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Amazing: Not A Good Enough Word
Ketamine, LSD & MDMA
Citation:   Samuel. "Amazing: Not A Good Enough Word: An Experience with Ketamine, LSD & MDMA (exp90758)". Erowid.org. Nov 21, 2012. erowid.org/exp/90758

T+ 0:00
100 mg insufflated Ketamine  
  T+ 8:35 2 hits   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 11:05 150 mg oral MDMA  
  T+ 11:50 150 mg insufflated Ketamine  
So for a while I’ve had a sort of “to do” list of drugs so I can broaden my horizons and experience different things. Up until yesterday the list of things I hadn’t tried included LSD, Ketamine, Mescaline, DMT, and various RC’s.

Well, yesterday I got some Ketamine, some acid, and some molly. It had been almost 8 months since I had done MDMA and I had never done LSD or Ketamine so I was thrilled to say the least. I’d been told by a couple of people that I should experience ketamine on its own before I toss it into the mix with other drugs, just to get a feel for it, so at 5:00pm I snorted ~100mg and laid down in my bed.

I got thoroughly fucked up but I didn’t go into a k-hole. I was really close though. I was experiencing some intense visuals with my eyes closed. I was seeing people on horses running through cities and all kinds of blob-like visuals which were expanding and contracting in various ways which all felt engrained with my physical being.

It was really interesting. I remember at one point opening my eyes and I noticed I had “the spins” like you get from alcohol but I didn’t feel drunk at all. Then I moved my arm a little and I realized just how sedated I was because my arm felt half-dead and numb. So I just rode out it until I was able to get up (and at this point I was walking around like I was pretty drunk) and go about my shit for the rest of the day.

I was originally planning to do the huge combo of all 3 drugs today but I just couldn’t hold back last night. I had no particular reason to do it today over last night so I said “fuck it” and took 2 tabs of avatar blotter at 1:35AM. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was actually going to take anything in conjunction with the LSD at first so I figured I would just see where it went and work from that.

Then I browsed through some threads on a forum while I waited for the acid to hit me. One of the first things I noticed was that stuff was starting to look “clear and crisp” at around 2:05AM. At 2:35AM I saw that an hour had passed since I’d taken the 2 hits of acid, and was kind of disappointed in what I was feeling. I recall reading somewhere that the come up for acid was around an hour so I figured it was just a matter of quantity instead of quality (as I was tripping pretty damn good, but had expected more from 2 hits of acid).

Well I didn’t know that I hadn’t peaked yet and shit just kept getting better and better. At 3:15AM I considered myself as having reached the peak. I wanted to give myself some time with LSD on its own to get a good feel for it so I was holding off on dosing anything else for now. LSD, to me at least, is very similar to 2C-E. LSD is more euphoric though: I experienced a lot of feelings of sheer joy and laughter for however long I was peaking on the acid.

It’s definitely more “refined” than mushrooms in that it seems to have more of a direction. When I’m on mushrooms it sometimes feels like I’m just exploding with emotion and then at other times I will just be tripping like usual. With LSD I experienced not as many “emotional outbursts” but my mood was really good the entire time. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Compared to 2C-E, I think LSD is much more “smooth”. 2C-E for me is kind of, like, “jagged” and it seems like it just wants to be in my face. The visuals are intense and have sharp lines usually, and I found acid to be a lot more “chill” than 2C-E.

I was crying with laughter at one point because I was thinking about this and I totally pictured in my head that LSD was like some old burnt out hippy and he was like “Hey man, check out your life, now check it out with some colors and warped surfaces. Yea. That’s cool, man.” While 2C-E for me seems to be more of a “HEY! CHECK IT OUT! COLORS AND SHAPES EVERYWHERE!” kind of drug. Haha. LSD is much much much more comparable to 2C-E than mushrooms.

So I sat on the LSD peak and took it in until 4:05AM when I decided I was going to take ~150mg of molly. I had been peaking for a while - I think I got a good glimpse of what LSD is by itself and was feeling sufficiently “relaxed” enough to take some more stuff. (Basically, I wasn’t peaking as hard as I had been and felt in control to the point that I could push myself to the next limit.)

So I dropped the MDMA and listened to some music while I waited for it to hit me. At 4:40AM I wrote down “Wow.” Hahaha. The visuals were intense. I felt so good all over, I hadn’t taken MDMA in sooo long, so I was really rolling my balls off. And the visuals were intensified by a lot. It looked like I had streaks of oil or something across my vision which was refracting the colors on everything into rainbows. Or maybe it was more like everything had a thin layer of clear oil coating it. It’s kinda hard to accurately describe. I was also seeing grids over everything as well. Everything seemed to remind me of an old globe you would see in a class room. My arms were covered with grids and looked like graph paper, all the while colors are being refracted out of every surface on everything. It was some really intense shit.

Not to mention how physically good I felt, I was rubbing my legs and got that “rolling” feeling which I hadn’t experienced in so long. I love that feeling. I was rolling around in my bed with pure glee just looking at everything, touching everything in reach, groovin’ hard as hell to music, and just in general livin’ it up. It was amazing. I can honestly say I prefer candy-flipping to hippy-flipping.

