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A Wonderful Cocktail
2C-I & Ketamine
Citation:   Jan2610. "A Wonderful Cocktail: An Experience with 2C-I & Ketamine (exp90547)". Aug 30, 2011.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
  T+ 6:00 20 mg insufflated 2C-I (capsule)
  T+ 15:00 125 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 15:30 125 mg insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
Firstly, context. I am a reasonably experienced tripper. I have had 2c-e on about 10 occasions, all of which have been entirely comfortable, controlled and positive. Following that, I got hold of 2c-I, which I had on one occasion previous to the report below. Again, it was totally positive and I always felt in control and safe. It was also very similar to 2c-e; thatís the reason I felt safe mixing it with Ketamine despite my relative inexperience. Ketamine I have a lot of experience with, having been taking it on a fairly regular and casual basis for a while. It is something that I am very familiar with indeed, and know my way very much round the effects.

I chose to have the combination at a friendís party, following a recommendation from a friend. A party may not seem an ideal situation but I was unable to have it at home, and the party was one with only good friends, none of whom had a problem with drugs and some of whom had experience with the substances in question. I started early as I wanted to trip in the daylight, it was a gorgeous day, so I had a 20mg cap of 2c-I with some orange juice at about 1pm. I had eaten a bowl of cereal and some orange juice; not really a full stomach.

I first noticed effects at about 2:15. It wasnít the visual distortions I had become accustomed to, instead a restlessness, buzzing, and general discomfort and nausea. I should say it was a hot day and a very hot bus, which no doubt contributed, but the drug was definitely responsible. By the time I was off the bus I was beginning to feel really quite sick, and coughing a bit. The walk up to my friendís flat was very uncomfortable. I was hot and dry and was unable to appreciate the visuals that were starting at that point, about 2:45.

The hedges I was walking by were moving as if by wind, despite there being none, and the colours were becoming more vivid and blocky, almost like a cartoon. Looking at the sky, I felt as if I could see the curve of the earth, probably because my peripheral vision was bending around a lot more than what I was looking at. I got to my friendís place, had a drink of water and a sit down, but was sick, at about 3pm. I was fairly annoyed about that; past occasions having 2c-e orally had resulted in no nausea at all, in stark contrast to sniffing it.

I was worried I had wasted the cap, but the following hours I felt a lot better and was tripping in low levels. The cartoon-y emphasis of colours, the blurring of straight lines and the growing and shrinking of distant objects was very pleasant and comfortable but by no means intense. I continued in this state, sitting in the sun, chatting and drinking for a number of hours, perfectly content to watch the blurring, and the pretty colours, without any real intensity or discomfort. Closed eye visuals were pretty fractals, nothing more, but, as I keep saying, just quite nice.

The party began at about 7, and I redosed, snorting another 20mg cap. I did so early in the night in the knowledge that it would take an obscene amount of time to sober up if I left it too late: it was 24 hours last time. Immediately the level of visual distortions went a long way up. Slight blurriness became the whole room moving, and flowing. Each surface was twisting and rolling, slight finger marks on the wall multiplying and patterning into spirals across the space. Nothing stayed still, and areas would glow as if the sun had come from behind a cloud. Shadows moved on their own, and a sort of web of coloured energy was layered over everything. I couldnít help but smile. I continued in this state for a number of hours, sitting uncharacteristically quiet, slightly apart from the party that was filling with increasingly drunk people.

I wasnít feeling introspective or overwhelmed; I was just totally content to sit and admire the beauty of what I was seeing. They played shot tennis at one point with bright coloured spirits and a small bouncy white ball. As it bounced in the sticky tables, it left behind contrails of about 3 or 4 balls, all in the vivid colours of the spirits. I was also buzzing, not in a manner that filled me with energy, just in a generally pleasant way. This state continued happily until a friend left early, and slightly glad to get away from the now very drunk people, I offered to walk him to his bus stop.

Focussing on talking to him, the tripping became secondary. I was always completely lucid, almost sober were it not for the things going on before my eyes. He was surprised to find out how much I had had, commenting that I was behaving fairly normally. The walk was uneventful but when he left, I walked back through the university campus on me own. Trips alone are hugely different from with company. It was a very open campus, with flowers, rolling hills and new, attractive buildings. Walking through the nights in almost total silence, taking in the world around me, was fantastic. I would often stop because of something that I saw; outside a door the ground appeared to be breathing and rippling, and the tarmac was rolling like waves.

