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Controlled Bursts of Absolute Insanity
by Satanlovesporn
Citation:   Satanlovesporn. "Controlled Bursts of Absolute Insanity: An Experience with 2C-I (exp90673)". Apr 10, 2013.

  oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)


Right. So I was displaced, generally unhappy, and more or less unable to locate any source of drugs or tail, which was really depressing since before moving I used to get them both from the same person.

I discovered spice and all the other wonderful SCA's and had my fun with them (still do), and wondered what else I could find online. Though experienced with psychedelics (shrooms, LSD and LSA, a little E here and there) I had never had the opportunity to try any of Shulgin's masterpieces. I knew a little about RC's, and knew that they where readily available online, so I pored through all the experience reports to decide which I might like the most. I settled on 2-ci after reading that it was very close to mescaline, which I have always wanted to try but have never had access to. I ordered a gram (100 hits for ~$250, good deal in my book) and waited in suspense for a whole three days before it showed up.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I dosed gradually more and more to find my 'ceiling', but after doing 100mg in one go and having ZERO adverse effects I decided that I should just stick in the 20-30 range so as to make it last.

First off, my preparation. As much as I wanted to try snorting a huge line of it, from what I gathered the burn was not worth the madness, so I opted for an alcohol solution. I lacked vodka or everclear, so being the impatient cunt that I am, I dissolved the entire gram in 100ml of Jack. This was an awful idea for two reasons. First, the stuff tastes absolutely horrid, and so does Jack, together they remind one of fellating a garbage truck. Second, because it isn't entirely soluble in water, you have to shake it before every dose. Not a big issue, but like I said, I'm an impatient cunt. I suppose I could have distilled the alcohol from the whiskey, but again...



This stuff is incredibly friendly. I personally have never bothered with set and setting, I have a way of bending the trip to my will, rather than letting it do what it wants, I've dropped acid on several occasions that might have driven a normal person to suicide. I've only ever had one bad trip, on shrooms, which I attribute to my binging on adderral for a solid week prior to the trip (another story entirely). I digress. By friendly I mean that it has no 'chemmy' feel to it, there isn't much body load at all. There is some nausea on the come-up, and I've found that any prolonged activity while tripping tends to bring the nausea back. However, as with any psychedelic (at least in my experience), if I puke, I'm good to go. In addition to this lack of physical discomfort, 2-ci puts me in a very happy mood, much like E. I've actually tried to force a bad trip, actively sought out negativity at doses exceeding 70mg, and was unable to find any sort of sadness. The euphoria is immense. It comes in waves, like E, with each one stronger than the last, until the peak, then each is weaker until they are hardly perceptible. The statistics suggest a 5-8 hour period of effect, I've noticed effects beyond a fleeting afterglow for well over 10 hours.
At high doses, these waves come in HARD, I will literally lose my mind for five minute intervals at the crest of each tsunami. In between the rolls the clarity is unreal.

There isn't much of a mental high, besides the general happiness. It doesn't dull the wits in any way. In fact, I've played some of my best MoH while tripping, I was Tier 1 for eight straight hours of multiplayer, and beat the campaign on Tier 1 with ridiculous times, all in one go, no deaths. If you haven't played the new Medal of Honor then you have no idea what I'm talking about, sucks for you. Excellent game. I digress again.

Visuals are awesome. Everything breathes, over 40mg there is an almost tangible mist of color in the air, I swear I could see the individual molecules and the empty space between them, I could look at an electrical cord and watch the electrons coursing through it. All of my senses go into hyperdrive. Not only could I hear EVERYTHING, I could separate individual sounds and focus on them, like tunnel vision for my ears. Music is a must. Hard candy is pure joy in cellophane wrappers, also a definite must. I keep a stock of jolly ranchers on hand at all times now for just this purpose. Sodas are somewhat less enjoyable, for me at least, they taste 'fake'. I stick with juice or gatorade or some such.

