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Seven Months Smoking All Types
Spice-Like Smoking Blends
by TheTokeMan
Citation:   TheTokeMan. "Seven Months Smoking All Types: An Experience with Spice-Like Smoking Blends (exp90478)". Oct 13, 2020.

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My Experience With Synthetic Cannibis

I spent a good amount of time (7 months) smoking all types of synthetic cannabis. I smoked it heavily, quit cold turkey, and never experienced any kind of withdrawals. I have two experiences I'd like to share. My first and my last. My first experience:

Me and a friend of mine had heard a lot about this so called 'legal weed'. It didn't take much time for curiosity to get the better of us. We went to our local flea market and purchased 1 gram of 'Supernova'. At first I was a little concerned about the 'Not for human consumption' clearly written on the back. But it didn't take long for me to say 'Eh, why not?' At this time is was about 3:30PM, sun shining, with a slight breeze. Great weather. We decided to smoke in 'the fort'. It's pretty legit place for any drug experience. So we tore the bag open and got a good whiff. The stuff smelled excellent. This particular 'incense blend' really smelled like incense. We packed a small bowl (approx. 1/8 of a gram) and started smoking it. The effects kicked in instantly and were barely distinguishable from pot. We were both exstatic! All we could say was 'this is legal?!' The effects lasted about 2 1/2 hours. And we both got all the same symptoms of a pot high: red eyes, dry mouth, and the munchies. All in all my first experience was great.

I continued to smoke various herbal incense blends daily for months. I noticed that I was building a tolerance to it relatively quickly. Never had any health problems. And I pissed clean on every drug test.

My last experience:

Me and two of my friends (J and B) decided to try a new kind of incense. It was called 'Barely Legal' and we were told by the guy selling it that it was stronger than any other incense that had come out yet. We were stoked. By the time we bought it and came back it was 10:00PM. Cold as hell out and it was starting to snow (January). So we headed to the good 'ol fort and decided to pack the biggest bowl we could because we wanted to get uber high. We started ripping the bowl and cashed it pretty quickly. We all agreed that we where feeling good. But things started to get weird. It felt like there was a weight on my chest. I could breathe alright, it just felt more labored. J agreed that he felt the same way. The effects kept kicking in stronger and stronger till the three of us couldn't even stand up anymore. My heart started beating extremely fast. J and B both said they where having the same problem. It finally reached the peak and I felt like a was tripping. J told me he felt like he was going to die. I've had several experiences with hallucinogens. And the whole thing reminded me of a bad trip. The intensity, racing heart, the feeling of death. Although I must say, it wasn't nearly as bad as my experience with LSA (HBWR). The peak only lasted about an hour. After that we came down a few notches and just felt high. Our hearts had slowed down to a normal speed and the weight on my chest seemed to be a lot lighter. After another hour, we were sober and I went home. In retrospect, it could have had something to do with the cold and pitch-black environment we smoked in.

Shortly after that experience I quit. warn about is hit or miss potency. Sometimes I would get something that's weak as hell, sometimes I would get knocked on my ass in one or two hits. My guess is that they don't pay too much attention to the concentrations of various batches. Because let's face it, it's not labeled for human consumption. But that's just a guess, I could be wrong. I will say it's great to get high on a regular basis, break no laws, and still piss clean. I would just make sure that I always started off with one hit, and wait a few minutes to see what the effects are. And when taking a hit, I wouldn't hit it like MJ or hold it in. I would just take a hit and let it out almost right away (like a cigarette hit). Well that's my experience. But in closing I have to say, ain't nothin' like the real thing :)

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90478
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Oct 13, 2020Views: 462
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