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You Held Me Tight
Methylone & Bupropion
Citation:   stwanky. "You Held Me Tight: An Experience with Methylone & Bupropion (exp90737)". Apr 12, 2012.

  oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
    insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  300 mg oral Pharms - Bupropion (daily)
This was my first experience with Methylone. I will say this from the start: I looked around forever online to find information on taking Methylone with my daily dose of prescribed Wellbutrin (Burpopion). I hope that this report will help somebody else looking for that information, because at the moment it's missing.

Body Weight - 125 lbs. approx.
Height - 5'11'
Sex - Male
Age - 19

Previous Drug History: Oxycodone (moderate usage in the past), Cocaine (heavy binge; kicked the habit), Marijuana (once in a blue moon), Adderall (moderate), Klonopin (heavy, kicked), Sonata [zaleplon] (moderate), Vicodin (once), Saliva (once in a blue moon), Mephedrone [4-MMC] (Twice)

Prescribed: 300mg Wellbutrin XL daily for approximately 2 years.


I had just gotten into research chemicals when I first took Methylone in late April, 2011. My first research chemical experience was Mephedrone, which I used in mid-February, 2011. It was a fine speedy but dirty-feeling experience. I won’t indulge here in this review for Methylone.

I ordered 5 grams of Methylone from a reliable vendor on a reliable site. I was teetering back and forth about Methylone. I have never used MDMA or anything like it; I was apprehensive. I did “exhaustive” research online about Methylone, and then about Methylone and Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is an NDRI (not an SSRI), and with all other drugs I have researched online it never was in the same category as “Do Not Take with SSRI.” While the package was on its way I was still debating whether I should just throw it out when it got here and take the financial blow as a lesson.

Finally it arrived on a Saturday and I immediately determined that I would not use it that day or night because I was still somewhat squeamish – though markedly more confident than before because the tiny bits of info I could find on Methylone and Wellbutrin were all positive or neutral – and I also had work to do the next day.

The Substance:

The Methylone arrived and upon initial brief examination it was pure bright (BRIGHT) white powder. Later I discovered it was crystallized, which is what I ordered. I have seen that Methylone is usually tan-brown. So back to the internet I went and discovered that it happens to be white more often. I know how vital it is for me to have a scale, but I do not have one. I don’t use any of the 2-Cs or whatnot that require precise, small doses. Until Methylone, I had never had an experience where I did not know the exact weight of whatever substance I happened to be enjoying.

The Preparation

Getting 200mg from a 5g supply is trickier than from a 1g supply. I should have broken the Methylone up into 25 roughly equal piles, each pile being approximately 200 mg. I stupidly did not. I was going to parachute the doses, so I simply eyeballed the bag, then totally unscientifically and unreasonably pour out what I believed to be 200-250 mg onto the parachute.

As you will see in the actual trip report, I redosed. Preparation for that was the same, with perhaps a little more Methylone than my initial dose. I also insufflated what I believed to be 100-125 mg just before dropping the second parachute.

[Erowid Note: Two samples of powder (even of the same chemical) with equivalent volumes won't necessarily weigh the same. For this reason, eyeballing is an inaccurate and potentially dangerous method of measuring, particularly for substances that are active in very small amounts. See this article on The Importance of Measured Doses.]

The Trip

T +0.00 (12:50 AM): I gulp down a 200 mg parachute of Methylone. I am kind of nervous, having never used anything MDMA related. Once I swallow it, I calm down a good deal. I go online to see if there are any pictures that could help me determine if I poured the correct amount. I knew it was useless and stupid, but I needed to pass the time before the Methylone kicked in, which I had heard was about 15-30 minutes. I lie down on my bed with the lights on and start listening to some dubstep (Cookie Monsta) on my iPod.

T +0.09 I am a little too excited for this stuff; it’s making me antsy. I get impatient and decide to go with my original plan of watching a movie that might be pleasing on Methylone, based on what I had read about movies that go well with Methylone. I head downstairs and thanks to the beauty of Netflix Instant Watch I have a great selection to choose from. At first I was going to watch a documentary on NASA’s history, thinking it could be awe inspiring. At the last minute I decide to watch a music documentary on the making of Wilco’s masterpiece of an album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, one of my favorites.

T +0.25 Feeling a little something. Most likely placebo. The feeling is probably just heightened excitement. My head does start to get a little cloudy, but only slightly. I switch away from the Wilco documentary because it’s in black and white and the music just isn’t right for this kind of experience. I decide to just put on my favorite movie of all time, Slacker (1991), directed by Richard Linklater. This was a terrific decision and marked a turning point in the night.

