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I Think They Are Alive
DXM & Alcohol
Citation:   El(em3)nt. "I Think They Are Alive: An Experience with DXM & Alcohol (exp9063)". Nov 8, 2020.

Several glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  650 mg oral DXM (liquid)
Last night, I had probably the most incredible drug-induced experience of my life (not that I am any more than an infrequent using psychonaut). My friend and I split on a couple of bottles of Tussin Ex Str, the favoured type I have encountered that doesn't contain codeine. After assuring my best friend (quoting from the incredibly extensive FAQ which I have read several times) that he will be ok because I have had experience with the drug and I am capable of maintaining a level of sanity, despite difficulty contemplating 3-dimensional space; which seems foreign and unfathomable when under the influence of the drug.

We proceeded to ingest the Tussin as quickly as possible, as a nice uniform dose results in a nice uniformed high. Well, I hadn't taken into account that my dear friend has difficulty swallowing the intoxicant, gagging with every swill. I gave him a Diet Dr. Pepper to water down the thick liquid (he hated the texture as well as the taste) which actually made the flavour much worse. He managed in the end to finish that bottle, but he didn't want more. So I drank the last, slightly smaller bottle (as selfish as it may sound, I wasn't terribly upset at the prospect to raising myself into a smooth 4th plateau (we had several beers before... I know, mixing psychoactives isn't a good idea, but as we both felt unaffected by the beers, we figured that the extra effects would be minimal-they were).

We toured over to his house (we'll call him A) and went down to his room, proceeded to turn on some really trippy techno and have a meditate. A invented an incredible, flawless method of putting your head between two speakers and listening in stereo very quietly. That way the volume is on at a minimum and you get perfect sound quality. Before I engaged in this, I decided to warm up by exploring my subconscious (I decided that I was going to just kick back and probe the limitless aspects of dextromethorphan, but after I do a little work on self exploration and reorganizing my life a bit).

I started by cleaning up random thought, which can cloud a meaningful stroll in the mind. I entered my personality, which took a graphical interface of an alien world, which I quickly worked out. I will leave out the details but I saw a mind demon which may be the manifestation of my little spell of depression.
I saw a mind demon which may be the manifestation of my little spell of depression.
I quickly isolated it on a lack of pleasant stimulation directly caused by a terribly boring past several weeks and a non-existant love life. I decided that I will ponder how to rectify the latter on a future trip, probably with some psilocybin mushrooms combined with morphene. Nothing a little dopamine stimulation can't help.

After I was finished 'working' on my inner self, it was time for once to just enjoy the ride, which I have not really done with DXM. I lay back, a couple of feet away from A, and put my speakers in place around my head. I decided to save this trip for OEVs as the self maintenance was done strictly CEV. The open eye was not nearly as vivid in colour, but the detail was astronomical. The open eye visuals I got were essentially wireframe, fractally shaped organisms. These organisms reminded me of an extremely complicated Rube Goldberg machine. These 'creatures' were an infinite mass of spinning, whirring mechanical machinelike parts, which were in a huge, joined cluster.

At first I would be staring at the ceiling, with the lights off, but then I would see a few lines (I couldn't shift my focus even slightly or it would go away. From these few stray lines, formed (almost like the opposite of the melting of ice in hot water) rather quickly into huge mechanical beasts, whirring, filling the room. If I moved, blinked or even shifted my train of thought, they were gone. That was rather frustrating before I mastered the observation. I must have seen a hundred or so before I felt that familiar pain, disassociated.

I had to urinate urgently. I leapt to my feet, as I always feel light as a feather while on DXM. Then I faced my next dilemma. Moving through 3D space: across the room, through the hall and into the washroom. I finally mastered it, with great difficulty, as I lost touch with physics, but eventually I did the Robo Shuffle into the restroom, where I did my business, turned the light off and went to go back.

I was now in A's downstairs hallway, which puzzled me. I tried to gather my thoughts, but too late. I was already caught up in another hallucination. I was shuffling around now unable no shift my existence of mass and energy from one place to another, seeming to be stuck in space, then suddenly a door that was invisible to me opened and a girl walked though (A's stepbrother's gf). I may have said something to her like (Can you see that?) but I will never know. I somehow found my way back to my speakers and tripped pleasantly.

After a while, it came time for me to come home. I left A sleeping now and embarked the dark, mysterious journey home. I seemed to be looking through a cubist array of multiple perspectives, but they shifted and changed so quickly and it may be a miracle that I made it home as quickly as I did. I arrived at home, still perplexed on how people perceive themselves walking from only one perspective, as I was now proficient at the Robo Shuffle.

I made it into bed and fell asleep without further incident. I woke up this morning reeling refreshed, as always, as was A. I never really left the comfort of my body for more than a second or two during my self-psycho-analysis. However, as much as I enjoy the wonders of out of body experiences, I am content with the most vivid OEVs I have ever had.

The overall success: near perfect. I now have a more firm understanding for many facets of DXM, dozens of which I have read about and experienced first hand. Yet I have never read a record quite like mine.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9063
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 8, 2020Views: 1,055
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DXM (22), Meditation (128) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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