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Dabblings With Amphetamines
Citation:   CrazyChemist. "Dabblings With Amphetamines: An Experience with Amphetamine (exp90920)". Erowid.org. Jun 8, 2013. erowid.org/exp/90920

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30 45 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:00 105 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 6:00 100 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 9:30 25 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 13:00 25 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 16:30 25 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 20:00 25 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 24:00 30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 27:00 30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 31:30 30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 36:00 30 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
I know nobody actually reads the background information, but Iíll open with a little bit about my drug experiences and well as a little life background information that some may find helpful. First, I grew up from a baby to about 9 years old in a small town in Michigan named Holland. We lived in a decent sized house, perfectly sized for our family of 5. I have one older brother who is 21 and one younger sister who is 16. My older brother is addicted to dip (tobacco) and has been doing it since he was near 16 years old. My brother used to be a heavy drinker and has never really had any past drug experience. My sister is the same way as my brother, although she has had more marijuana experience than he.

Anyway, I moved to North Carolina, where I currently reside when I was near 9 years old. From ages 9-14 I was pretty straight edge and stayed away from any drugs and alcohol that was offered to me. By age 15, I began to express a distinct curiosity toward drugs and their effects on the human body as well as how one perceives the world when exposed to those substances. Thus my research into the drug world began and I started to get involved in using said substances.

I will proceed to list the substances I have encountered and used:
alazapram, dextroamphetamine, alcohol, LSD, Benedryl, cyclobenzaprine, Skelaxin, DXM, diazapam, marijuana, hydrocodone, morphine, oxycodone, tramadol, and a few others which I cannot seem to recall at this time. Most notably I have been heavy into using marijuana, dextroamphetamine, and DXM. At one point I was also heavy into the opiates as I have listed above. The opiates I mostly encountered at a younger age and became addicted to the substance and its effects for approximately three years of time. The age ranged from 16 year to 19 years of age. I have had multiple experiences with DXM, all varying on the effects that it gave me. I have experienced essentially the same effects with marijuana as well as dextroamphetamine consistently every time I have used these drugs. The most eye opening experience I have had thus far has been with LSD, as it showed me a world of indescribable beauty. It gave me a love a reverence for all that is, and thus has been my mindset ever since I had an incredible time on LSD.

Okay, so on to my dabbling with the substance dextroamphetamine. My experience with dextroamphetamine began when I was near 16 years of age, and I primarily used it for its helpful effects in aiding in my studies. I got a ton of work done rather quickly when on the drug, therefore I truly enjoyed using this substance. All throughout high school I would buy large quantities of dextroamphetamine from my drug dealer, who has been a good buddy of mine all throughout high school and even still up to this point in my life. In high school I would take between 10-20 mg of Adderall depending on the degree of focus I was looking to attain. I found that 15 mg was an optimal dose for concentration over the years and ended up taking around that amount once or twice a week. The amount I took varied on my workload at the time and whether or not I had any upcoming tests or projects to work on. So, overall I had a very positive experience with Addy throughout my high school years as it helped me work hard and maintain a high GPA.

So, after senior year in high school I moved on to apply to many colleges around North Carolina. My college of choice and place that I currently attend ended up being North Carolina State University. I got in to the college of Physical Math and Sciences and have proceeded to work toward my goal of attaining a bachelor's degree. When I got to college, I ran out of Adderall and thus I began a period of heavy use of caffeine and drinking of energy drinks. Now, donít get me wrong, I truly enjoy the effects I achieved from energy drinks, but the effects just are nothing close to the effects of Adderall. So, throughout my freshman year, I was able to acquire some Adderall here and there, thus I spared it for my harder classes when I had exams coming up. This was very helpful in attaining the academic status that I wanted to during the entire year.