I stopped at a bus stop and the worn and ridged road moved together to form wonderful tribal patterns, flowing together. I found if I concentrated on one point, the distortions would increase; moving my eyes even slightly seemed to ďresetĒ them. Concentration caused them to progress to whole new shapes, until it reached a point of the shadows forming two stylised figures, who kissed in front of me.

It was a new experience for me; in the past, the 2cs had only ever distorted, albeit in wonderful ways. This was an overt, straight up, completely invented hallucination, and quite exciting just for its presence. I also found myself becoming very introspective; examining myself, my behaviour, and the direction my life was going. I even experienced slight disassociation, and found myself staring into my reflection, and singing to myself, revelling in my existence, of the absurdity of myself being at all, of having a sense of self. Returning to the party broke my reverie, and due to some inabilities to regulate the amount they drank, the party had quietened down after a couple of people got far too drunk and put to bed. In this state, I sat in a bedroom happily chatting and listening to music with friends until about 4am, where I realised that if I began to sober up, the Ketamine would not have much 2c-I to combine with. With this in mind, I got it out.

I had measured 250mg beforehand, in the safe knowledge that it would get me fairly mangled, but also leave me in control. I felt it was a good balance, especially considering the experimental nature of what I was doing. Just for safety, I split it into two even lines, and had the first. It did not have the effects I was expecting. I could barely pinpoint the Ketamine affecting me. It came on very slowly, and resulted in only a slight fuzziness in my body, and warmth. My movements became more deliberate and I was slurring a bit but in general terms, it had contributed very little. I had the rest about half an hour later, having given the first lot more than adequate time to kick in. This time, the effect was a lot more pronounced.

The visuals went off the charts. The whole room around me was shaking, folding, rolling up, and the colours and glows were astonishing. The whole room was changing colour at times. Eyes closed, the visuals were of a whole new level. I was no longer seeing just fractals, but whole complicated hallucinations; cities from the sky, with all the cars moving below me. I became a lot more dopey and was slurring a lot, struggling to get words out, but bodily I wasnít nearly as impaired as I would have expected to be on 250mg of Ketamine. I was also experiencing the bodily effects that I associate with a k-hole; that of my body stretching out and rolling up, of falling, of flying, of sliding, only this time with the 2c-I they were hugely emphasised. As well as the usual effects mentioned, I felt energies flowing around me, like ropes around my body, and pushing forth from my hands where I directed them. I felt incredible warmth and comfort, and if I closed my eyes and clasped my hands together, I could feel like I was no longer in a body at all, but truly flying over a Las Vegas strip with gorgeous neon lights. I should emphasise, this disassociation was entirely optional. If I opened my eyed and moves, I reset back to comparative normality.

I cannot emphasive how mangled I was. There was a total sensory overload, as reality moved around me, and I saw gorgeous landscapes behind my eyes, and felt my body being wrapped in wonderful energies. I spent about an hour in this state; it was hard to keep track of time. Eventually, I sobered up, in roughly the same time as I would have expected to do so on such an amount of Ketamine. The trip continued in strength until about 8/9am the next day. As the drunk people fell asleep, I went for a walk in a cold, crisp morning, and was still in awe at the beauty of the things around me. Trees laden with cherry blossom were waving towards me, and every single tiny flower was growing and shrinking. I didnít sleep until about 3am the next day, at which point I was VERY tired.

The whole experience was wonderful, and I was grateful for being with friends. I have had trips alone and introspective at times, but I am a sociable person, and hadnít seen my friends in a while, and their presence to talk to in no way inhibited my trip. I closed my eyes and could still see them speaking to me, their heads flowing in bubbles. The room would change different colours around each of them. I can think of no words of caution beyond the standard procedure for taking any substance as powerful as these; at no point did I feel in anything but a state of real happiness, and was never overwhelmed.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90547
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Aug 30, 2011Views: 12,863
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2C-I (172), Ketamine (31) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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