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Lysergic Acid Rejuvenation
LSD & Piracetam
by cryptix420
Citation:   cryptix420. "Lysergic Acid Rejuvenation: An Experience with LSD & Piracetam (exp90383)". May 29, 2019.

T+ 0:00
    Cannabis (daily)
  T+ 0:00 2.4 g oral Piracetam (daily)
  T+ 0:00 250 mg oral Vitamins - Choline (daily)
  T+ 0:00 1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  
  T+ 6:15 12 mg oral Melatonin  
  T+ 6:15 1 g oral Tryptophan  


I'm a somewhat experienced experienced user of using psychoactive drugs to achieve an altered state of consciousness, including daily cannabis use for about a year, and occasional use of MDMA (perhaps a bit more than occasionally...), LSD, DOx, shrooms, DXM, diphenhydramine, LSA, and 2c-I. I am a very health conscious individual and avoid all the crap food & drinks. I try to keep it organic as much as possible and I walk everyday.

It had been a couple months since taking LSD at the time of this experience for my girlfriend and myself, and we had also recently moved in together; I'm sure many of you know the challenges that can present. Also at the time of this particular trip, I had been on a regimen of 800mg of Piracetam 3x daily and 250mg of choline & inositol each for about 3 weeks.
I had been on a regimen of 800mg of Piracetam 3x daily and 250mg of choline & inositol each for about 3 weeks.
I had already begun to notice much easier memory recall, less social anxiety, easier ability to focus on the task at hand, more fluid speech and verbal recall, increased energy throughout the day, less mental haze (I attribute this to slight MDMA abuse), as well as many other numerous benefits with the only side effect ever being a minimal headache.

Anyway, on the the trip! I had acquired some white on white blotter my dealer said was supposed to be even better than the Purple Nebulas (or are they called naked ladies? Idk. They were purple with gold chicks all over it looking into a big orb of energy in the middle). I was skeptical as I'd never tried WoW before but my mind was soon to be changed. We had 2 tabs, one for each of us.

The saturday night finally came, we both didn't work until late the next day….it was on like Donkey Kong. We both preloaded with 1600mg Piracetam and 250mg/250mg choline/inositol. I also take [brand supplement] daily along with various other supplements for general health.

T+0:00 (4:45PM) - We drop one hit each. We always put it on each others' tongues, more fun and sexy that way, lol. Held it underneath the tongue for about 10 minutes, and then swallowed….let the waiting begin. Before dropping we had decided once tripping we would go on a walk in our neighborhood to the little nature trail, then decide what we would like to do from there.

T+0:15 (5:00PM) - First alert. Signs of something additional on top of our weed high.

T+0:30 (5:15PM) - I tell my girlfriend I can definitely feel something is different; the chemical is beginning to do its magic. We mozy about our bedroom distracting ourselves until it is in full effect.

T+1:00 (5:45PM) - Things are beginning to breathe. I can sense of sort brightness when I close my eyes that would seem like the beginning of CEV's. Light spots stay in my eyes much longer now, beginning to feel in a very good mood and warm & euphoric all throughout my body.

T+2:00 (6:45PM) - The past hour has consisted of my gf and I repeatedly laughing hysterically at the most mundane things. We found a toy flashlight in a random box and began looking at the carpet with it. After seeing all sorts of specks of gross looking shit, she stated 'I'm done looking at our carpet.' which seemed like the funniest thing in the world at the time and we laughed for about 5 minutes about it. The various paintings on our walls (done by my gf) are more alive then I've ever seen them. Not merely just paint on canvas, but a collection of emotions created by the artist but interpreted uniquely by every individual. At this point we smoked some hash, and we talked about the effect it had on the visuals. It seemed to make them more….fuzzy and warm. It made me feel like instead of being right inside the maelstrom, I was gazing at it comfortably from the distance; like watching beautiful fireworks from afar while lazing on a private island in the middle of the caribbean with a bottle of rum. Perhaps rum is a bad metaphor to use for LSD though. Lol. I just felt it was easier to kick back and enjoy the trip rather than be hammered by the intensity acid is known for.

T+2:45 (7:30PM) - We decide we our ready for our walk. We pack a little weed and hash, our pipe, warm clothes, and head out.