Freshman year came easy to me as my classes were essentially all introductory level. I destroyed each and every last one of my exams that year and was very happy with my success. Thus summer rolled around and me being the high achieving student I normally am, decided to enroll in the two physics courses that I needed to take in order to complete my major. I came to find that I absolutely hated physics throughout the summer and thus completed the first course, Physics 205, with a large sigh of relief. Next came Physics 208, the course that has thus far stumped me and haunted my very waking presence. I ended up attaining a B+ (89.5) in Physics 205, yet ended up with a D+ (the number doesnít really matter, itís a D) in Physics 208. Thus I had to take Physics 208 over again this semester (Fall 2010). Throughout the summer I stayed away from Adderall and therefore I did not study nor achieve what I would have wanted to in Physics 208.

When the next year rolled around, I began having a very hard time keeping up on my work and studies in classes. Thus I begged my mom to visit the doctor, who thus told us to see a psychiatrist about getting tested for Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. After my visit and testing, I got diagnosed with a moderate case of ADD with a small amount of hyperactivity. My hyperactivity crops up every once in a while nowadays, and I either go crazy till I pass out or take my medicine. I was prescribed Dexedrine, and thus have been on this medication since my diagnosis. The first round I received only 60 Dexedrine pills, 5 mg of dextroamphetamine each. Thus, I was very careful with what I received and used the Dexedrine in much the same fashion as I did in high school. I proceeded to attain similar, if not better results than I did in high school using the Dexedrine in the way that it was prescribed to me. I was prescribed approximately 15 mg (3 pills) every 4-6 hours depending on the amount of studying or work I had to do. After I got close to running out of my prescription the first time, my psychiatrist prescribed me 180 pills of Dexedrine, to be used in approximately one and a half to two months time. This was the first chance I got to really experience what it is like to be a heavy user of amphetamines.

So, I decided to really research dextroamphetamine hard and found many interesting results of its uses. Most notably, the negative and or seemingly negative side effects really caught my attention. With high doses, dextroamphetamine has been known to cause heart problems as well as give the user visual and auditory hallucinations. In many, it also causes paranoia in sync with the hallucinations. I thus proceeded to begin my experiments with dextroamphetamines at much higher doses than I was initially prescribed. My highest dose experience so far has been taking approximately 80 or so pills in a matter of 24 hours time. This was followed by another 80 pills over the next 4 days to sustain my state of consciousness. Indeed this was a highly idiotic thing to do, though my experience was truly one of a kind.

To begin the day, I had eaten nothing and simply took about 10 pills of dextroamphetamine. I followed it up by taking three separate doses of three pills each within the next hour, thus I was up to 19 pills or 95 mg of dextroamphetamine. Now, for an inexperienced user, this is a very large amount of amphetamine to ingest in such a short period of time. So, I received a very strong amphetamine buzz as well as the usual body high associated with taking large amounts of amphetamines. My brain was also very speedy and I had many thoughts occurring in a very short period of time. My perception of time became highly distorted, and time seemed to fly by at an ever increasing rate as the day proceeded. So I waited an hour before my next large dose of dextroamphetamine, at which time I thought it was a fantastic idea to take around 21 pills (105 mg) more. Now 21 pills in itself was 7 times more than what I had been suggested to take within 4-6 hours. At that point, I had ingested 40 pills in a matter of 3 hours time. So, 200 mg in I was flying high and decided to smoke some marijuana, smoke some cigarettes, and play some Mario Tennis and various online flash games. As time flew by at an ever increasing rate, so did my thoughts and abilities to construct abstract ideas and string them together. I did not step foot outside of my dorm other than to smoke, as I did not know whether or not I would encounter any adverse effects of taking the Dexedrine. Thus, another three hours flew by in a matter of what seemed to be maybe 20-30 minutes time max. In which time I apparently smoked half a pack of cigarettes, which gave me an incredible buzz, as well as getting super sky high off marijuana. This curious side effect of Dexedrine has always amazed me. Both my buzz from cigarettes and my marijuana high increase at least ten fold every time I use them when I have ingested even my prescribed amount of Dexedrine.