T +0.50 I am unsatisfied and I can sense that the dose I took is basically at peak, which didn’t feel like anything other than mildly chemically induced excitement. I wonder if my Wellbutrin is responsible for this. I decide to redose, which I wasn’t planning on doing. I head back upstairs and make another parachute, this time with either equal or just slightly more Methylone. Before I swallow it, I rail a line of Methylone, thinking that maybe the speedier feeling insufflations of Methylone produces would help with my oral doses. I also just love insufflation. I didn’t even notice the Methylone in my nose. There was no burn whatsoever. Then I drop the redose parachute.

T +1.12 At this point I have orally taken what I believe to be 400-500 mg of Methylone, along with having insufflated what I believe to be 100-125 mg of Methylone. At this time mark, it starts to hit me. I guess this is what “rolling” is. Waves of bodily euphoria began to swell inside me. I checked my heartbeat – it was hardly above normal, and nowhere near a Mephedrone or Cocaine heartbeat. I almost immediately start contorting my face and encounter the most bruxism I’ve had with any substance, which is notable because I get considerably heavy bruxism with nearly every substance I use.

T +1.25 At this point I am still peaking, I believe. This is the longest peak I have ever experienced on a substance. I am hardly watching the movie because I am on the computer talking to loads of people with no inhibition, but just enough insight to prevent myself from blurting out anything that I would later regret. I had some terrific deep conversations with both friends and strangers online. I saved all of the conversations.

T +1.45 Movie is over. I go upstairs to my room and get on my laptop. I will not be redosing again.

T +2.00 Around this time I notice a critical difference for me with Methylone and other drugs. I am a writer. I have never been able to write while high on weed. I was always disappointed by that because some of my favorite writers wrote some of their best work using weed as a creativity tool. Study drugs help me study, but nothing in terms of creativity.

I was amazed to learn that I could write on Methylone, and that I felt so incredibly inspired and had the wonderful feeling of just falling in love with words. I look back on a poem I started to write but did not finish; it’s pretty decent. What is particularly interesting is that I used words and structure and ideas that I would never think to use while sober, i.e. the Methylone brought that stuff out and helped me put it on paper.

T +4.30 The initial rolling waves some hours ago have been gone for a while. I am still feeling euphoric and am still having bruxism, face contortions (not as bad as they sound; they’re actually pleasurable), and eye wiggles that I neglected to mention before but that I have had since I started peaking. The eye wiggles varied in power, ranging from very mild wiggles to it-looks-like-an-earthquake-is-shaking-my-house-but-it-feels-so-good wiggles. Definitely stronger than Mephedrone, and by that I mean it is a more “involved” high.

T +4.37 While the first of the rolling waves hit me like a holy hurricane of pleasure a few hours ago, the tide now receded peacefully, gently, like it was massaging every inch of my body as it began to slowly recede back from the temple and into the ether.

T +5:00 The essence of the roll is gone. It left and kissed me goodbye and promised there were no monsters under my bed, no monsters in my future. The comedown could hardly be described as “coming down.” It was merely the euphoric rolling waves being replaced by sheer contentment, even, I dare say, confidence.

T +5.45 I have to urinate badly and it is difficult to relieve myself. It is just as difficult as oxycodone. I still feel very content and ready for the day, which is bound to be full of work. A lot of my concerns about conducting this experiment the night before I need to do a boatload of work are cast away; I think I will be fine getting it all done. I’m like the kid who might have a snow day and so he doesn’t do his homework, then it snows, and that kid is happy as a clam and lucky as a duck/ I have yet to test my concentration/focus, but if this report is a good indicator, I have been glued to the keyboard with a lot of focus.

T +6.31 (7:21 AM) I am ready to exit my room and start the day. I have a slight stimulant like feeling, and not in a good way. It’s far from the worse that I have experienced. Unfortunately because of some psychological problems I’ve had in the past, I sometimes hallucinate shadow insects and other little nasties that I have adjusted to and no longer have fear as I did the first few times it happened after a few stimulant benders. The sleep deprivation also adds to the hallucinations

T +6.34 I am adding that since writing the last entry (T +6.31), the insect hallucinations have come on rather strong. I have gotten so used to them that it really takes a good amount to make me jump or flinch. I need to write this downstairs where the rest of my family is awake. Being around people usually stems the insect visuals.

T +6.36 Spoke to a family member. Voice came out sounding very sore, like something was in it or I had laryngitis. My mouth and throat’s dryness made weed’s dry mouth seem like Niagara Falls.

T +6.45 It’s a shame it’s ending with these insects. I can really tolerate them, with the occasional jump or twitch. What I fear is always that something unexpected will come along, something worse than insects. I have also noticed two other perception distortions. The first is mistaking objects for people. For instance, there was a hoodie on my couch, as well as a few pillows, and at first glance I saw – or thought I saw, not sure which one – a person lying down, and this happens each time I see it. It instantly goes away; I am not hallucinating a random person lying on my couch. This has happened a few times. The second distortion is the misidentification of some sounds. When I was trying to urinate (this time with some more success, but still limited) I thought I heard some sort of South Asian music being played loudly from my neighbors’ backyard. I could mainly distinguish the Indian tabla drum from all the noise. That lasted a few seconds until I realized that it was a flock of geese honking.