When I hippy-flip I find that it’s equally intense but it’s more of a “lay down and let it happen” kind of thing. The emotional aspect of the MDMA combines with the emotional aspect of shrooms and I usually end up feeling like a puddle of melted bliss. Candy-flipping was better because I experienced all of that plus I had energy and form. I felt like a little kid in a candy shop in some aspects. Everything was fascinating and new and shiny and all kinds of good stuff like that.

At 4:50 I realized I was peaking on the MDMA, so I decided that just for the hell of it, since I could, I would do some ketamine. I put ~150mg total in 2 lines and snorted ‘em. I swear, I could feel the ketamine entering my blood through my nose and coursing throughout my body instantly. I wasn’t instantly fucked up but I just knew it was coming. Somehow between peaking on the MDMA+LSD and now, I had turned off my music for one reason or another.

I laid down in my bed and got nice and comfortable and then closed my eyes. Immediately I found myself floating in space with stars all around me. But they were close, like I could have “swam” towards one and grabbed it. I didn’t but I could have. That’s how close they were to me. It was like I was a giant floating around in the Cosmos. I was honestly impressed. But that wasn’t even shit.

I enjoyed that kind of state for about 30 seconds when I realized “Hey, there’s no music playing!” so I opened my eyes to see if I could turn on something good real quick. Everything looked normal at first (well, as normal as it could look while candy-flipping) but then I sat up to better see and reach my laptop and find something on iTunes. When I sat up my entire visual field collapsed in on itself and “shattered” and I was left dumbfounded just sitting where I was, and I was like “Holy fuck, that just happened”.

I laid back down and closed my eyes, after realizing that I had no chance in hell of turning on music and I had still images of what I had seen with my eyes open moments ago only shattered into shards and all over my “visual scape”. I really can’t describe this part of the trip with enough detail to give it justice. It was total ego-death, really, really, really intense ego death. On shrooms + MDMA + nitrous I felt very similar, only now instead of being stuck wherever I was tripping for a minute or two, I was there for a long ass time. And instead of being mostly vibrant streaks of color pulsating to music, the streaks of color had form and were making landscapes.

And it was insane. Everything was like my mental imagery. And every once in a while if I was looking at some stuff, my entire frame of reference would randomly and suddenly shift. Like, if you were watching a movie, and then suddenly you realized that the screen was sideways. And that gravity was pulling the images on the screen down.

I was there for so long thought that at times I honestly remember creeping myself out as fragments of my psyche grabbed a minor hold to analyze the situation before being dissolved back into oblivion. I was like a god. A literal god. I had created the entire universe I was in and could phase though consciousness and time on different levels and alter the beings on the planet in crazy ass synchronistic ways. (You don’t realize how weird I feel about all of this. I wasn’t even trying to do it, it just happened.) It was really really nuts. Like for real, I was god, and I was making all the synchronistic shit on the planet happen right then and there.

And every once in a while my visual field would do the “HEY! The T.V. screen is sideways and gravity still applies!” thing and I would spin out in some fractals for a while between universes. And every time this happened I got really excited because the visuals were mind boggling and fascinating. And the more excited I got the more vibrant, intense, and frantic the visuals got. I was eventually so giddy that I was no longer in a landscape of colors and amazingness, now I was trapped in an ever collapsing fractal of shit just falling in on its self and shattering and all kinds of indescribable stuff like that. I pretty much alternated between being god and being propelled through fractals the entire time. It was always one or the other.

This went on for what I thought was an eternity but eventually I realized that I had eyes which could be opened so I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. 2 hours had passed. Hahaha. And when I opened my eyes I very much felt like I was waking up for the first time ever. I was still tripping on the acid and everything was still very vibrant and bright. I was still pretty heavily sedated by the ketamine and I was only about 1/3rd of the way through the MDMA so I was still feeling, in general, AMAZING. And I’m not even sure AMAZING is a good enough word for it.

I pretty much sat in my bed with a shit-eating grin on my face and thought about what had just happened and felt amazing for another hour or so. Then at around 8am I got up and walked to 7-11 to get a pack of cigarettes and for some reason just didn’t give a fuck about how dilated my eyes looked. The one chill guy who works there was working, so it was alright and I didn’t get sketched out or paranoid or anything which I had been worried about on the walk there.

Then I walked around campus for a half an hour while just observing the beauty of life and listening to the birds. I was still getting a surprising amount of visuals from the acid as well as the warm comfort of the MDMA/ketamine. And my mood was still rather “up there” as well. I found a nice place away from people and just laid down and gazed up at the sky.

My vision seemed to be sectioned off by the trees meeting the sky above me, as if the trees and the air between their branches were all encased in invisible plastic bags. And outside of the bags the air was all water. There were even bubbles and ripples on the surface. I was really surprised at how many visuals I was getting as it had been around 7 or 8 hours since I had taken the 2 tabs to begin with. I laid there for a long time and took in nature and finally I felt I had emotionally satisfied my urge to be in nature so I got up and walked back to my place.

I laid in my bed for another 2 hours, in silence, absolutely glowing. I still am glowing. I feel so good. I feel like I just got the best sleep of my life. I feel like today is the absolute best shit that has ever happened to me. That’s how intense this whole experience was.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90758
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 21, 2012Views: 22,659
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