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Dancing with Sallie D
Salvia divinorum (extract)
by Curious but Cautious
Citation:   Curious but Cautious. "Dancing with Sallie D: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extract) (exp90553)". Jan 24, 2018.

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


First Dance with Sally D.

I’ve been aware of Salvia (Salvia divinorum) for quite some time. The more I read about it, the more it interested me. I can legally buy derivatives of the plant leaf. The fact that the Shamans used it got my attention.

I liked the idea of a substance that lasts only 5 to 10 minutes. After my past experiences with acid and other hallucinogens, I would not want to try anything that lasted longer. If you get into a “bad one” you are committed. Been there.

I went to a local smoke shop and bought the only package they had. The gal told me it was the strongest on the market. That’s not how I wanted to start. But l was there, and that’s all there was. It was surprisingly expensive. A gram for $85.

I took it home, hid it and let it sit for a while. I am timid with new things, especially hallucinogens. I always UNDER-DO. A few days after getting it, I took just a few grains of the stuff on the tip of a knife and put it in the bowl of a small water pipe. I put ice in the pipe as well as a little water. I took a hit and didn’t hold it very long. Sat down and waited. Nothing.

Today, I had off and the place to myself so in the morning I started up the Jacuzzi outside. This time I put in a reasonable amount (a small pinch) into the bowl. I took a long deep toke in the outside bathroom about 25 feet from the Jacuzzi. I held it in like an old college frat boy. The shit was harsh, but manageable only due to the ice in the pipe.

I managed to set the pipe down. I had lit it with a barbecue lighter. Good thing. I don’t want a continuous open flame around!!! The reason I became immediately aware of. Setting down the pipe down was the last conscious thing I achieved. I started to walk outside toward the Jacuzzi. It was like trying to step into a rollercoaster car while it was moving! I was aware in a secondary kind of way that my physical body was attempting to gain balance and walk a straight line; 25 feet was all I could handle. Plopped down into the Jacuzzi and felt relieved, although the temperature was a bit of a shock at first and I only had it a hundred degrees (just above body temp.).

Quickly adapted and lay my neck against the rim. Again a secondary awareness that my physical body was actually in the Jacuzzi.

All this time (about 2 minutes) I had been in and out of a colorful outdoor scene, like at a carnival. There was a blowing large nylon-like sheet, like the top of a large tent they use for weddings and such. It was undulating in a strong breeze and the components were bright orange and yellow. These weren’t the kind of colors that I had experienced with acid. The colors were an intricate part of the flowing sheet. In other words the sheet WAS orange and yellow. I had a sense of awe, bewilderment and happiness all at the same time. Bewildered would be a good descriptor. It seemed like in the background there was activity and general excitement of some kind. It wasn’t long and I became a “part” of the sheet and was undulating with it. With the Jacuzzi setting and the nice sun, it was like a day at a picnic, county fair or something similar. It was most enjoyable. This isn’t something I was imagining or watching. I WAS THERE. I was NOT in my BACKYARD. But I could check every now and then to see if I was; i.e. concentrate on the water. There was no fear or terror that I experienced with other hallucinogens. In fact there wasn’t even the paranoia that creeps in with cannabis.

The effect lasted only a few minutes, but time is difficult to comprehend during the first few minutes. It didn’t just stop, but slowly wore off in a pleasant way with the scene coming in and out of “view” although the “view” was not necessarily with the eyes. After the sense of reality came back it seemed extraordinarily harsh. The cement border of the Jacuzzi was hard pressed against the back of my neck. The visual of the back yard returned but was anti-climatic and at the same time a relief. Yes this was just a short excursion. A good one.

And an afterglow continued. A sense of well-being, contentment, true relaxation, especially in the Jacuzzi. All in all the entire encounter lasted up to about 20 minutes. I then continued with the day unhindered, but with a sense of awe and slight happiness at the thought that I had “accomplished something” and without being harmed.

