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Clubbing with Predators
Alcohol (presumed adulterated)
Citation:   space_cadet. "Clubbing with Predators: An Experience with Alcohol (presumed adulterated) (exp90718)". Apr 28, 2011.

    Alcohol - Hard
[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

[Erowid Note: While this report was submitted as a GHB report, it lacks details that specify how that identification was reached. This could be considered more generally as a suspected non-consensual drugging report.]

My first experience with this drug is not exactly the sort I would like to remember. I'm pretty open minded about drugs and I will try everything once and if I had of tried this knowingly and with some control over the dosage perhaps my impression would be different. Unfortunately though thats not the circumstances in which I was introduced to GHB.

It started one night when a friend and I decided to go clubbing. Had a few drinks at home then drank profusely while at the club. I was very intoxicated the entire time I was out. I remember being approached by a lady about 35 years old at about 1:00am she had two rather seedy looking guys with her. She introduced herself and told me that one of the guys she was with was her brother and they had been admiring me from across the room and just wanted to let me know that I looked good. I was a little creeped out but flattered so I talked with them for about 10 minutes then headed out onto the floor to dance.

I continued drinking throughout the night mainly vodka and jagerbombs and I was very very intoxicated but still enjoying myself. I met up with the same lady from earlier at the bar and one of the guys she was with I cant remember which one and she talked to me for a bit I cant remember what she was saying. Her male friend asked me if I wanted a drink and I had been talking to them for a while and felt somewhat comfortable and still very drunk so I stupidly agreed. He bought me a jager bomb and I didnt watch it the whole time and in fact turned my back on it to talk to someone who was behind me I cant remember if it was the girl or someone else. Anyways I downed it in one and took about five steps. Felt very sort of panicked and sick and I assumed this was because I had drunk too much too fast and I just needed to throw up or something.

Headed into the bathroom and the lady followed me and I sat down on the toilet and sort of just started going to sleep with my head leaning against the wall. The lady was sort of touching me and I remember at some point she sort of tried to part my knees which I found strange and annoying but basically ignored because I was messed up and probably just being weird. Another girl came into the toilet and was concerned thank god. I remember her asking if the lady was my friend and where my friends were and I was not really very coherant sort of slurring everything when I did try and talk, she left shortly to get me a glass of water and came back pretty much immediately and gave me some water to drink. At this point I started getting really panicked. My breathing was really fast and sort of erratic. I couldnt really control my limbs and my mind felt sort of disconnected and I couldnt figure out why things were important like where my friends were. My reactions were insanely slow I couldnt make myself do really anything. I remember the second helpful girl who came in at one point grabbing my license out of my bag to find out who I was this bothered me because I was worried she would steal shit out of my bag but I couldnt get myself to react and tell her not to touch my bag.

Soon the guy that was hanging out with the older lady came into the bathroom too and I think this is when the helpful girl probably got a little more worried. The older lady tried to brush her off saying they would look after me and the girl was telling them she didnt want to leave because she had been in a similar situation before and felt sorry for me. The guy then suggests that some speed will fix me right up so he wanders out to get some speed for me.

This sounds like a really bad idea to me because I feel like I'm dying. I tell them I'm dying and I really dont need speed because I will die if I have it. They reassure me it will be just fine but I feel really worried. I half wonder if I will be fine if I take the speed but I'm really worried and I feel like I'm dying. The helpful girl asks me what my friends name is and I tell them and the guy offers to go and look for her. He goes out to find her (she tells me) he goes and asks her permission to give me speed. At this point my friend is like WTF, goes and gets the security guard who comes into the toilet and carries me out of the club. The helpful girl follows but the guy and the older lady disappear. They jump to the front of the taxi rank and convince the people in line to let me get the first taxi. They put me in the taxi with my friends and we go home.

I had to get the cab to stop several times on the way home so that I can throw up. I keep talking about how I'm dying and I'm breathing really strangely. The taxi driver keeps telling I'm not dying and I'm okay. I tell him every time before I need to throw up and he pulls over. Eventually we get to my street and pull up across the road. I crawl out of the taxi and huddle in the grass retching really loudly and I remember worrying that I was too loud and my neighbours would come out. My very drunk friend tries to get me to hop up and come inside but she ends up more laying across my back and we sort of just stay like that. I dont remember getting up and going into my house at all.

The next thing I know I wake up and I can see its light out the window. I'm lying on the toilet floor with my face in a puddle of vomit I remember being really worried because I feel like I'm still at the club but its really quiet and I'm worried that everyone went home and I'm locked inside the club. I look at my watch and it says 6:30am. Its really really fucking cold and I feel so sick I just lay my head back down in the vomit and go back to sleep. I woke up sometime after that once again thinking I was at the club but I remember the taxi ride and that confuses me how did I get back at the club. My hair is really wet with vomit and its freezing. I hear one of my family members in the laundry feeding the cat and I am worried the will come in and see my on the toilet floor lying in my own vomit. I dont want to get up because I feel so sick but I do anyway and I use some toilet paper to wipe up most of the vomit and I hop up and go to my bedroom. I'm so exhausted and sick and cold. I just undress completely and climb into bed. Makeup still on my face and vomit everywhere. When I wake up at lunchtime I still feel drunk and for the rest of the day I feel queazy.

Later on I find out that the guy the older lady introduced me to as her brother is actually her husband and from what I can piece together they targeted me earlier in the night and had intended to get me to go home with them and have some sort of fucked up threesome. I'm just so lucky that there were concerned strangers that stepped in and didnt leave me alone with the creepy old lady and her pervy husband or things could have gone so much worse.

I cannot imagine anyone using this drug recreationally when I just remember how much it felt like I was dying that night.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90718
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 28, 2011Views: 8,613
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