T +6.53 I have not noticed any psychological comedown so far. I am remaining cautiously optimistic. I am debating whether to take my daily Wellbutrin (bupropion) 300XR. I typically skip the following day’s dose after any researching any chemical. I came across, however, a lot of information about Wellbutrin actually easing the comedown. My concern is that it will intensify/increase the insect hallucinations because it is a stimulant, not to mention the first time I hallucinated bugs was when I was insufflating Wellbutrin (yuck!) out of desperation after a month long money burning cocaine binge. So I will see. Unfortunately I do not have any benzos.
Who this is for

I want this report to be for anybody taking the fourth most prescribed anti-depressant in the United States, the NDRI Wellbutrin (bupropion) and who wishes to use the research chemical Methylone. There was scant information online about the combination before I decided that I was willing to take the risk that we all take with research chemicals. Of course this report is anecdotal, only reporting on one experience of one person. But more information is vital to harm reduction.


Methylone is a powerful research chemical. Many reports online speak of a relaxing, sedative type effect with a less-than-MDMA roll. And this is true, although I have never used MDMA. It is relaxing and calming, but this does not mean it is not powerful!

To be blunt: I thoroughly enjoyed Methylone. The last time I felt so awestruck by a drug was probably cocaine. Note that when I say that, I do not mean that Methylone has the addiction potential of cocaine, or even the same compulsion to redose. I am instead saying that, for me, they both carried the same special aura of a key unlocking new ideas, emotions, and worlds. They both do that in very different ways, which I do not need to explain here, but nonetheless they open locks each in their own way. Methylone was the first drug to actually inspire creativity in me, and not only that but I was able to write, and write fast, and write pretty decently.

The other side of Methylone is the undeniable sociability that it produces in its user. I was alone throughout my whole experience, but I was talking online to friends and strangers with no inhibition, but just enough insight to prevent me from saying anything too risky. I would really like to try this drug with other people, but I wonder if I would be able to control the heavy bruxism and facial contortions enough to not freak everyone out. When I was getting close to the epicenter of Methylone’s peak, I was mumbling quite a bit by rapidly making a bunch of “M” sounds. Shortly after that began, I was talking softly in gibberish, although it is possible that I was talking normally and couldn’t understand what I was saying.

There are only four negative side effects as of this moment for me. The first is urinary retention. It is difficult to urinate and I need to urinate badly. The second is dry mouth/dry throat/dry lips. It is possible that this is partially from parachuting the Methylone, but I think the major factor is really a mistake I made during the duration of the roll. I was drinking plenty of water at the beginning, but I soon forgot about the water almost entirely, only drinking a limited amount over the course of the night. I also neglected my body temperature a bit, but in no way was there any danger of true overheating. I had noticed after the comedown had begun that I was still underneath my bed’s comforter with sweatpants on and immediately noticed that I was pretty hot, at least hotter than I should be. Of course, that was easily rectified.

The fourth negative side effect is probably exclusive to a subset of people, including myself, but that side effect is insect hallucinations. I have been experiencing them in earnest from approximately 6:35 AM to the current time, 9:14 AM. Each person has their own standards for hallucinations. On my “scale,” the current hallucinations I would consider moderate, sometimes leaning to severe. I haven’t had this problem for a while, but I always consider it, research it, and prepare for it whenever I am partaking in substance use. It is a major bummer right now.

In conclusion, I can confidently state that I* was able to safely consume Methylone by insufflations and oral parachute while maintaining a daily dose of prescribed Wellbutrin (bupropion) 300XR with no adverse reaction and most likely no noticeable depreciation in the efficacy of the research chemical. Granted, because these two drugs essentially go to work on the same thing in the brain, Wellbutrin probably has to have at least some effect on Methylone, or vice versa. If that is true, it was not noticeable to this user.

I cannot reiterate this enough. I have italicized the “I” because this was my experience. Everybody reacts differently to a drug. It would be foolish to take my report and substitute yourself into my shoes, making it easier for you to conclude that Methylone is right for you. This review, I would say, praises the virtues of Methylone a lot and is based on a very positive experience. When people interested in research chemicals go about googling and trying to find information about the barely labeled white powder or tan crystal they received in the mail from a total stranger, those people – including myself – tend to have a selective attention when reading anecdotes about whatever drug suits their fancy. It is all too easy to ignore or dismiss a negative report as an outlier.

I say to you again, I was able to safely consume Methylone. My body, its biological makeup and psychological profile, is the subject of this report. You must use good judgment and keep it unbiased. Please be careful. If in doubt, don’t do it.

I need to buy a scale. You need to buy a scale. Everybody needs a scale for research chemicals. Period.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90737
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Apr 12, 2012Views: 15,172
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