Second Dance with Sallie D

Later in the afternoon, I decided to do some more. I thought that lying down might be safer. I put more (than before) in the bowl and went to the bedroom. Sat on the side. Took a long ridiculous toke and held it in to limits of human endurance. The bowl was still smoking, I wanted to take a second toke, but put the pipe down just in time to completely dissociate from my body. This time I wasn’t aware of what my physical body was doing, but I wasn’t worried about it.

Immediately the walls began to undulate, again a bright orange vertical striped pattern alternating with magenta. The ceiling, walls, floor all looked alike and composed a simple large striped box of orange and magenta, of which I was intimately a part. The box did not maintain its shape. It was undulating in a serpentine kind of fashion and the walls became the floor, the ceiling became the walls and I became all of them. The bed was not there. At one time an abrupt change occurred (an interruption of some sort) that I can not explain. But it was passing.

I must have had my eyes open, because the most profound, intense visual included the round chandelier over the bed. It was there unchanged. But the entire ceiling around it was undulating as a sea wave. All symmetrical and mechanically coordinated. The texture of the ceiling retained its sparkle stucco surface, but a complex array of colors as in an abstract painting was now the undulating ceiling. The colors were not particularly vivid. They were more subdued, as in a painting. There were many intricate small patterns in this “painting” which were each alive and moving.

At one point the “painting” started to come apart at one end with the end curled up to my face like a parchment. On one side I could see the undulating ceiling painting and the other a drab version of the bedroom. I felt somewhat attached to the edge as if IT didn’t want to let me go.

Again the sense of my body and visuals of the bedroom began to intrude into the “vision.”

Again, I was in and out of the visionary state for minutes. I noticed for the first time that I was very uncomfortable and covered with sweat. I rolled to the left to turn on the fan (didn’t want it on during the trip for safety reasons). I notice that the fan was on the floor and that its stand was knocked over. Suddenly I realized that more had been going on during my “absence” than I had known.
Suddenly I realized that more had been going on during my “absence” than I had known.

There have been times while dreaming that I have fallen off that side of the bed. It is very high from the ground. and hitting the ground is painful and potentially dangerous. I was slightly horrified to consider that I may have “left the bed” during all of this. I also considered the idea that the “abrupt change” that I had experience at the beginning might has been the ONLY CLUE that something like this might have happened. At that point I knew why they recommend having a “sitter” during the experience. Things could get damned dangerous during that few minutes.

If I do this again, I will be lying on the floor.
To sum it up: WOW! DAMN! INTENSE!!!!

Acid-like but without the worry, terror and time commitment. Cleaner buzz than pot. No hang over or unpleasant side effects.
Totally normal minutes later. ENJOYABLE like no other experience I have had.

Bewildering, intriguing, profound, INTENSE beyond imagination but not enlightening in any way. At least so far. I’ve heard that this is a great experience for introspection. Just did not occur for me.

Since I can’t account for my physical actions, extreme caution should be used. A sitter would be ideal. If not, then I would need to be sure that I was ON the ground before I engage. This is NOT just being dizzy!! I seemed to be fine. The WORLD (wherever, whatever it is) was moving under and around me.

One needs to clear the area of anything potentially hazardous. NO Sharps!! No furniture in the way. NO BLOW TORCHES OR CONTINUOUS OPEN FLAMES. During the time I was away, I could have a good house fire going.

I didn’t experience the “little people” that others describe. I didn’t have the awareness of another “presence” with me, as with acid. I didn’t get the sense that “the Jokes on me” although I have experienced this on other substances.

So, it’s a little dangerous, but non-threatening, non-paranoid, enjoyable, with a wonderful after glow. NOT FOR PUBLIC USE. This is not a PARTY DRUG!!

With the wallup this stuff gives, it should probably be illegal. Its as intense as ACID. Damned GOOD thing it doesn’t last longer. I think we would see a lot of casualties due to accidents of all types.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90553
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 53 
Published: Jan 24, 2018Views: 1,138
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), First Times (2)

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