The first thing we both noticed was the energy coming from all the plant life surrounding us.
The first thing we both noticed was the energy coming from all the plant life surrounding us.
Even the sky and the clouds were pulsating, the clouds looked like something out of a movie where they show a fast forwarded scene of the sky, and all the clouds are moving and changing really quickly. Like that, but in more slow motion. The edges of the clouds especially were all wispy and watery and just so goddamned beautiful, we had to check ourselves not to look like crazy tweakers (which are ample in our neighborhood) staring at the sky. You know how it is tripping in public. *insert giant pupils here* Also quite fantastic was the effortlessness of walking; it was as if something had taken over the job for us. I was just a pair of eyes riding along on some magical LSD driven legs. The hillsides in the distance are all varying and vibrant shades of green; every time I drive by the same hillside sober it's just a plain old mound of grass, but now it was like everything else, alive. Much like all the trees we observed while smoking our pipe along the nature trail, sitting on one of those sewer entrance things. 'This is like, Avatar status' my gf said. She was right. All the trees seemed to be chanting along with the rest of mother nature, the tops of all of them were obviously pointed east towards where the sun is during the day, and it was really moving to see it. They seemed to be reaching with all their might, doing all they can to absorb every last ray of sun, simply for the miracle of living. It started to get pretty dark at this point, and some noises in the bushes made my gf promptly usher us back into the neighborhood and on our way home, but not before I had the most incredible part of my trip thus far, visually at least. I looked into the sky at the bright half-moon, and the entire rest of the sky from the horizon to the moon were suddenly filled with hundreds of inter-looping circles, all different shades of pink and green and purple. It was as if the entire night sky had transformed into an LSD inspired venn diagram on steroids.

It seemed the acid was having a trippy effect on the lens glare you see a lot in movies when the camera pans across the sun. We talked at this point about what we would do for the rest of our trip, as going back inside would be quite lame compared to the infinite beauty we'd just spent an hour observing. Body high was fantastic at this point, very warm and happy and energetic; perhaps also because walking in itself can make you feel great.

T+4:30 (9:15PM) - Back at home, ate some strawberries (my favorite thing that the hash added to the trip was it made it 100x easier to eat, usually it's nigh impossible for me) and had some water, smoked a little weed. Platinum Grape Ape :D It's always fun when I'm tripping on LSD in a room with the lights on and then right when I turn them off it's like 'ohhhh ssshhiiiiitttttttt I'm tripping balls!' it seems to me when I'm on acid that the darkness is the new light and the light is just too much and too intense. Vampire-y if you will. So Dracula was like on LSD all the time. Haha.

We talked a little about how we could tell how much harder we were tripping now than before we left to go on our walk. The entire room, including in my peripheral vision, was moving in and out, breathing if you will. The painting that before had only barely moved was now constantly moving in and out, side to side and up & down. Everything was made new again, every sensation and perception, as if we were children again. My entire field of vision was filled with subtle layer of colorful patterning and fractals, somewhat easy to ignore if I chose but definitely present. All the space that I normally associate with 'air' when I'm sober was now replaced instead by a living, thriving field of pure energy.
All the space that I normally associate with 'air' when I'm sober was now replaced instead by a living, thriving field of pure energy.
Everything was energy, in one way or another, just different temporary manifestations of it. I think that's how it always is, it's just easier for me to perceive it while in this state of mind.

The CEV's were random fractal like imagery that gave me the feeling I was being pulled into the center of my own existence, or perhaps the center of the universe, or maybe it's all the same thing. What's that diagram called where you zoom all the way out and you just end up back where you started? I can't remember. There was also a point where I was attempting to get my phone charger out from behind the bed, which my girlfriend was sitting on. I came really close to telling her to move, then the acid helped me stop and think for a second. I had just read earlier in the week about people in relationships blaming each other for their own problems as things progress; I realized I was about to do just that. I put a little more effort into getting the charger out, and after about 10 seconds I got it. Telling my gf to move wouldn't have changed anything, and I felt grateful for the lesson in love (does this sound corny?). Anyway, we decided at this point to drive about 5 minutes away to the beach, and walk along the pier. Our first LSD trip was at a different beach and it was very positive.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

T+4:40 (9:25PM) - We arrived at the harbor. The drive there was a little intense, as driving on LSD can be, and I don't recommend it, but hell, we wanted to go to the beach. Anyway, we parked, and had absolutely no idea where to go (we realized on this trip it might be a good idea to explore a desired tripping area sober beforehand, as to not feel like we're lost in the middle of a strange jungle, Jumanji style.) We grounded ourselves and worked up the courage to get out of the car. We walked over to a nice looking bench seated looking out over a bay full of sailboats and other various restaurants & stuff. After we were sitting there a few minutes we decided the noise we were hearing was definitely a seal barking, and I think there was a show going on across the bay. I told her I thought I could make out the trainers directing the seals; but then again who the hell knows (the first time we did LSD at the beach we were tripping so hard we were absolutely convinced that a plane flying by was a UFO. The lights looked massive and weird shaped, and our minds were blown for a few seconds). The seal barking was quite funny though, if that's what it was.

