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I Need It for Pain Management
by Cancer pt
Citation:   Cancer pt. "I Need It for Pain Management: An Experience with Fentanyl (exp90697)". Nov 21, 2017.

  transdermal Pharms - Fentanyl (patch)


Fentanyl a Savior

I took it after a very bad experience with oxycodone. The oxy worked for awhile but after awhile I needed more to control the pain. I am a cancer survivor with a chronic pain condition. So we switched to the Fentanyl patch.

Since then which has now been over 3 years, I have not had a problem other than it controlling my pain. It has been for me a God send. I'm sorry to hear that it is the ultimate high for others. I can truly say, I have never had euphoria, or gotten high off this medication. I did not know it was so strong.

Unless one has had severe pain which doesn't go away, one cannot possibly understand what good a drug like this can do.

Cancer Survivor

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90697
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Nov 21, 2017Views: 1,478
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Pharms - Fentanyl (223) : Medical Use (47), Not Applicable (38)

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