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I Will Never Stop Taking It
Pregabalin (Lyrica)
Citation:   ShaunKnowThemAll. "I Will Never Stop Taking It: An Experience with Pregabalin (Lyrica) (exp90877)". Apr 30, 2021.

150-750 mg   Pharms - Pregabalin
At the age of 21, I had already been really experienced with weed, mushrooms, DXM, LSA, PCP, strong opiates, benzo, MDMA and a lot of pills.

I suffer anxiety and I am always looking for something to calm me down.
I have a prescription for Celexa (antidepressant) which works for me but ain't big at all.
I recently have a Lyrica prescription for anxiety!!


I first try this stuff from my friend who had it along with his opiate prescription.
I was supposed to take ten 50mg caps, like he said.
But after reading on internet, I decide to take 4x 50mg caps.
It was nothing extreme, but I could definitely tell the day was clean, nice, easy to achieve and I was talkative.
I felt asleep really good too.

The day after, I had no hangover, but a urge to take the same amount plus a little more than I did yesterday.
I had pretty much the same experience.

Finally, it was done with Lyrica, I had no more and I did not asked for more.
But maybe 1 year later, after a horrible opiate withdrawal addiction, I find myself in emergency because I try to hurt myself... I won't explain because here, I want to inform about Lyrica, and nothing else.

The emergency psychiatrist was really cooperative. I tell him I want to quit drugs and want a reliable prescription to have no more anxiety in my life.
He suggested me ALOT of meds, but I knew them all and had no positive experience with any of those.
He ended up asking me what could help me, so I tell him that I already did try taking Lyrica from a friend, and it was good for my anxiety. Finally after maybe 2 hours doing research for Lyrica and doing phones and such, he decide he gives me a prescription for Lyrica!!! HOORAY!
50MG 3X a day!!

I had 90 pills per month. But oh god...

DAY 1 --------

DAY 2 ------

DAY 3 ----


After 1 month, the pharmacist tell me he cannot give me Lyrica anymore because I abused and took 4 month of prescription in 1 month. I always lied about losing the whole bottle, opening my car door and it felt in a flock of water and it was opened... Any bullshit to have more pills.
I had to stop cold turkey and had no idea about withdrawal...
Aww... After 2 days, I was back on opiate and still feeling like a crap. It was horrible anxiety and suicidal intentions.
Back to emergency, psychiatrist upped my dose to 250mg (5x 50mg per day)
I only take 4 per day, and stock 1 per day for bad rushing days.

I have a tendency to abuse them, I snort em, I always wait for my iphone to beep me so I can take my next dose. I am always looking for my pills and trying to stock em so I can trip someday.

So Lyrica for me is PERFECT drug. I sleep well, I gain weight (good for me), I have no more anxiety, I take wise choice and have a lot of comprehension, it helps me the way a medication is supposed to help!!

SO, last word, If you have a prescription for Lyrica, I suggest to only take it if you need it, otherwise, it will not be worth the withdrawals.

But if it helps you in your life... Like me... I will probably never have withdrawals because I will never stop taking it!

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90877
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 30, 2021Views: 3,050
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Pharms - Pregabalin (418) : Not Applicable (38), Addiction & Habituation (10), Health Benefits (32)

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