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Permanent Trip Myth
by luke
Citation:   luke. "Permanent Trip Myth: An Experience with LSD (exp90605)". May 27, 2021.

1 hit oral LSD
Myself and 3 good friends from university went to visit another friend at a party in Nottingham England. The plan was to take LSD, as this would cement a potentially great evening and add to the adventure we thought we were embarking on. We had all taken LSD before and whilst the LSD trip was neither strong, unusual or spectacular it was what happened in the days afterwards which lead me to rue all those cautionary tales of LSD which I had ignored previously. Prior to this occasion I had taken LSD less than 7 times and had taken mushrooms once. The attraction then was that it felt like the first time smoking grass, a euphoria based around finding everything entertaining and interesting to look at. I had friends who were keen users of LSD and I always took a cautious approach.

At around 6 am the next day when the drug would be expected to be approaching its dying stage and the trip coming to an end I found it hard to ignore a creeping concern that effects weren't wearing off as quickly as they had in the past.
I found it hard to ignore a creeping concern that effects weren't wearing off as quickly as they had in the past.
Not that I was keen for the trip to finish, but that it seemed misalleged from the norm. On our drive back to London the next afternoon, the concern lingered as did the effects and a belief arose that I may not completely 'come down' from the trip. Four days later on my way in to lectures in Economic philosophy at the LSE, I came to the realisation that in the short term at least I was stuck in this state of mildly tripping. Whilst on a Saturday night in the pub I could shrug my shoulders and say to myself 'so what' In respect to day to day life this could not be considered to be a benefit and was becoming increasingly frustrating and disturbing. I had only tried LSD a hand full of times, how was this possible!

I talked to many friends who were proper heads and those that were not, trying to get ideas about how to move forward or fumble through even. As anyone who has experienced continuing effects of a trip will know, there is no moment of any day you can escape its presence. As the months continued in this state of being slightly permanently tripping, I became increasingly depressed and desperate that this was now a permanent change I had to reconcile. Eventually this lead to an episode of despair in the summer of the same year which some people would call a nervous break down. The recovery was quick and I finished my degree leaving with a 2nd class honours degree.

15 years later I have a modest but adequate business. Whilst a strength was born from this episode which I believe has been good, there was also a sense of sad personal loss for what I felt I had inflicted on myself as a result of taking this drug. Then on the train one day about 4 years after leaving University I bumped into an old friend who sold me the trips from 1993, one of the most intelligent people at college, but an almost daily taker of LSD. Whilst she recognised me equally, she looked shell shocked and had a sense of abandonment by what the drugs had taken away from her but she knew could no longer give her back.

Exp Year: 1993ExpID: 90605
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: May 27, 2021Views: 723
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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