabbits on Viagra in the spring. M., on the other hand, reports feeling characteristically slow and introverted (he always gets this way on psychedelics). A passage from the Koran floats through my consciousness, which says something to the effect that, 'The gates of paradise open wide for he who can make his companions laugh.' I very much enjoy the idea of sacred laughter. If there was ever a thing to build a religion around, it is laughter. I am quite positively +++ right now.

(12 am)

No real visuals to speak of anymore. Some random blips and trails, but nothing consistent. I look at myself in the mirror and notice that my pupils are nearly touching the whites of my eyes. A Liliputian airplane could fly right through one of them into my brain! My mood is still ecstatic. I am enjoying the body high, touching anything soft that is in reach of my blissed out physical form lying across the rug. My hands feel a bit balmy, but it doesn't bother me much.

I notice that time seems to be moving incredibly slow. I feel as if my brain has been spinning its psychedelic wheels for at least 6 hours, but alas it has been only two! I report this to M., who agrees that his sense of time is stretched out. This will be a theme with me for the rest of the experience. I am constantly amazed when I check the time to see how little time has actually passed. Meanwhile, my subjective clock is ticking faster than it can tock.


M. and I retire to his room to watch Pokemon 3 the movie. We smoke a few bong hits each and flic on the lava lamp for some ambiance. I am blown away by the underlying philosphies present in the movie and am delighted in the fact that this is what is brain washing kids today. A new Pokemon called, 'Unknown' which are a living alphabet of sorts are introduced. These Pokemon fascinate me due to their ability to feed off the psychic energies of a person and create a virtual dream world into which the person is transported. I am reminded of the language of DNA and of the Qabalah and also of the action of psychedelic drugs. Just as I start to delve in deep to the inner workings of Pokemon philosphy, S. walks by the room and lets out a singsongy mocking about M. and I, two adult men, watching Pokemon. For the next 30 minutes I am trapped inside a mental whirlpool of justifying to myself that it is perfectly valid for a grown man to search for spiritual meaning in Pokemon. After I realize just what I am doing, I lose myself in a fit of giggles. The whole scenario strikes me as absolutely ludicrous.


M. and I move out to his deck and smoke a joint. I am amazed at the wall of sound erected by the creatures of the night. Peepers are peeping, the crickets are busy creating a static of leg noise, locusts are buzzing in a sort of call and response while M. and I fill the air with smoke and flapdoodle. The stars are winking and doing their pixie dances. It feels good to be outside. The cool night air is causing a fresh wave of goosebumps to arise out of the persistent body buzz. I start to emit a low 'ohm' sound in tune with the night symphony. CEVs run rampant through my mind with the speed and intensity of an electric current. I am starting to feel worn down and tired, although my body is loose and relaxed. I imagine swimming would be excellent, but there is no water around.


I feel like my grandfather, who would insist he was looking for holes in his eyelids when I would catch him nodding off in his easy chair as I sit close eyed telling M. that I am not really tired, that my eyes are only closed so that I can 'study my CEVs.' Soon enough though I admit that I am exhausted and head off to sleep, which comes effortlessly and quick.

I am quite enamored with 4-ACO-DiPT (although I still need to experience it by itself to be sure). The best and shortest analogy I can give to describe it is that 4-ACO-DiPT is what LSD would be if it were MDMA in another universe. I found it to induce a head space somewhat akin to a 'candyflip' experience, although shorter and accompanied by a body buzz similar, but more pleasant than 5MeO-DiPT. It was better due to the fact that I experienced nearly no negative side effects. I also found it to carry a strong empathic quality. All in all, 4-ACO-DiPT has won my favor.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9038
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 27, 2001Views: 26,805
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Cannabis (1), DPT (21), 4-AcO-DiPT (55) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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