As for touch...well, let's just say it's definitely worth it to find a tripping buddy. Sex is so freaking intense, the best part is that it can last forever, if I so desire, I literally had to work for an orgasm. Of course it didn't help that we kept getting distracted by random conversation. Intercourse is not at all difficult, but the motivation for it seems to fade, I had more fun just fooling around than actually going at it. One of the funniest bedroom experiences I've ever had, though, was when we got a little too zealous and it slipped out, we both gave an immediate disappointed sigh (ohnoes), and later agreed that we had never felt such a profound pang of loss as in that instant.

If you have the option, take a shower or go swimming. You won't regret it.

What else...

Lighting! All my experiences were at night, I want a variety of options for lighting, I am changing it up every ten minutes or so. No matter what I did I could not be satisfied with the light levels.

Music, hydration, candy, blankets, pets are fun (I swear my cat has never been so soft, nor my boa more mesmerizing), a partner is obviously better, especially one with 'benefits'. Clothing is of secondary importance, I end up taking most of it off anyway. If I have pot or spice that's good. I find I have much less desire for tobacco both while tripping and for a few days after. I've never mixed 2-ci with anything other than spice, I can hypothesize that alcohol would be horrible, opiates or opium probably quite nice.

T +0.00 An awful, awful, awful taste. But worth it.

T +0.15 First alerts (mental). I'm aware of a stimulant in my system. Not everyone gets this, I suppose one has to do enough speed to recognize the first increases in core temp and heart rate.

T +0.30 Noticeable increase in temperature and heart rate, probably sweaty palms, nausea. This bit isn't much fun, as the rational mind struggles to fight the transition into chaos. Unfortunately, one can't simply 'accept it'.

T +0.45 (ish) Blastoff. By now the first waves are coming, I'm pretty high and starting to feel a little 'weird'. Visual distortions, but no crazy colors yet.

T +1.00 I'm frying.

The experience overall is somewhere between LSD and E, with a powerful euphoria and strong visuals. The physical parts are excellent, and they seem to 'sync' with the visuals. The visuals themselves are a lot like with acid, but somewhat less pronounced. Everything will move and morph and breathe and whatnot, I have a lot of tracers and trails, but as for patterns randomly appearing on blank walls, that takes 70mg+. Auditory hallucinations are minimal.

Obviously higher doses yield more powerful results across the board. My g/f refuses to take more than 20mg in an eight hour span, as stated I can handle 100mg+ in one go. It never gets unpleasant, it's just a matter of keeping my sanity through the peaks. Apparently I'm a very stable-minded person.

Different methods I've tried:

1. Oral, alcohol solution. You could technically dissolve it in whatever but alcohol works best and delivers it more quickly into the bloodstream. ~12hrs max

2. Insufflation. Not for the faint of heart. It burns like a Saigon crotch. Nasally it is less psychedelic and more speedy, and doesn't last nearly as long. ~5hrs max

3. Inhalation. Yes, I've smoked it. I use foil, a bulb, etc., don't actually burn it, vaporise it. I'd equate this to psychedelic crack. I speed really hard and feel a bit trippy, it's pleasant but IMHO a waste compared to other methods. Tastes awful. ~3hrs max

4. Injection. Haven't done this yet, I suppose it'd be better to IM than to IV, after much more research I will probably make this venture.

Regardless of method it can be boosted with marvelous results, whether traditionally boosting to keep a plateau, or stacking doses. I add 10mg after the four hour mark to boost, 10mg an hour for 3+ hours to stack.

I can't stress this enough I simply MUST have music. A buddy, better yet a partner, is equally integral to getting the most out of my trip.

Idk if I would take this and go to a party, though a close group would be OK, if everyone was tripping it'd be great. I find sober people annoying and negative while tripping, drunk people incredibly entertaining (for about ten minutes), and stoned people immensely fun to talk to.

Driving, obviously, is a solid resounding NO. My motor skills and depth perception are fine, however my ability to focus on anything other than music, vaginas, or candy is seriously degraded.

That about sums it up. I'd give more specifics of each of my trips but there are already so many. If I try an injection I will post the results.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90673
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 10, 2013Views: 9,607
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2C-I (172) : Glowing Experiences (4), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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