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Jovial and Patterned Gnomes
by Primate Sphinx
Citation:   Primate Sphinx. "Jovial and Patterned Gnomes: An Experience with DMT (exp90691)". Feb 28, 2018.

  smoked Lotus/Lily - Nymphaea nouchali var caerulea (flowers)
  8 hits smoked DMT (powder / crystals)



To begin this report in the usual way I will say that I consider myself experienced with the psychedelic realm and have taken LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms many times previous to this experience but had recent stopped using them for lack of interest and mental health reasons. The DMT trip I am about to chronicle was my 8th or 9th experience with this substance and though I have done it a fair amount am always surprised by it. This particular trip took place on the Bicycle day of that year.

After doing a straight to base extraction a few weeks earlier I was ready to smoke some of the most immaculate white DMT crystals I had ever seen. I sat down in the music room at my house and loaded 45 mg or so of crystals on top of blue lotus pedals (which a friend had told me slowed down DMT visuals) and the remains of a dose my girlfriend had just smoked and topped it off with parsley into a bong bowl. I sat down in front of the indian mandala tapestry that covers the window and prepared for launch.

As I began to smoke it my memory fades. I can remember the rapid visual patterns and the sweet plastic taste and thats about it. I thought I had taken about 4 hits but after I had come down my friend told me I had taken about 8, I guess I will never know. After that the patterns gave way to what I perceived to be little gnome creatures made of light and the same types of rapid patterns running all around my field of vision. With each pass by they would create a visual representation of a problem I had that would somehow English itself in my head. They would say things like 'OH, you lost your job? THAT DOESN'T MATTER!' or 'OH, you're worried about your future? THAT DOESN'T MATTER!'. The patterned gnomes went about in this impersonal yet jovial fashion for a while until they ended with the phrase 'You're closer'.

At some point along this gnome exchange I remember opening my eyes to investigate a disturbance in the room. I remember seeing a friend standing in the room who I guess was looking for something. What was so bizarre about this is that there was a tunnel of colored fractals leading up to him shaped like a silhouette of his body. The room was alive with colored patterns and the Indian mandala tapestry was spinning as if someone had thought it was the wheel or fortune and decided to spin it. Here, I closed my eyes again.

What I found behind my eyelids was even more bizarre. Strange, dark-colored, imp-like creatures that looked like a cross between the xenomorph alien from the movie 'Alien' and the monster with eyes in his hands from 'Pan's Labyrinth' with long fingers that looked like spider legs danced across my vision and all around me with creepy smiles on their faces. They kept repeating the same phrase the gnomes had left me with, 'You're closer, You're closer, You're closer', but whenever I had the courage to ask, 'Closer to What?', they would laugh and dance around me faster repeating the phrase over and over again. Though the imps were creepy they were not menacing. They simply went around in what I would think imp behavior would be, playfully and with smiles that seemed to say: 'We know something you don't know!'

After I had had my share of the imps I got up to go out into by backyard to watch the sun set and to watch my garage morph for the remainder of the experience. This experience has left me a bit confused but somewhat reassured that everything might work out alright. I don't claim to know what the DMT experience is actually showing me when I experience it, one thing I do know though is that it always leaves me with another small portion of knowledge of who and where I might be in the multiverse.

P.S. I did not notice any effect of the blue lotus on the DMT,

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90691
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 28, 2018Views: 637
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DMT (18) : General (1), Entities / Beings (37), Personal Preparation (45), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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