We sat here for about a while, relaxing and drifting off into the technicolor dreamworld. My vision would be normal one minute, then the next minute 100% of what I saw would be warping and melting and moving and dancing and vibrating, it was all so incredible and euphoric, I absolutely love the visual aspect of LSD. Every time a couple or someone with a dog would walk by on the sidewalk behind us we would just be silent and cling to each other; in a way the fear of other people was bringing us closer. Just like God (lol), acid works in mysterious ways. We left when we decided we'd gotten what we could from this spot, and ventured to get food and water at the natural foods store.

T+5:15 (10:00PM) - We arrived at the grocery store. This is when the trip began to get a bit gnarly. Before we got out of the car, my girlfriend realized she didn't have her purse with her. We frantically searched the car and concluded we immediately had to go back. We got on the highway and headed back, the drive being about 5 minutes. 5 or 6 minutes later, I realized I had gone the wrong way on the highway! Intensely frustrating. I was a little bummed because I could feel myself peaking but there was no way I would be able to enjoy the visuals at this point. The mission now was to just get the purse, get gas (our low fuel light was on), and go home. We turned around and finally made it back to the beach about 10 minutes later. To our dismay, the purse wasn't on the bench where we were sitting and she had thought she left it. I hoped she was just tripping and had actually left it at home. We drove home, and the purse was not there. We decided she should call and cancel her credit/debit cards, which she did. We got the cards cancelled and talked each other down a bit; the good news was there was no cash in the wallet. An intense night out, but through it all we only felt closer to & more grateful for each other.

(an elderly couple who found the purse called later that night. Whew!)

T+6:15 (11:00PM) - At this point the visuals had begun to lessen in intensity and I could feel things winding down; it had been an incredibly refreshing trip overall. My girlfriend commented that she 'hasn't laughed that much in a long time' as she's been quite stressed from working 7 days a week. We finished off our substantial supply of hash and nug of mary jane, and surprisingly got the munchies and ate some random stuff like cheese and fruit. I took 12mg melatonin and 1g tryptophan & my gf took 9mg melatonin. We laid down in bed and began to feel each others' bodies. Skin feels incredibly soft on LSD, and the sensation of being able to feel every inch of my body is orgasmic. We fooled around a bit and eventually began to have sex; the feeling was absolutely nirvanic. We agreed it was much more fulfilling than sex on MDMA in just about every way
We agreed it was much more fulfilling than sex on MDMA in just about every way
, including the ability to climax. It's just like I could feel every single square millimeter of my nerve endings being stimulated in the most erotic way, I was totally engulfed in a sea of love making and euphoric energy coursing through my body.

After we had finished having sex and eaten a bit more & smoked some more weed, we laid down in bed. We drifted off gently listening to music around the 8hr mark and woke up feeling incredible; that feeling of everything being perfectly crisp, almost vibrating with the newfound energy we were just a witness too. All my prior problems, fights, worries, stresses….all gone. Insignificant, trivial, not of great importance. The meaning of life to me is to love and be happy, and I feel that loving and being loved are the greatest sources of happiness for humans. Not to mention the feeling of being bonded I get with the people I trip with, sometimes it can feel like we went to war and came back together alive, lol. 'Mmm I get by with a little help from my friends, get hiiiigh with a little help from my friends..' to quote on of my favorite music artists (especially whilst on LSD) John Lennon. Damn I'm stoned right now.

I enjoyed expanding my mind with this beautiful substance :)

*One last note, after a few different LSD trips with/without the usage of piracetam, I've come to the conclusion what the main effects it's had for me are.

With Piracetam -

- Easier to get lost in the visuals, visuals much more prominent and noticeable, don't have to 'try' - More present and noticeable physical euphoria - Shortens the duration of the trip by about an hour or so - Had a bit of a headache the day after using LSD/Piracetam, usually none with LSD alone.

I think that's about it. Piracetam has been a really fun supplement to use in combination with all sorts of things. MDMA, mushrooms, caffeine, cannabis, alcohol, they're all great with piracetam. Especially MDMA though.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90383
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: May 29, 2019Views: 2,285
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