So 6 hours in, I wanted to get even more buzzed, therefore I took another 20 pills, leaving 20 pills for the remainder of the 24 hour period in which I planned to ingest the original 80 pills. At this point, I was 300 mg in with approximately 6 hours gone on the clock. This was the time at which I began to perceive still objects, namely the wall and floor, as having bubble like figures emerge and descend back into the wall or floor face. This curious effect intrigued me as I normally see the wall and floor as something similar to a very calm body of water. These effects only got stronger as my experience went on as well as my ability to hear Trance Around the World, with Above and Beyond, very clearly, even when not listening to any music at all. For any of those who smoke marijuana, I would highly recommend subscribed to the Trance Around the World with Above and Beyond podcast, as it provides very techy and stimulating music for a two hour period of time.

Anyway, on to more effects of the dextroamphetamine. I had very clear thoughts, perceived colors as brighter and more vibrant, felt euphoric often times, saw small hallucinations on the walls and floor as described, heard music when it wasnít actually playing, felt more comfortable just laying around playing video games, smoking weed, and listening to trance music, lowered my tolerance for nicotine, curbed any thought or feeling of hunger, and simply felt totally at peace and amped at the same time. Time also seemed to proceed at a much more fluid rate than normally, even after smoking large quantities of marijuana, which normally slows down my perception of time.

Alright, so those were the basic effects I noticed on the first day, most of which I found were positive and even enlightening at times. I ended the next 18 hours by taking the 20 pills in sets of 5, thus I took around 5 pills about every 3.6 hours. So, at this point I knew my body would be looking to sleep, if not at least rest, and therefore I took a nice 2 hour period of resting time out of the next day. At this time, I found some very curious binaural beats to listen to in conjunction with my Trance Around the World. I will list the site at which I found the binaural beats, which was on a site called HealingBeats. The most curious of the tracks that I listened to, I have listened to them all at this point, the Out of Body, Alpha Meditation, and Schumann Resonance appeared to have the greatest effects on my perception and mindset. With these tracks being played at a slightly audible level in conjunction with playing the trance music at a level slightly above the binaural beats, I experienced an increased sense of awareness, as well as the ability to see more clearly visual hallucinations. I would certainly recommend trying out playing binaural beats, alone at first, then under music to see what types of effects they give you.

After I listened to the binaural beats, which ended up lasting a total of 3 hours, I decided to space out my dosage of another 80 pills over the next 3 days. Thus I had approximately 69 hours left before I would attempt to sleep and return to a normal level of consciousness. So, I could take approximately 1.16 pills every single hour till it was time for me to go to bed. But I decided to take the pills in larger quantities and a smaller amount of doses then this. I decided it would be good to leave about 4 hours at the end of the dosing to start to come down and back to baseline, therefore I spaced my pill taking out over the next 65 hours of time. I decided 6 pills was a good amount to use for each dose until the final dose. Thus I had to take a total of 13 doses, with 2 pills remaining for the last dose.

So I began taking my first of what would become 14 total doses at the 27 hour mark of my adventure. The effects I began noticing are as follows:
  • Increased self awareness
  • Jumpiness at semi-loud noises, such as doors opening/slamming shut
  • Increased numbness to feeling (mostly to touch and pain)
  • Dry mouth/cotton mouth
  • Twitching of the feet at a higher rate than normal
  • Ever increasing clarity of hallucinations, both auditory and visual
  • Overall numb feeling developing toward life and my attitude toward everything
  • Thirst
  • Frequent need to urinate

These effects continued to increase as the next 65 hours went on, with the most intense hallucinations and numb feeling toward life occurring toward the end of that period of time. So, as you can imagine, my mind began to mindf*** itself and I began losing my sense of meaning and purpose in life. Now, I never experienced any paranoia other than being jumpy at loud noises, and cannot say that I have ever experienced any significant amount of paranoia associated with using dextroamphetamine. Things began to bore me to a great extent and the only things I truly began to look forward to were more intense hallucinations and of course sleeping and the overall ending of this entire experience.

To describe some of my hallucinations, I would have to primarily describe them as whimsical and mystical in nature. The walls and floor were going ballistic with their bubbly effect as well. Essentially I began being able to perceive creatures such as dragons and unicorns running across my walls and around my dorm room. The majority of these visual hallucinations were semi-clear at best, with a fuzzy sort of look to them. All the while, I knew I was experiencing hallucinations, thus I was ready to take this experience in more of a spiritual way than anything else. So, I sat through hours of hallucinations and hearing noises that were not actually there. I also began to lose my sense of balance toward the end of the experience. I started to notice this effect slightly at the 48 hour mark, which only increased as time went on. And on and on time went in an ever fluid fashion which will never cease to bore me.

So, the hallucinations I found were incredible, yet were fairly dull especially in comparison to LSD or even the hallucinations I have received from DXM. Yet, they were still highly intriguing and again mystical in nature, thus they held my attention quite nicely till the end of my adventure. So, for the last four hours of the experience, I sat in my bed once again and listened to two episodes of Trance Around the World, as well as switching back and forth between the binaural beat tracks which I had found to be quite entertaining.

Thus, I will summarize my experience with dextroamphetamine in these next few sentences. Overall, it was a fun experience, and I certainly have had four similar experiences since that time. Each time, it has become easier to force my mind into seeing more hallucinations and experiencing them to a greater degree of clarity. I have gotten used to the lack of motor coordination and lack of sleep as well during my experiences and have become accustomed to the lifestyle of the amphetamine addict. Not eating does not bother me during these experiences as it is the furthest thing from my mind when I am on Dexedrine. The effects I have gotten each time have been the same and have all presented themselves in the same chronological order. The effects of which I will list now in summary:

Strong amphetamine buzz
Body high
Increased ability to focus
Less easily distracted
Racing thoughts
Clarity of thoughts
Fluid ideas and constructive thought patterns
Ability to think and construct abstract ideas and sting them together to create a fluid and constructive idea
Decreased tolerance toward nicotine
Increased want to smoke cigarettes
Decreased tolerance to marijuana
Greatly enhanced marijuana high
Bubbly effect seen on walls and on the floor; Bubbles fluctuated and moved in and out in a very fluid fashion
Hearing music playing, even when none was being played
Increased appreciation for music
Increased curiosity for life, nature, and the stillness of being
Time proceeding in a more fluid fashion
Sense of time being highly distorted as time appeared to fly by
Losing purpose and/or reason behind living and life
Losing sense of where I was
Increased self awareness
Jumpiness at semi-loud noises, such as doors opening/slamming shut
Increased numbness to feeling (mostly to touch and pain)
Dry mouth/cotton mouth
Twitching of the feet at a higher rate than normal
Ever increasing clarity of hallucinations, both auditory and visual
Overall numb feeling developing toward life and my attitude toward everything
Increased thirst
Frequent need to urinate
Whimsical and mystical hallucinations
Lack of hunger and thoughts and feelings pertaining to ingesting food

Overall, an amphetamine experience is truly what you make of it. If you have nothing to do for a week, then by all means feel free to experiment with different doses of dextroamphetamine to achieve similar effects to what I am now used to experiencing. But, be careful that you do not become addicted and entirely dependent on dextroamphetamine for the buzz and high sense of focus that it delivers. I have come close to calling myself an addict in my experiences so far, and I am not one to become addicted to things after already being an opiate addict of three years. Using dextoamphetamine for your studies and getting work done is the best advice I can give. Also, if you are going to use any drug, be sure to research it to the fullest extent and know your limits. I tested my limits with dextroamphetamine, yet I took the time to know the risks I was taking to my health and mental well being. Please be careful and enjoy your experiences with dextroamphetamine. I do not condone illegal and/or illicit use of dextroamphetamine or any drug for that matter, but I cannot hold anything against anyone who chooses to use substances in that fashion. If I did, I would be a hypocrite. Anyway, know your substance, know your source, know what youíre in for with your drug experience.

Good luck to you, and happy experiences.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90920
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jun 8, 2013Views: 33,681
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